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5] Planet StarLight pt. 1

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Lume returns to planet StarLight older, and wiser. Spending almost 5 years in his imagination, he is to set out on his first quest. Complications begin.

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In the large room, they supplied me with a change of rather stylish clothes. They said in order to keep the peace among the people who lived here on StarLight I needed to dress properly. They told me if I walked into the changing room near the backside of the inner wall, it would automatically be taken care of.
I entered the door slightly nervous. I didn't know what to expect when they said it would be automatically taken of. The room contained a medium sized pedestal with a bunch of touch screens mounted inside the wall. Hopping up onto the platform, the room came alive. The screens began to display an outfit that looked rather bright in appearance. I couldn't tell what it displayed clearly, because the room now glowed brightly, blocking my ability to see. I floated above the surface, and spun wildly in circles all over. As I slowed down a bit, I could now tell what the screen displayed. It was what I was now wearing.
I now wore a white rather see through shirt that easily felt like a sort of velvet. The pants were rather tight, yet breathable and also colored a bright pearly white. The boots were the same matching white, and had all sorts of small electronic buttons near the sole. I walked out of the room, rather dizzy and Aali punched in some sort of code on my boots. They automatically adjusted themselves to my size, making them the most comfortable pair of boots I'd ever worn.
“How did you do that?” I questioned Aali, as I sat amazed at my new pair of boots.
“Over the time we've spent here on StarLight, a lot of things have become.” She paused, as she searched her mind for the answer. “Well let's just call it simplified.”
“Well I must congratulate your simplifications, that was just pure amazement!” I yelled as I stood up, testing the newly acquired outfit and boots. The boots were really comfy, and so controlling. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I never wanted to take these clothes off as long as I was there.
“Now Aali and Lume, it's getting late. Let's not forget how important tomorrow is. It's the day leader Jini declares the newest update in KrexxLi. I'll wake you early to get a head start on the day.” The God said as he pressed a combination of buttons on a wall board that controlled the rooms status. It closed the windows almost instantly, and displayed a bright lit night sky image on the pointed walls above. My mouth was probably wide open again.
“Okay Sir, we shall see you in the morning. Goodnight.” Aali said, as she enter the room near the backside of the inner wall. Lights shone brightly, and she walked out as her clothes had been changed to a rather similar outfit that I now wore. It was all white in color, but resembled a more pajama look to them. Her sleeves hang gently down over her small fragile arms, as they swayed with the air currents around her. Shiny velvet like pants swished across her perfect legs as she strode her way over to me.
“Lume, go change into some night wear and I'll show you your bed.” Rather disappointed I had to change already out of my awesome clothes, I walked swiftly into the light changing room. The same ordeal occurred, but this time I now wore rather swishy clothes also. More boyish and not as tight, but oh so comfortable.
“Alright, this way soldier!” She shouted, throwing her hand up to her forehead. I played along and shot my hand up near my eyebrows. We loudly marched in a circle at first, followed by her leading me up a chute instead of stairs. When I had first entered the room I noted that it was large, but I didn't notice the windows that looked down to the living room area from Aali's room. The two big spread windows covered in an opaque filter was what I first noticed as I walk into her room out of the circular chute. Everything seemed so simple here, yet so advanced. It kind of crept me out.
The rest of her room was a pearly white with scattered objects colored sky blue. Her bed was almost as big as two king sized mattresses sitting next to each other, and featured three massive blue colored pillows and blankets. For the third time today, I was afraid my mouth was wide open so I clenched my teeth together just to make sure they wouldn't.
Farthest from the chute entrance to her room, was another window. It looked out of an inner wall Aali told me. We were contained inside a giant black metal pyramid, and the outer walls displayed the same iconic starry sky the God had displayed upon the living rooms pointed ceiling. The stars even seemed to be slightly twinkling as they slowly rotated around the four slanted walls. I quickly wondered how they had survived without plants and sunshine, but decided to skip that conversation for another day.
I was beat, and resting sounded rather amazing at the time.
Aali climbed up on the bed in a rather dainty manner. She closed her eyes as she knew her surroundings, and rippled the blankets as she squirm inside the cozy closure. I smiled at the thought of sleeping next to someone as amazing as her, and slid across the glass floor to the other side of the enlarged bed. I lifted the sheets just enough for me to slide right in. I grabbed the large pillow and set my head on it to sink. It didn't indulge my mess of hair, but it sure seemed to be. Aali looked over at me and blinked as the lights suddenly turned out. The shimmer of the simulated stars slowly began to light the room with a rather mysterious aura.
“You know, I've been waiting for forever to meet you Lume.” Aali stared at the ceiling and smiled as she spoke laying in the bed closest to the window. I too began staring at the ceiling as I gripped my blankets tight.
“So, it's true that my past lives daydream brought me to you? I just understand how that's possible..” I said, trying to stay on subject.
“Yes, Lume had found a way out of his normal life, giving us the chance to step in without worrying. If he believed they were just daydreams, we could do whatever we wished without seeming too crazy. He prevailed against one of the yynx's overlord figures. It wasn't real, but it definitely was just as hard. He prove himself to the God who knows not a name.” Aali seemed excited about the whole thing just as she had been excited about my storytelling earlier. I really liked it when she got energetic, it made her nose crinkle.
“He sounded brave just as he was, how come he created a world for me to die on?” I said as I stared back at her in wonder.
