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4] Planet Lynx pt. 1

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Lume sends himself to his inner imagination in his very own mind. Becoming older and more intelligent, he now has to try to escape.

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The day was bright, just as all the previous days here on planet Lynx. I was on a planet that didn't know any form of time. Time here was never ending. A place that would not spoil, or ever go through seasons that forced life to restart. It was a constant variable and I was stuck here and I couldn't figure out why.
Days passed by without recognition as I remain on this desolate planet being protected. I always asked myself why I was being protected, and from what. Hopefully the answer would come soon. I couldn't take it anymore.
That is, until the day the walls came crumbling down.
Time here was completely different than anything I knew. I aged extremely fast as days here dragged on for over sixty hours at a time. My clothes had become overly rugged, and had millions of rips and tears in their seams. I traveled constantly, hunting and surviving the odd conditions this place went through.
I'd been here ever since I can remember, but I don't quite know when that was. I just remember waking up on a beach that looked like something you'd see in your dreams. The only thing that caught me off guard back then was a roll of papers that contained journal entries about a boy who created the planet I was trapped on. It sat silently next to me as I was crashed on a beach next to an airship. I grabbed it and read it with eager eyes. It was the only thing that seemed real on this entire planet.
I sat down on the beach and stared up into the dark blue sky as the suns were setting. I had become trapped in a box full of amazing things, so you would think I would be living in paradise. This place only reminded me of a cage with no means to exit. Why would someone send me to such a desolate place and expect me to be happy. It was an effort that had well stayed its welcome.
Many years seemed to just pass by. I had spent plenty of time trying to escape. The provided airships and other means of transportation didn't allow me to leave. Whenever I tried leaving towards space, back up was always sent, and I was thrown down to the ground by force. Today I declare it was no use. I have given up.
I traveled all over this planet. Through the high set mountains covered in glistening snow, to the rocky terrain through the dry deserts. The islands that contained tropical beaches, from the beautiful low set valleys that spread across the lands in a green melody. Nothing seemed out of place, it was a perfect place. The way the forests grew so tall used to give me hope. Now they just make me want to adventure through them. So I did.
I got out of my highly developed sports car, and slammed the door. I took a deep breath of the thick forest air. Placing my hand over my eyes to gaze upon the top of the highest trees, the sun peeked through the gaps of my fingers. Seeing the branches stretch out far along the base of the trunk made me smile. Something seemed familiar about what I was about to do, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
Relaxing, I took the first few steps towards the wall of green. I carried a backpack that was slung over my left shoulder. It contained a neat invention that hovered when I engaged the boosted engine. In the shape of two handlebars with a place to put my feet, I'd say it was my favorite means of transportation. As I neared the base of a tall tree, I set down my bag and opened it up. I slowly took the machine out and set it down on the mushy ground. I quickly zipped, and replaced my bag on my back this time around both my shoulders.
I leaned down, and pressed the engage button as quiet booming sounds filled the cold air. I stomped on the small pedals as the engine whined. It was go time. I revved the engine, and was off into the thick greenery. I skillfully maintained a steady speed as I dodged objects like stray broken branches, small ponds filled with muck, and downhills that led to gaps of this world. As I sped, I thought about how I wanted to leave. If I tried to leave through one of the wormholes in the forest, the homing modules the forest used would come after me in an instant and slam me back to somewhere far away.
I had to think of a similar way to escape and it would be anything but easy.
I maxed the speed out on this small hovercraft, as I whizzed by the tough barked trees. Leaning down to gain momentum, I led the hovercraft towards a wormhole. As I faced the dark chasm, I heard the rustle of leaves begin to envelope the airwaves. The lights began flashing, and I began to concentrate even harder.
I had welcomed a fleet of unhappy protectors, and I had become unwelcome.
As I gained speed going downhill, so had the protectors. If I was going to get anywhere, it would be with these guys. I closed my eyes and focused on what I wanted. I imagined a way out, a place that I could call home instead of prison. I imagined colors I didn't know existed. The place I envisioned, was far from fake and I was on my way.
The protectors gained as I let go of the handlebars of the small hovercraft. Surrounding me, they shot beams of light at me. In a weird way, they were reflected off an invisible wall I had created which made them fall off their crafts in multiple directions.
More protectors appeared. I could hear the whirr of their motors shooting powerful blasts of air at the ground as they hovered near. I had put on a rather distorted smile, as their futile plan backfired faster than the last pair. I was gaining more speed. The colors I imagined had enveloped me in a protective bubble that seemed to take over.
The bubble lifted my hovercraft, and left it to fall towards the ground as it exploded, and crashed into another pair of protectors. I bet they weren't too happy right about now, but this bubble had other plans.
