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Beach days :D

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"EMMA WAKE UP!" I voice called as I quickly opened my eyes. Bright warm summer light was filtering through the thin curtains hanging from the windows in Franks bedroom.
"What what?!" I asked wondering what had called for my rude awakening
"Hi" Frank said and I rolled my eyes at him
"Urgg, Frank I'm tired" I said and flopped back onto the bed, burying my face in the soft pillows
"Awh come on Emma" He said and strews jumping on the bed
"urgg Frankie!" I said and hit him with my pillow. He gave me a look of mock horror and then grabbed his own pillow. He hit me lightly and I rolled my eyes
"s'that all you got Iero?!" I asked him and hit him again
"I don't want to break you" He said sweetly
"Fine, but it only means you'll lose!" I told him as I hit him again
"Ah screw being a gentlman!" He said and wacked me full pelt with the pillow. We hit eachother back and forth and ended up out on the landing. Then suddenly, Frank threw down his pillow. I thought he was surrendering until that familiar Sneaky smirk spread across his beautiful face. He picked me up Fireman style and threw me over his shoulder. He marched us back into his bedroom and quite lightly tossed me onto the bed. 
He stood and looked at me giggling
"Whats funny?" I asked him
"Your hairs all messy... it looks like you have sexy time" He said childishly and I rolled my eyes at him
"So does yours Frankie" I told him and sat up.
He sat next to me on his bed before pulling me onto his lap lightly.
"Sooo, what are we doing today" He said while playing with my hair 
"I don't mind Frankie, whatever you want" I said and I heard him sigh
"Your no help!" He grumbled and I just laughed.
"how about we just hang out?" 
"Thats all we ever do!" He whined
"Fine! let's take a trip to the beach and build a huge ass sandcastle!!" I said exasperated
"Okay!!!" he said and ran downstairs. I just shook my head and went after him to find him in the living room 
"GUYS!!! WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH!!!" He shouted and everyone actually agreed that it was a good idea. 

Everyone got ready to leave, We called ray an bob and they said they woul come, so ry was bringing his van to drive us all to the beach. We piled into the van, Ray and bob in the frot, and the rest of us all piled into the back. Frank insisted I sit on his lap and practically dragged me ontop of him. First we stopped and Mikey and Gerards house so they could get anything they needed. Then they called by my house
"Dad?" I said as I walked inside and found him on the sofa
"Hey dad, erm, can I go to the beach today with some friends today?" I asked him
"Sure sure, just be careful" He said and I smiled ay' him widly. I ran upstairs and got changed in to my bikini and then put a pair of denim shourts and a t-shirt on top. Then I grabbed a towel and some flip flops before raiding my wallet for some money. I ran back out to the car and hopped in.
"Oooh shorts, I like it!" Frank said and pulled me onto his lap again. I just rolled my eyes and then ray set off. It was a fairly long drive to the beach, but Ray's van had an amazing music collecting so we sped down the roads with the windows down singing along to misfits and other bands the whole way. I produced a camera from my bag and started taking random photos. Frank got the camera off me and started taking photos of me so I tried to hide. He frowned at me and then laughed. He pulled me in for a kiss and held the camera at arms length to take a photo. I looked at it, and it actually looked really sweet
"Awwh that's to cute!" I exclaimed and Frank kissed my cheek. 

When we arrived at the beach, it was nearly empty because we had come at a weekend instead of in the school holidays. We quickly dumped our stuff and get ready to go in the sea before tearing down the beach like maniacs. I jumped straight in, dragging Frank with me while everyone else stood at the edge. The water was warm and salty as I cut through the waves and got to the surface, only to be met face to face with a rather unimpressed looking Frank.
"Whats up with you Grumps?"
"I you pulled me in!" He exclaimed and I just rolled my eyes.
"You had to come in some time!" I said and he smiled. 
Eventually everyone got in the water and we started to swim out further. I dived right under the water and swam around for a while. I had always been able to keep
my eyes open underwater, even in the sea, so that matched with the long time I could hold my breath for helped me swim quite well. I resurfaced and saw Frank with his back turned to me. I dived under the water and swam towards him, undetected, before grabbing one of his anckles. He started flapping around and I heard his muffled shouting from the surface. I came back up and couldn't help laughing at him.
"EMMA! that wasn't nice!" He said and I pouted at him
"Im sowy" I said and wrapped my arms around his neck. 
"Awh, it's okay" He said and then I slowly leaned in to kiss him. He mouth was salty as my lips conected with his and I could feel him smiling as he gently nibbled my lip. 

After a while we all got cold so we walked out of the sea and back up to our bags. Ellie produced a huge umbrella from her bag so wrapped in towels we all camped out under that. Frank had forgotten to bring a towel but luckily mine was huge so we shared and sat huddled up together as we dried off. His wet hair kept dripping on me as I leaned my head on his shoulder. He had his arm lightly around my waist and I smiled into his neck. His fingers started tracing a random pattern on my side as he smiled at me.
"I love you Emma, I don't tell you enough but I really do" He said and I smiled at him again
"I love you to Frankie" I said and kissed him.
"Right, when are we gonna make this big as sand castle I was promised?!" Frank asked and I smiled at him
"Right now if you want" I said and he nodded like a little kid. We didn't have buckets so we went for the 'let's-just-make-a-huge-pile-of-sand-and-claim-it's-a-castle' method. I was going really well until Frank got bored and knocked it all down.
"Your such a nuisance!" I said and he crawled towards me
"Yup, but that's why you love me" He said and I couldn't help but smile
"Yes Frank, it's one of the reasons, but I also love you cuz your funny and kind and sweet and cute and amazing and deffinitly sexy" I told him and he grinned at me
"Oh so I'm sexy now? I thought I was just a nuisance?" He said mockingly
"Your a sexy nuisance, duh!"         
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