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I miss you

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Sorry for long wait!

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Sorry for the long wait, i've been super busy at school with Christmas concerts and rehersals and stuff, sorry :( I have an idea brewing for the start of a mew fic to, so you may beseeing that soon :D

"I love you Emma" he said and kissed me softly.

About an hour later, we all decided we would go and get something to eat. I shoved some shorts and my misfits t-shirt ontop of my bikini and Frank put his arm around my waist as we walked into town. We stopped in a little cafe and ordered coffee and cakes, a perfectly healthy lunch. 
After we had eaten, everyone was pretty tired and we had school tomorrow, so we decided to pile back in the van and set off home. Frank pulled me onto his lap again in the car and kept kissing my neck softly. We had a bit of David Bowie playing on the journey back and drove through the sun towards the clear skies with our windows down and voices loud. By the time we got back, it was quite late, so We dropped Mikey and Gerard off, then Bob, and then ray pulled up at my house.
"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" I said to Frank and he smiled
"Deffinitly, I'll be waiting for you outside okay?" He said ad i nodded
"I love you" I whispered and kissed him lightly
"I love you to baby" He said and I waved as I watched them drive away.
When I got inside Dad was no where to be seen, probably out with friends. I did all the leftover homework I had before changing into my PJ's. I relaxed in bed and listened to some music while I looked through the photo's from today. It had been an amazing day that everyone had enjoyed, but lying along in my cold bed I felt like something was missing. Then I figured out what it was. There wasn't the comforting warm feeling of Franks arounds around me, my favourite lullaby of his soft breathing and heavy heart beat wasn't there to send me to sleep. 

I sighed and rolled over in my empty bed, knowing I wouldn't get much sleep. 

I woke up early the next morning and jumped straight into the shower. After drying my hair i dressed in skinny jeans and my favourite Green Day T-shirt before throwing on a plain black hoodie and some Red converses. I smudged on a tiny bit of eyeliner and brushed my hair so my bangs fell over one eye slightly. 

After having packed nightmare before Christmas bag with all the things I needed for the day, I ran downstairs and grabbed a cup of coffee. I made one for dad to and took it into his room. He was sleeping deeply face down on his bed, the faint aroma of alcohol filled the room and I just sighed before leaving the horrible sight. I checked in the mirror and grabbed my keys. Frank had said he would meet me outside, and I'd assumed he meant school, so I was surprised when I opened my front door and found him sitting on the steps.            
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