We rose up above the trees, and entered the territory of the sky protectors. Zooming through the air, they shot an immense amount of rounds at my bubble. Still distorted, my smile gleamed in the sunshine as they bounced heavily back at their aircraft. Red smoke clouds practically flung themselves through the bright skies. The closest any airship got was a good fifty feet, and then the retaliation began. The crackle of their metallic wings crumbled to the surface as the sound rung in my ear.
My plan just might get me off this decrepit planet after all.
Once the last of the airships was stricken down, my bubble continued over the deep blue seas. Skimming the angry waves, over a dozen highly advance jet skis zoomed near us at an alarming rate. Preparing highly deadly guns, the water protectors neared. Distorting my smile anymore than I could, the bubble seemed to slow down a bit. Steeping down to around twenty feet above sea level, the jet skis began open firing. The large rounds scattered almost instantly as the bubble became a reoccurring obstruction.
I turned to face the jet skis, and glared deviously at the speeding crafts. Imagining dark thoughts, the jet skis were enveloped by a deep red glow. Now in my control, I imagined them being lifted off of the crisp waves. Slowly beginning to hover, the shots subsided as many of the riders ditched for the deep waters. Angrily imagining them all colliding in the sky above, the six jet skis went into full blast and crashed with astonishing speeds. Blooming into a trio colored explosion, handlebars and parts of their machine-guns flew in all directions, soon being submersed within the splashing seas. Knowing my deed had been successful, I turned my back towards the unfortunate riders of the small water skimmers.
The sky began to change colors, of all sorts. First it stayed red for a while, and switched to a deep purple. Shapes of all sorts filled the spaces around me. Objects I've never seen before, as well as people I've never known. They all seemed to be looking for something. Hastily moving this way and that. It made me close my eyes and once again I imagined my grand destination.
A way out of this hell, to a place I could call home.
As the bubble descended beyond the horizon, the setting changed. We blasted through a darkened room with lights hanging randomly among the ceiling. Flashes of light became often, as more unidentified objects popped into place. Turbulence had begun, as I tried not to look ahead of me. The ride wasn't going to be an easy one, but it had to be done. I focused harder.
The jolts became rough, and I nearly couldn't see anymore. The walls of the bubble had formed a sort of foggy film, making the outside objects no more than blurry. As I gazed, a rather large disturbance rocked me around the bubble as I was quickly knocked out. The bubble sped faster through the mess, and I slowly closed my eyes.
I heard sounds that I've never heard before. They were voices, and they sounded rather worried. I felt warm as a cool breeze rolled over my skin. I was huddle up in a ball, in the corner of a room capable of moving around like my hover scooter. As I opened my eyes, the light blinded me and I began to stand up.
“Lume, are you okay? What just happened to you, tell us?” It was the voice of a sweet sounding girl. As my eyes adjusted, I saw her face as well as others surrounding it. She had dark green eyes I could stare into for hours at a time. The way her soft hair bounced as she talked, how she looked absolutely perfect in her yellow jumpsuit. It all had me overwhelmed, as I tried to speak to the humans.
“I, I don't know who you are..” I looked deep into her eyes. She seemed to be rather confused, and spoke slower.
“You must have lost your memory like you wanted Sir. What shall we do?” She stood up and faced a rather large man with majestic clothes that wrapped him from head to toe. He seemed knowledgeable and blinked before he responded.
“Hm, yes. He'll probably be that way for a while, but we had to do it. All we can do is try to help him recover information about himself so he can begin to remember.”
“Do we have that amount of time though?” She spoke quietly, but with force. I was immediately addicted to listening to her words as they formed through her soft pale lips.
“We will have to make time. Now boy, you'll need to come with us if you'll let us. Wont you?” He turned his head away from the bright girl, and held his hand towards me as I tried to keep balance. It was weird being in a hovering mobile as I stood up instead of driving one.
“Are we still on the planet with protectors on it? Are you too locked away here with me?” I looked into each of their eyes. They looked dazed.
“What are you talking about young boy? This is the planet known as StarLight and no one who resides here is 'locked away' as you say.” The older man extend his hand further as I stared at it, debating in my mind if I had really escaped the lonely world filled with dreams galore.
I was rather confused as to what to do, but after a while I took the mans hand and they led me out of the floating craft to a room it had connected with on the left door. We walked down a bright hallway as we passed doors every now and then. Not long after, the girl set her palms on a handle about halfway down the hall, and revealed a room with lots of colorful objects in it. The man let go of my hand as the girl offered I go in. She smiled softly and giggled as I enter the rather large room. The door shut behind us, and the silence broken with a rather interesting sound. It was a random assortment of tones and notes that made me feel a bit at ease.
“Now, from earlier you said something about protectors. Do you mind explaining what you meant by that boy?” The older man said, as he took a seat in a large red velvet seat decorated with all sorts of gold pendants.
“Where exactly did you go Lume? You had only been sitting there for about forty minutes, where could you have possibly gone?” The girl walked up to a floating cloud. She spun around fast while putting one of her boots on the cloud, pulling herself up forming into a comfortable sitting position.
