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put your clothes on guys, I'm coming in!!!

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I woke up when a pair of smooth lips started to move against my neck. I opened my eyes and saw a rather cute looking Frank smiling up at me.
"Hey honey" He whispered and kissed my cheek softly
"hey Frankie, what time is it?" I questioned him
"Half 6" he told me and I suddenly sat bolt upright.
"HALF 6? shit, how long was I asleep for?" asked paniced and he just chuckled
"Its fine baby, you were tired." He said
"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked him
"Well baby, I was gonna, but you just looked so god damn cute I couldn't" 
I quickly attached my lips to his and kissed him passionatly. I pulled away slightly and gently bit his bottom lip, making him gasp
"Hmm, but now I wish i'd woken you up earlier if your gonna do that" He whispered in my ear and I shivered.
Suddenly there was a sound knock on the door.
"PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON GUYS, IM COMING IN!" Gerard shouted and opened the door. He had his hand tightly over his eyes
"Can I look?" he asked and I giggled
"Yes Gerard, we weren't doing anything, Emma was sleeping" Frank told him
"Gerard, why do you have lipstick on your cheek?" I asked him suspiciously
"Erm it's, it's not lipstick" he said embarrassedly rubbing the mark and starting to blush
"GERARD!!! Who have you been getting it on with?" Frank asked and Gerard blushed even more
"no one" He told us insistently
"Oh, so you just randomly put lip stick on your cheek?" I smirked
"FINE!! I was kissing Ellie, Happy now?!" He shouted and stormed out of the room. We heard hysterical laughing burst out downstairs and me and Frank also started to laugh. I fell back on the bed after laughing to catch my breath and Frank thought it was a good opertunity to straddle my waist. He held himself over my and studied my face. He traced one finger down the side of my pale face, over my nose and then over my lips
"Your so pretty" He mumbled and then lightly lowered his lips onto mine. The kiss was long and tender, and there was no urgency. Here with Frank, it felt like we had all the time in the world, and that things would wait forever for us. 
Eventually he pulled away and proceeded to kiss my nose, then my cheeks, and then my forehead. 
"I love you, you've made me so happy. I can't believe you even love me a fraction of the amount I love you" he said
I smiled softly at him and kissedhim softly
"I do love you Frank, so much"

Me and Frank lay together for a little while longer and by the time we got down stairs it was 1/4 past 7. 
We quietly entered the room and saw Gerard and Ellie snuggled up at one end of the sofa. Ellie was sitting with her head leaning on Gerards shoulder while he kissed her head softly.
"Awwwh you guys are to cute!" I squeeled softly and Ellie looked up at me and smiled. Suddenly we all heard a burst of giggling coming from the other room. I looked around questioningly and realised Mikey and Mily were missing.
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