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Where do you retreat?

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Frank notices Gerard seems to be pretty anxious to get out...

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FRANK: Gerard re-entered my room, two cans in hand as he pulled a silly smile. I was happy he actaully got up as soon as I had asked to get us some drinks, I was suprised even that he didn't take his time or protest. Was I having things my way then tonight?
Gee took his seat beside me on the bed once more, sitting opposite with our knees just touching.
"What were we on about again?" Any guilt was masterfully hidden by a shining suggestiveness yet again. Gerard knew what we were on about and he knew what it lead up to.
"You were asking about Christmas and maybe staying somewhere. I think that sounds awesome."
Gee nodded slowly, his head focussed in on what appeared to be the duvet. He ran his tongue across his slightly chapped lips in the way taht always gets my attention, only reminding me of his promise to 'take me to a motel and play nasty'. We hadn't spoken of it since, maybe to keep it all a suprise but I couldn't get the idea out of my mind, I was so eager to bed an plead for hints or even just a taste of what might come. I know he can be a 'bad' guy, very bad but I hadn't a clue as to what he might have planned.

"Oh yeah." As if he hadn't been thinking about that too, "Also, what kinda things are you wanting on the actaul day then?" Gerard suddenly grabbed hold of me, running his thumbs over the backs of my comparitively small hands. I shrugged, now also staring down.
"I don't care really, long as it's from you I guess... But, about the motel thing -"
Gerard cut me off with his laughter.
"We'll get to that soon sweetie. You're so anxious about that, aren't you?"
"Uhh..." I wasn't sure how to react to this clear truth so sat there dumbly, waiting for hopefully some innuendo-laden speech.

"And you know I won't do anything too bad, and you know I ain't gonna tell you anything until we get there." Just Gerard saying we were going to stay somewhere lifted my hopes up, it made the plan sound so much more real.
"But what if you're not bad enough?" I mutter, instantly regretting saying so, csating my mind back to my birthday only reminded me... He was being gentle then and I was still aching for the whole day after.

Gee laughed softly again, "You shouldn't say that Frank, I'll get it just right, don't you worry." I had a grin to match his as he said that, excitement already bubbling up inside of me, getting me in the mood already. I bit back a gleeful sigh and merely pushed onto Gerard, pinning him onto my bed.
"I don't think you know how much I can take." I teased, pulling and clawing at his t-shirt eagerly, poised above him, fully intending to let things happen between us that night.
"Oh shut -" Gerard paused in his speech and let out a heavy moan, which in itself made me stop licking along the neckline of his shirt. It was rare for Gee to submit like that, usually he'd of talked me down or try and fight me of playfully, but this time I actaully had him.

I went back to his neck, this time ravaging it with little kisses and soaking up the fact that Gerard had no control this time, he simply lay there, apparently tonguetied.
"What was that you were gonna say?" I asked, sliding up Gerard's body to sit higher up his body as I bent down to make the most of this precious dominance.

"N-nothing!" Gerard blurted out, the word tumbling from an unco-ordinated mouth. Maybe I had taken him by suprise. Instead of grinning at Gee, I shifted my body weight on him, thrusting myself into him, hoping to squeeze out some more moaning. Gerard's shirt was no easy task to strip off though, especially with his refusing to move an inch. I tugged at it agitatedly and used another method of simply snaking my hands under the material to stroke agonisingly slowly up Gerard's sides, half hoping he'd arch his back from the pleasure so I could strip it off entirely.

After finally getting that off I went back to teasing Gerard, first nuzzling up and down his heaving chest, then dragging my lips up and down the same line and lightly biting at his skin. Gerard's bucking hips only encouraged me further but it was looking up and seeing Gerard, totally red-faced that really did it for me.

"You like that?" I whispered, stopping Gerard from trying to sit up by simply pushing his shoulders down. Gerard didn't meet my gaze, his eyes were directed far away, eyes creased as is he were trying to hold back something.
"Fuck yeah." Was his only reply, with an almost teary, shaking voice so I went on with what I was doing. I didn't pause for a minute, I didn't exactly know what I was doing, it all pretty much came to me as I went along. I was determined by that point that at least our pants would be on the floor soon.