I explained to the older man and beautiful girl, the horrible things the planet of Lynx offered to keep me there with. The protectors were issued by whoever put me there, to protect me. In my eyes, the whole planet had become a giant prison, therefore making the protectors 'guards'. I explained how many failed attempts I had made to escape the rather fancy land I was bestowed upon. I told them of the magnificent structures, and houses I had crafted with my hands in several regions on the planet. The form of transportation it offered, being jet skis, scooters, sporty cars, and advanced airships. The way the two suns always beat harshly, and there was never alteration in the weather. Everything seemed so thought through. As if that place was really meant to keep me there forever.
The older man took it all in quite the same. Every time I explained something interesting or exciting, his face stayed the same. The girl that stationed herself to my left, seemed to take it all in with several emotions. She got rather smiley when I was excited, and frightened as I explained the terrible parts of Lynx. It made me like her even more.
“Ah, well young boy. It seems the past version of yourself created a world within your imagination. He was frightened, and wasn't ready to accept a harsh lifestyle that he had been chosen for. You, my young lad. Are a chosen one. A hero.” He finished, and put his hands in his lap.
Looking into my very soul, I felt the powers I had used to escape. It made too much sense. Did I really lock myself in my mind as to escape reality? Was that what had really happened?
The girl was ecstatic, as if she had just discovered a cute kitten. I probably looked crazy, as I analyzed the situations in my mind. It all made so much sense, but one fact. How come I had trapped myself in a world so addicting in a way to keep me from returning to reality? It all seemed so childish, but I was not one to judge my early self.
Over the years on planet Lynx, I had grown quite a bit in many ways. My muscles were more defined, as well as my figure. I was around six feet tall, and weighed a solid one hundred forty pounds. The clothes I wore along the long stay on Lynx had become very soiled, and were tight to my skin. Whoever I was before planet Lynx, was now long gone.
“Am I, really a hero? Why do you suppose my past lives personality did not accept this marvelous task? It just doesn't make too much sense is all.” I added as I sat down on a nearby stool that was cushioned with a blue pattern. I rather enjoyed looking at it.
“Well young boy, that I cannot say. But I do appreciate that being sent to this imaginary planet has made you so much more bold. I cannot say how the future of the universe would end up in the hands of an adolescent boy raging with angst. Can you see my understanding of all this? Maybe your past self realized there were a way to become a wiser self, and engaged without much thought. Embodying ones mind in a place so magnificent and at the same time repulsing, seemed like the boys smart plan. Seeing it had proven success, boggles even my mind.”
The old timer was right. I had definitely grown up, even though I had not known my old self. Whatever the case, I'm sure everything was for the better. I just wish I hadn't been sent to such a wretched place for so long.
“I understand Sir. Now.. If you don't mind telling me who exactly I am..” The question lingered for a bit, and was picked up by the small girl floating on her cloud.
“Well, your name is Luminescent Sommers and you came from a planet known as Earth. It features many things we will teach you much later. But for now, all you need to know is that it's your home planet.” Widening her eyes with each exciting word, I listened closely. Planet Earth seemed to ring a large bell deep in my mind. I didn't dwell on it, but I didn't want to shrug it off.
“So, my name is Luminescent Sommers..” I repeated in a low breathy voice.
“Yes. Lume, for short!” She quickly added. I wondered what her name was.
“Okay, well who are you two if you don't mind me asking?” I slightly grinned at both of them. This was getting interesting for me. I had no memory of ever properly introducing myself before.
“My name is Aaliyah Sparx, but you can just call me Aali!” Her eyes glistened as she said her name. Aali, what a beautiful name.
“Young Lume, my name is not to be given out. I'm rather known as the God who knows not a name. I have a rather important role in the universe by maintaining almost every detail given. I'm not the average God you'll meet on your journey.” His beard rustled as he moved his lips, facing different directions as he pointed up towards space. My first day, and I met an almighty God. How I believed all this on the first try, I did not know.
“Aali, it is a pleasure to meet you. I really admire how enthusiastic you seem to be. For you Sir, I feel rather honored to meet you and I hope to serve you well!” I smiled at the young girl and older God as they laughed. They were enjoying themselves too.
They soon went over a lot of information about the cluttered universes and galaxies. A rather large disturbance had occurred with a dangerous species they called 'yynx'. It was my duty to travel to the middle of planet StarLight to obtain an almighty weapon used to fend off the fiendish snakes. As I slowly took all this in, I felt better about myself. I had finally escaped, and was on my way to helping a large amount of people overcome a challenge I wasn't sure I could succeed. Every time I doubted myself out loud, the two would decline and repeat, 'Lume, you were made from the rawest materials in order to deliver a message so big not even we completely understand, now listen..' I had always dreamed of helping other people, and now was my chance.
My name is Luminescent Sommers, and I had a lot to learn about I place I was and wasn't familiar with. My home.
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