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3's a crowd, but 6? 6 is fine by me!!

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I put my finger to my lips as we all tip-toed towards the door. I quielty opened it and peered in. 
Mily was perched on Mikeys lap, her red lipstick slightly smudged across her pale cheek. Mikeys lips were attached to her neck, causing her to giggle randomly
"Well well well, You two finally stopped flirting and actually got it on!!" Ellie laughed, Mily blushed and mikey just grinned.
"Well Emma and Frank buggered off upstairs, and you and Gerard started eating each others faces, so we didn't want to feel left out!" Mikey protested and we all just laughed. Looked like our little group had all got together!
we moved into the living room and decided to watch a movie. It was so sweet looking around the room at all the couples. Mikey and Mily were Curled up on the floor, Gerard and Ellie were relaxing on the sofa and I was snuggled in Franks laps in the comfy armchair. 

My head was burried in the crook of his neck as he was staring at the TV. I attached my lips to his neck softly. He moaned softly as I began to increase the pressure I was applying to the tender skin. After a while I pulled away and examined his neck. There was a nice red mark rising in his skin where my lips had been. I smiled and then attached my lips to a different spot. Frank moaned softly again when my lips reconected. I let my teeth slightly graze over his skin, and eventually pulled away again. A little way away from the last one, there was another red mark rising to the surface.

"hehe, two In one go" I whispered in his ear 
"Ah well, I've always wanted tattoo's" he whispered back and I giggled
"n'aww that's so cute!" I giggled and kissed his cheek. Then I turned myself so I was sitting on his lap facing him. 
I placed and hand softly on either side of his face and leaned in slowly, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. When my lips were millimetres from his, I bit my lip and then moved my lips to his jaw. He dragged my lips away from his jaw and attached them to his. I smirked against his lips and kissed him feverently. When I pulled away I smirked at him.
"Damn tease" He whispered and kissed me again.

Eventually the movie finished and we all sat around doing nothing.
"Do you guys wanna order some pizza?" Ellie asked and we all nodded

we decided while we waited for the pizza, we would play truth or dare. After a couple of minutes itwas Franks turn to choose
"Emma, I dare you to kiss me" He said. I smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him softly. I grinned at him as I pulled away
"hmm, Frankie, I dare YOU to kiss me" I said and he kissed me again. We carried on like this for a couple of turns before everyone got impatient.
"Okay guys, we get it, you two are totaly in love and sickeningly cute, can we move on now please?" Gerard moaned and then the doorbell rung
"Fine, Gerard, I dare you to answer the door and get the pizza" I starred and he stood up
"Easy" He said and turned to go
"WAIT! you didn't hear it all! I dare you to answer the door and get the pizza, but while you do it, you have to hoplessly flirt with the pizza guy" I finished with a smug smirk.
"Fine" Gerard said and stormed to get the door. We all followed him and his behind the door. He took a deep breath and opened the door with a flirty grin
"Well hello there gorgous" He said and I tried not to giggle.
"Erm hi" I heard a rather confused voice say
"And what have I done to get the pleasure of seeing that sexy face?" Gerard asked. I could help myself so I buried my head intje crook of Franks neck to muffle my laughter
"Erm, I have your Pizza's" Came the confused voice again
"Shame," Gerard tutted "I was hoping I'd been a bad boy and you'd come to punish me" Gerard said and laughed harder. Frank had hid his face in my hair to muffel his giggles
"Erm, no. That will be $36 please"
"Hmm, here have a $50, keep the change" Gerard said an handed him the money
"Erm, thanks" 
"No problem" Gerard said and started to shut the door 
"So damn sexy" He mumbled so the pizza boy could hear him and then shut the door. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I lifted my head and burst into a fit of hysterical giggled. We all sat around laughing while a rather embarassed Gerard sat angrily
"I hope you guys are happy, that poor boys probably traumatised" He complained
"n'aww, I bet he isn't, he's probably gone off to sort out his boner after seeing your sexy face" Frank joked. Everyone looked at him worridly
"Im joking guys!!! well, I'm not saying Gerards not sexy, I mean I'm not, and I was ju-" 
"Put down the spade and stop digging" I said to Frank and patted his shoulder
We opened up the boxes of pizza an I suddenly realised how hungry I was. Me and Frank sat at the foot on the armchair, practically ontop of each other we were huddled up that close. 
"Are you cold hunny?" Frank asked and I nodded. I wasn't, but any opertunity to me close to frank was fine by me. He put his arm around my shoulders and I rested my head on his shoulder
He grabbed a slice of pizza and then fed it to me. 
"Wellyou guys stop being so cute!" Gerard complained
"Awwh, is someone Jelous?" I joked and Gerard shook his head. 
"I don't need to be, I have Ellie" He said and she smiled up at him. He leant down and kissed her softly
"I love you Gee" She said and he whispered something in her war which made her giggle and blush. After we'd eaten we decided to get into out PJ's and just relax
"No tent tonight?" I asked Frank sarcastically
"Nah, Its too Crampt in there" He said and I nodded.
I rummaged through my bag and groaned
"Whats up Hun?"
"I forgot a PJ t-shirt" I said and Frank just smiled
"You can borrow one of my shirt if you want?" he asked me and I smiled at him
"That would be great" I told him.
He led me upstairs to his bedroom where he threw open his wardrobe. He proceeded to rummage through his draws, throwing out random garments, mostly black band shirts before he pulledout one and handed it to me
"Thanks Frankie, I'll just go get changed" I told him and kissed his cheek
"Okay, don't be long" 
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