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Between ties and binds

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Shane has his first 'pre-booked' outing with Frank and Mikey

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MIKEY: Gerard's usually a harmless drunk, unless someone makes him mad. I have to be careful when he's like that. G can lose it in an instant, if I ignore him or displease him, then that's it for me. It's hard knowing if he really is angry of not though.

"Gerard... Do you want to get off soon?"
"...No." he laughed and began kissing the sticky-out bone on my neck again. Licking in between. I could feel myself get hotter and hotter, sweating gallons and even getting hard admittedly. Rock hard. I told myself it was just the heavy weight but nothing helped, I was groaning like a little whore under my own brothers, hands not able to reach under and even try to shamelessly jack off and ease the toture.
"You're so sweet." Gerard rambled on. "I know you know it." He started to breathe deep breaths on me while writhing slowly on top of me. I moaned more as he was pretty much trying to dry-hump me while I was utterly powerless, my rager painfully out of reach for his weight on me.
"G - Give it a rest tonight. You need to go to sleep." I used a slightly more forceful tone and hid the smile in my voice.

"Save it for Frank." I added slyly, only subtly hinting taht I knew what they were up to so often. Whenever Frank was over all I can hear are giggles and moans. It usually starts as conversation and then some shifting and it gradually moves on from there, thier voices change as they speak more hushed words until you know they're doing something in there.
"Save what, Mike? Diggin' yourself a hole..." he sighed in fake-pity.
"Look, if you're sleeping here, change and let me breathe." I had no chance of recapturing that heavenly dream again now. It'd be full of crazy Gerard instead.
When he got off me and clumsily tried to take off his jeans and top, I flipped over and took deep breaths, thankful for some clear space around me once more.

"No! Don't...." I certainly wasn't going to pull out another matress at that time of night, so we'd be crushed together. Half-naked. Why does this happen only when Gerard's drunk...?!
"There! Ta-daaa." Gerard clambered back onto bed, and right on top of me again. He settled down quickly, hugging around my neck while 'hugging' around my hips with his legs. It was surprisingly comfy like that! Not surprisingly, painstakingly awkward. With our hips pretty much pushed together and all. He should do this sober though.... I'd like that. I'd love it, no matter what the circumstances.
Hell, I really, really shouldn't but I'm being honest, I know I'd love that like, the dirty freak I am. No matter how wrong it may be, I can't deny it.
"Night-night baby bro." I looked into Gee's bloodshot eyes, then he cuddled in as close as possible to me. Real love? Sort of halfway there I guess.

SHANE: My prizes were waiting for me at the cycle track. I didn't intend to be so late, especailly since it wasn;t the safest of places, though popular to meet up. I tried to look surprised that Gerard decided to 'sit this one out'. This was the first full 'trade' I suppose and I was so happy to see it had gone so smoothly. Mikey looked worn out under the afternoon sun and had his beanie pulled down to his eyebrows. Frank definately was the more energetic of them both.

"Hey guys! Where's Gerard?" I asked, shifting the snow around me.
"Uh, he's ill. Hungover I think." Mikey sighed, breath faintly visible in the cool air.
"I'm gonna go see him later..." Frank muttered, turning his back on me to face the cycle track.
"So, we going to walk to the lake first?" I suggested, emulating a happy sense of cheerfulness. I was indeed very happy, and proud of what I had managed to do. Breaking them apart, bit by bit. Isolating Gerard in his place and shifting Frank and Mikey over to mine. Like some game of chess we played it, each making our moves, so confident we were going to win while making some sort of profit form the other.

I almost hugged him when Mikey complained about the previous night, though I hoped Gerard would have been a bit more pushy. You know, so Mikey'd want me more. He told me how Gerard almost seemed worse than drunk, the way he wsa so restless and 'nasty-acting'. Perhaps my hint about what Mikey wanted wasn't enough. I was hoping Gerard might do something worse to further sitance to the brothers bt I knew that would be no mean feat.
Mikey's arm slid around my back so I drew him in to me, the fur lining his hood just brushing my throat. It was tempting to kiss him or something. The further we got, the more Mikey leaned in to me. Eventually, he was being half pulled along by me. His frequent yawns were sweet as well as was the way Mikey kept pushing up his glasses.

The three of us talked with little pauses until we reached a lake down a steep bank. It's pretty big and many kids were there, throwing snowballs etc. All of them ranged from 9 - 15 sort of ages, in small clusters. I'd probably go back there on my own, but have to hide if I encountered anyone I knew. If I was even that bothered that is. I prefer older ones, but any chance will do.
Frank and I sat down on the steep bank. The snow seeped through my clothes but I didn't take much notice of it. Everyone else there was soaking anyhow.
A crazy run-away kid ran into me by accident, beign chased by one of her friends who was brandishing one boulder of a snowball. I pushed her away, annoyed she interrupted the talking we got going on.
No longer than 10 seconds after I had dealt with that ittle girl, did Frank decided to throw some snow my way. It was a bit lacklustre but it was chucking snow nonetheless!
I gathered a heap in my hands and thretened to shove it in his face.

"I'll do it!" I guaranteed.
"Sure you will, Shane." Frank rolled his eyes and I snatched him and stuffed the snow down his shirt. He screamed in outrage and from the freezing cold shock no doubt. I was lucky I had gloves on.
"Crazy... Shitbag!" Frank yelled, regardless of anyone hearing him. I laughed at his puzzled look, trying to figure out the best action: what to do now with his freezing cold shirt, to risk wearing it or just wear his jacket done up or something. I hlaf hoped he'd take it off, but I doubted he's want to die of hypothermia or catch a cold. Apparently he's so prone to illness too.
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