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sorry it's not majorly long, but I really like this one :D

"Frankie?" I asked and he turned around and smiled at me.
"Hey sweetie" He said and wrapped both his arms around my waist. 
"I thought when you said outside you meant school" I told him 
"Oh" he said and looked a bit downtrodden
"no no, I'm glad your here... I missed you last night" I told him and his face brightened
"me to" He almost whispered and gazed into my eyes. Then he gently lifted my chin with his finger and thumb before slowly leaning in. 
"come 'ere" he almost muttered and then pressed his lips gently to mine.
There was no lust behind the kiss, just pure love, and it made my knees weak.
"wow..." He whispered as he pressed his forehead to mine
"I know" I whispered and pecked him lightly on the cheek.
"I guess we better get goin unless we wanna be late" he sighed and I bit my lip a nodded 

He shifted so only one arm was around my waist. He gently traced patterns onto Mysore as we walked to school. As we got to the gated we saw Mikey and Mily deep in conversation. I could tell mikey was trying to hold back giggles as Mily explained something that happened to her. As we got closer we could hear the conversation.
"No seriously! the little thing attacked me! it was horrible!" Mily urged frantically as she waved her small hands around

"haha, what's attacked you this time Mily?" I asked her as we got within a couple of feet of them.
"My cousins Hampster went ay'-wol and practically ate my hand! Look!" She said, showing a mark on her hand.
"Awh sweetie" Mikey said even though I could tell hebwas dying to laugh. He wrapped his arms and her small Frame and kissed her cheek. Her pale skin blushed slightly. 

"WEEEEEE!" We suddenly heard from behind us as we turned around laughing already. 
We saw Gerard running towards us with a very hyper looking Ellie on his back. 
"Faster Gerard faster" She cried
"THATS WHAT SHE SAID" We all screamed and collapsed laughing. 
A few fake tanned preppy kids walked by and gave us looks to kill.
"Wow, I didn't know emo's were aloud to laugh" One of the girls joked, met with a chorus of cackles by her cronnies
we all just ignored them and kept on laughing. 
After we'd calmed down the bell sounded and we all groaned.
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