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This really was love

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I went to the bathroom and threw on my zebra print bottoms before slipping on Franks shirt. It was an old, worn blackflag shirt that was slightly baggy but unblieveably comfy. I snuggled down into it and breathed in deeply. It smelt like a mixture of skittles and Frank. I sighed contently and gazed in the mirror. I wiped off the little amount of makeup I was wearing leaving my face plain and bare. I sighed at the sight and once again wondered why Frank liked me.  I then tied my hair back into a loose scruffy pony tail with my bangs and random Pieces of hair falling out. I walked out of the bathroom and found A beautiful sight standing waiting for me. Frank was stood in a pair of boxer shorts and a batman shirt. His hair was scruffy and wild, more so than usual and he smiled up at me. I frowned back at him
"Whats up baby?" He asked
"I don't know why your smiling" I replied
"Because you look so beautiful!"
"How do I?! I look a mess" I complained and Frank just chuckled
"You look anything but. I didn't think it was possible for you to look any more beautiful than you already do, but I guess I was wrong. I mean, how can someone look so good in Pj's?" He said and I blushed
"But I have no makeup on, and my hair is a mess"
"Your hair looks cute, and you don't need makeup. Natural suits you" He told me and I blushed again
"Your toogood to me Frankie" I sighed and he put his arms gently around my waist
"Sometimes I think I'm not good enough" He said looking distant
"Frankie, your too good, honestly" I said and kissed his cheek. It was a good thing I was small, cause even with his 'fun sized' height as he liked to call it, I was still shorter than him.
I stood on my tip toes and pecked his lips softly.
"Right... LET'S GO GET HIGH ON SUGAR" I said and he grinned
"You know my weak spot" He laughed and then I jumped on Franks back. He just carried me down the stairs and then set me down on the arm chair. He sat on the floor inbetween my legs and I played with his hair.
He leaned his cheek against one of my legs and sighed deeply
"Soo Guys, who wants to join me and Frank and get totally fucked up on sugar?" I asked and everyones faces broke into huge grins. Me and Frabk went to raid the cupboards while everyone else waited. Frank refused to take his arms from around my waist which made it really awkward to walk around and carry everything.
"Frankie, must you be so awkward?" I asked him and he removed his arms from around my waist. 
"Oh, sorry if I'm being too clingy" He said and blushed
"I didn't mean that Frankie" I said? back tracking. I walked over to him and placed my arms firmly around his neck, but he shook them off.
"You did. I'm just being clingy and over the top. I'm sorry, I'm not very good at all this, you know, playing it cool and stuff" He said and turned away from me
"I don't want you play it cool!" I told him, wrapping arms around his waist
"Your cute when your over the top, and I don't think your clingy, we're just in love" I told him and kissed his cheek
"You missed" He said
"You missed" He repeated and then brought my lips to his. The kiss was amazingly sweet and loving, and when I pulled away I felt slightly light headed. 
"See! just things like that, You ARE good at this Frankie" I reassured him and he smiled gratefully
"Im sorry, it's just, you're my first proper girlfriend, and I don't want to mess up" he told me honestly
I kissed him once more and smiled at him
"Just be yourself and you can't go wrong" I told him. 
After that we collected up all of the sweets, fizzy drinks, ice cream, basically anything that had sugar, and took it into the living room.
"You guys took a long time. I hope you didn't get all your slobber on the food" Gerard said while making what can only be described as a 'kissy-face'
"Actually, we were having a mature conversation" Frank said and sat down like a grumpy child. I walked infront of him and leaned over to put the last tub of ice cream down. I grabbed me lightly by the hips and pulled me bvakwards so I landed on his lap. His lips found my neck and I giggled. 

About an hour later, The sugar rush started to kick in. Mily and Mikey were making out in the corner, Gerard was feeding Ellie marshmallows so fast she could barley keep up, and me and Frank were having a conversation about what the plural for Moose is
"ISwearIt'sMeese!" Frank insisted an I shook head
"No you silly boy it's Moosi!" I laughed and we just laughed even though it wasn't that funny. 
The sugar high was great while it lasted, but eventually everyone started to tire out, and that unmistakable feeling of a sugar low started to sink in. I rested my head sleepily on Franks shoulder and he stroked my hair.
"Are you ready to go to bed honey?" He asked me and I nodded with a yawn. He smiled lovingly at my and helped me to my feet. He then scooped me onto his back where I once again leaned my head on his shoulder
"See you in the morning guys" he called behind us which was met with a series of Grunts an other noises from our group of lathargic friends.
We got into Franks bedroom and he set me on my feet. He lifted the dicey up and let me climb in first. I gratefully lay down on the soft bed and could almost feel sleep envelope me. Then Frank got into the bed and I moved closer to him, soothed by the soft heat of his body and the strong pound of his heartbeat. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed my head
"Sleep tight Sweetie, I'll be right here when you wake up" He whispered and I smiled contently. Then he started Softly singing a song I didn't recognise.

-if you stay, I would even wait all night,
or until my heart explodes, how long?
until we, find our way in the dark and out of harm,
you can run away with me,
any time you want-

My eyes drifted shut, and my breathing fell in time with the steady beat of our hearts. This really was love...
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