“Lume was afraid. He believed the daydreams were taking over his life, not that the daydreams were actually real. He didn't know how to feel once we said he was going to be the hero we'd all been waiting for. He told us he'd been sick and tired of us pretending towards him, so he created a way out. Not knowing it would erase all prior memory, he became what you are now. The inner hero of Lume took steps on his newly created world, and you became the person he was afraid most. I'm not too sure as to how it all happened, but I am honestly quite happy at how you turned out. Sir was right, we couldn't have left the universe in such small, weak hands.” She spoke quietly as her words bounced off the silvery ceiling as I looked over at her settling lips every now and then, smiling. The outline of her face was lit up with glowing light as the stars shone dimly off the window.
“It makes sense I guess, but it's still hard for me to accept. That planet really was my least favorite thing ever. It not only felt like jail, it had everything an emotionally sick boy needed to stay there forever. Just that thought alone sickens me.” I said as the room grew warm. For some odd reason though, I could hear Aali shiver as her teeth chatter from inside her lips.
“I know Lume. He created that place for an everlasting escape. It definitely sickens me as well. I'm glad you got out so I could meet you, you're pretty entertaining.” Those last words hung in the room as they settled over the silence that took over. Aali began to breath slower as she started to fall asleep. The slight chatter from her teeth still present made me wonder why she was so inexplicably cold even after she was smothered in blankets. I closed my eyes and began to daydream of a cold winters day. The clouds hung gently over the middle of town as they softly poured snowflakes down to the frigid land.
Aali was there,bundled up in all sorts of winter gear. Giggling as her nose wrinkled up, she stepped lightly across the thin layer of snow towards me. I looked around in all directions to see that we were alone in this powdery mess. As she made her way across, I noticed she was still shivering though she was covered in all sorts of warm materials. I frowned as I watched her lower lip bounce up and down to the sound of chattering teeth. I took the few steps to reach her quicker and immediately wrapped my arms around her for warmth. She seemed rather relieved and held tight to whatever part of my shirt was reachable. I set my head down on hers as I closed my eyes.
I opened them and I was back in the room. Something was different though. Aali had made her way from the farther bed onto mine, and was now holding onto my shirt for extra warmth. Facing my left, he face brushed upon my chest as she wrap her legs around mine. Just in my daydream, my arm was held around her keeping her warm. As Aali stopped chattering her teeth, she nuzzled my chest and let out a sigh of relief.
Not knowing what to do, I too sighed. She giggled.
“You know, you're very warm Lume. I don't retain heat much so I just might have to make you my snuggle buddy. Would that be alright?” Her voice sounded as cute as ever. I smiled as I barely had to think about what to say next.
“Of course Aali, that would be perfect.” Aali let out a small chuckle, and fell asleep as she lay there completely satisfied. I started to doze off as my exhaustion from earlier had hit me suddenly. I was off to dream as I snuggled close with the cutest space cadet I had ever met.
The next morning, shades of orange poured throughout the room as it flooded in from the window. The bright reflection made me shut my eyes just after they opened, as I tried to quickly adjust to the light. I opened them again to see that I was alone in the room. The traces of Aali leaving were almost unnoticed except for the note that lay in front of me on top of the blankets. I rubbed my eyes a bit and picked up the small letter.
It read, 'Lume. Please join us for breakfast once you awake. I will hopefully have it ready in time! Oh and thanks again for keeping me warm last night, I slept very well! Aaliyah Sparx.' I set the note back on the blankets, and put my hands behind my head, smiling. 'I had just made Aali a really happy girl, hadn't I,' I thought to myself. Just as I began to set my feet down onto the glass flooring, Aali shot up using the chute and smiled at me cheerfully as the sliding doors opened quickly.
“Good morning Lume! I hope you slept well! If you read my note, you already know I slept great.” Gliding over the slippery floor, she made her way towards me. Standing now, I stretched and felt an odd sensation coming from my stomach. Even though I was hungry, it wasn't that. Aali was tickling me, and I fell back immediately trying to get her to stop. She persisted and came down with me as she tickled expertly. I giggled, trying to get her off of me as I almost ran out of breath. She stopped and looked up at me, as she was very short.
“You're very ticklish you know that.” Performing one last tickle she giggled a bit more. “Breakfast is done, would you like to join me downstairs?”
“Can you promise me you're not going to assault me with another tickle attack?” I jokingly shot. We laughed a bit more and made our way down to the large room. Displayed above on the walls was a gorgeous sunrise with dusty clouds spread out among the sky. I really liked being able to see all this without actually going outside. Though the warmth from the sunlight are definitely a fine addition they seemed to be missing.
“Good morning, sleep well I hope?” It was Sir, and he had the same velvet material slung over his brawny body. If he were human I'd say he looked around his sixties, not too old but definitely not young.
“That bed is really comfortable, I must say!” Sir looked happy, and went back to whatever he was doing. In the kitchen were a bunch of unfamiliar cooking devices. Even though my memory was shot of everything Lume had done, I still knew what a stove and refrigerator were. These things, looked nothing like anything I'd ever seen.
“So, since you're not familiar at all with what we have to eat here, I'll just cook you up a sample of what we usually eat for breakfast! Sound good, Lume?” I nodded and watched the show as she punched in a bunch of symbols on a small keyboard near an object that shot up an intense flame. Obviously, their version of an advanced stove.
She did all sorts of fancy ways of cooking styles. She knew what she was doing, but she definitely wasn't showing off. It was all pretty majestic, but as I began to watch more closely the world around us had significantly changed. The old me was still somewhere inside, and he wasn't about to give up his world.
The beach now filled the area around us as Aali's kitchen joined the sandy mess. The table where I sat was sitting on top of a very stable rocky foundation where a couple crabs could be seen attached to the lower sides. I slid off the high set chair, and jumped off the rock towards Aali. She was still cooking as if nothing had happened. My steps sunk in the moist sand as they squished in rhythm. When I reached her that's when I noticed something was different about planet Lynx.
I couldn't interact with Aali, and she didn't notice I was there.
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