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6] Planet Lynx pt. 2

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Somehow, Lume gets sent back to Lynx. This time, with the unexpected guest, Aali. Lume must face a challenge before returning to StarLight.

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I tried to get her attention. Tapping her, swiftly flashing my hands in her face, and anything else I thought of. Nothing worked. I didn't understand how she could be here and not notice anything. I tried not to think about it, and sat down in the middle of the sand infested kitchen. The skies above resembled the ceiling images Aali had above her living room. I was ultimately confused more than ever.
I stared out towards the ocean to see the beach looked absolutely gorgeous today. I felt the sand in between my toes and fingers. I laid down on my back and closed my eyes. To my surprise, I quickly shot them open because what I saw had angered me to no extent.
It was the old me, laughing. Screaming 'I'll never escape.”
“So, am I just supposed to rot here until everyone forgets about me?” I was yelling into the air above me. It's cool windy breeze felt as if deathly icicle were stabbing into my very words.
“I can't be a prisoner in your perfect world! I will not accept it!” The skies cracked as they were soon filled with thunderous clouds.
I was breaking through this world once and for all.
Standing up on the moist sand, I made my way towards the mountainous jungle behind me. I knew where I was, I had been here before. It was the Exxupoh segment located at the top of the Northern Islands. Stuck in the middle of the jungle, lies a steamy volcano towering above the trees. Three years ago it erupted and engulfed half of the trees at the base. I was surfing on the beach of Yio that day when I felt the massive quake. It was one of the largest eruptions I'd ever seen, and I remember seeing how much lava shot through the angered cavern. I wondered what compelled this inanimate object to deliver such obliteration.
The jungle was exactly how I remembered it. At times as I was quickly running through the thick branches, I looked back and thought of Aali. Had she really been there, or was that my old self playing tricks? I hoped she was only an illusion, because I had a plan to completely destroy this jungle, and possibly the entire planet. I didn't want to lose Aali, not after just meeting those incredible eyes and her sparkling personality.
As I ran faster, the sloped edges of the volcano had begun steepening my climb. I didn't slow, but my legs were now working as hard as ever. I crunched through leaves and branches, making haste to reach the top. I whizzed by the magical stone of Rynex, a stone that could shape shift at any given moment using an image in the riders mind. I remember I had used it once, and I shape shifted it into a dragon. I rode on that dragon all the way until I reached the electric fields of Xinto, located in the Southern Islands of Lynx.
Fire raged in my thoughts. I began to daydream of an explosion so enormous, the entire island of Erox would shake at its very foundation. Twisting the tangled mess of the Exxupoh jungle, cracking the chilling ice covered grounds of Venexa, ripping the heart of the Toh region right out of it's settlement. Sifting through the sand, shattering rocks and pyramids as a quick sand pit opened up in the desert of Kekt. Tumbling waves crashing into the very island all around, sneaking through the sand with devious hate. I began to crumble the world around me using my darkened daydreams. I never wanted to return to this place in my entire existence of being alive. A world created to trap a single soul for more than a lifetime killed my imagination. Earlier when I returned to StarLight, I could think so much clearer. Now that my imagination had new, terrible aspects and I used them at will. Soon later, I opened my eyes to a very large surprise.
My daydream had become reality.
Colors shot out of the ground beneath my feet as I stood on the side of a gigantic volcanic mess. Reddened lava seeped through the ground as electric jolts beamed through the cracks. The sky had turned a darkened red, and smoky black clouds swarmed the small beached jungle. As if all of this wasn't enough to catch me off guard, I saw a flash of glowing light explode into a rainbow of colors. The worse part is that I saw this array of light come from nowhere but the beach.
The exact position I left Aali at.
I panicked. I wasn't affected by the molten lava I'd created, so I wasn't too worried about being melted alive on this dark hill. I imagined something I've never seen before. I tried to piece it together as best as I could picture it. Blue color, lightning yellow streaks, and an engine that hummed with the symphony of waves crashing. The seas on Exxupoh were completely enlarged as the waves prepared a dastardly hurricane for the unfortunate island. That's when I saw it, rise out of the rapids between the waves.