I took one of Gerard's hands and shuffled further up his body to then straddle his crotch. I could feel my hands becoming shaky and pretty uncoordinated as excitemtn jolted through me. His hand knew exactly what it was doing and went to absentmindedly tracing tickling and arousing lines around my boxer waistband, occassinally 'pinging' it lightly onto my skin. I pushed Gerard's hand down and allowed him to undo my zipper. Just before Gerard could make a quick grab at me I took his hand away and undid my jeans button myself, again doing my best to grind into Gee's hips.
"Fuck, Frankie... No." Gerard groaned, though doing nothing to prevent me undoing his own pants. I took the great pleasure of watching his little grin exapand as I slid down his jeans and carefully pulled them off and tossing them behind me.

Gerard could no longer hold back after that, now writhing beneath me. I was unsure if it was because he was ashamed of being so hopeless in this situation. I could tell he really loved it though so saw no fault in going back to stroking across his chest and licking at his throat. Light, short giggles escaped Gerard's mouth now as I thrust myself violently into him, very aware of his hard-as-concrete erection. I silenced his sweet noises with a quick but passionate kiss, my tongue barely albe to keep up with what I was aiming to do, merely fumbling all over the place.
"Frank, fuck...." I slid down and tilted Gerard's head back to kiss directly under his chin though it only meant our bodies were crushed together tighter. I settled with rubbing my fave against his chin, revelling in how tightly we were locked, moving my hips subly from side to side to intensify it all.

Gerard squirmed under me as I inched down his underwear, still not uttering a word. I knew this was torture for him and it was torture for me too. Gerard startd to wail once more, and this time it was like something I had never, or at least hadn't in a long time, heard. About a quarter of the way down Gerard started going crazy, like nothing I remember witnessing previously.
"Frank!! Fuck, Frank...! Ugh... Aagh!" It was like his voice ahd gone up a tone as well, completely destroying the facade of the 'big, bad tough guy' he had built up only 20 minutes ago. "No! Frank, I... Stop it!" Gerard whined, hips jolting wildly. I stopped trying to yank off his underwear, but couldn't resist to keep going with my teasing nudges. Gerard was breathing heavily and I could see he was still red. He was cooling down though, as was I partially because I had never known Gerard to refuse anything like that so suddenly.

"God..." Gerard sighed, panting slightly, "Frank, what time is it?"
I nearly flipped. I was still stuck to him in just my undies and he was asking me the time. The mood took a U-turn.
"I don't know!" I replied, offended at once by his sudden nonchelance towards the situation. I was annoyed as well of course, we didn't get anywhere really. "Why?"

"I just remembered I... have to be somewhere." Gerard admitted, at last meeting my gaze, though it was then a nasty glare. How come when I want any kind of sexual activity it can easily be forgotten when Gerard makes me feel bad if I totally deny any of that sort of thing with him?!
"Where the fuck do you have to be that's not in my fucking pants?!" I whined, much like a kid that was being dragged into the dentist.
Gerard grinned weakly, "Grandma's coming to visit."
"What? At what," I checked my modest wall clock, "Nine pm?!"
"She lives far away! Ah Frankie, I'd happily of carried on there."

"You wouldn't of! You didn't like it becuase I had the power!" I insisted, unsure of Gerard's validity.
"Don't say that. I loved it, idiot! Look, we can carry on from where we left off next time, okay?" Gerard offered, albeit rather temptingly.

I stared him down for some time, feeling a tad hurt and embarassed.
"Fuck's sake..." I got off and turned my back on him to find his pants. Gerard came up behind me though as I bent down, gripping me tightly and whispering:
"I love you too, sugar. See you soon." Beofre kissing my cheek and whipping the pants out of my hands.
I watched as Gerard pulled them up again, plotting some sort of comeback or unrejectable offer. I though of none and simply returned to his arms before he left, lost for any words of meaning.
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