It was a lightship, in the shape of an enormous whale.
That's when I smiled. Not a big smile or anything, but a pretty dastardly one. I had created shortcuts through this enchanted world and now this all seemed too easy. I jumped into the sky and imagined myself with two metal, rocket boots. Blasting towards the beach accelerating faster than ever, I came into view of Aali. She was definitely glowing a heavy rainbow and whitened bubbles misted her presence. I subsided my rockets and slammed down on the beach. The boots disappeared as I walked towards the mystic Aali. I wonder if I could get her attention now.
When I got about five feet away from her, she shot me a look I will never forget. It contained anger, love, and passion. She began glowing more than ever, and blasted into the sky where she hovered among the clouds. Enveloping the misty clouds around her, they swirled through the chilled air and became one with her. Light shows shot from her floating body, down onto the beach. I ran for cover, as my whale lightship neared the beach. Splashing my footsteps, I jumped with all my might and landed on one the heavyset wings. It was constructed of iron, and was very glossy in color. The lights above reflected off my ship and into my eyes.
I had to get off this planet, but how would I get Aali to join?
Waves crashed all over as the hatch for the door opened to the left. Stepping slowly on the wing, I entered my lightship as the bright lights engaged with my presence. The system navigator voice filled the room with a bunch of status messages, as well as greeting its captain. I tried to take this all in by deeply breathing as I closed my eyes. I had just created things no normal person would have been able to. That's when the question rose.
Why was I the chosen one? How come it was. Me?
Imagining myself in a lightsuit, I opened my eyes to the big flat window that filled the front of the lightship. Outside, the dark waves crashed all around as my ship floated across the angered sea. I saw Aali up above, still collecting clouds as she glow brighter than ever. As I stared up into the skies, a small tear formed in the corner of my eye. I quickly wiped it away onto the backside of my hand.
It was time to get professional at lightship navigating.
“System Activate.” I called out. If this ship was anything like the ones Lume left here, I would have a pretty good idea of how to navigate. To my expectations, the engines started to hum a low sputter into the water. Sitting down at the captains chair, I settled myself in with the controls to the left and right of my hands. The window in front of me displayed statistics in the corners about where we were in the universe, speed, and object identification.
“Object Identification.” The screen reacted, fast. It identified the palm trees, beach, jungle, volcano, and clouds. Then is stumbled on the unidentified, the object I was most concerned about.
Aali was now finishing the last of the clouds in the sky. She was moving about, I could see. It made me smile, but I was still focused. The ships report for her had appeared and it noted that she was a 'Chrono-Hexion Developmental Aura.' I didn't understand the last part, but that didn't stop me. I engaged the turbines, and slammed on the accelerator. This ship was very similar to the standard Lynx airships, but much more enjoyable to navigate.
I hovered above the ocean for a quick five seconds when I shoved the joystick towards Aali's position. She was fluttering about while I traveled, but stopped once I got near. She acted by turning around in slow motion, releasing a glare so evil it took over the controls of my lightship. Flinging my ship around like a toy, it flipped and crashed hard into the waves. I held my grip and closed my eyes as I was whip lashed around in my captains seat. The pain was so excruciating, I passed out.
The ship bobbed up and down with the rushing waters. I remember Aali being inside the ship as the bright lights surround her body. She looked at me like she was sorry about what just happened. Looking down at me passed out in the captains seat, she held my hand and tears flow down her face. She smiled and said something, but I was so shell shocked I couldn't recognize what she said. The colors began to fade all around me as she wept.
Sunlight peeked through the windows, shimmering all over the metallic surfaces. That's the first thing I remembered seeing. I moved my head up from where I was laying, and instantly set it back down. The whip lash remain in my muscles, there was no way I could move. I opened my eyes all the way and focused on specific things in the room. We weren't riding on the water anymore, because outside the window I could see a large amount of sand.
Had we drifted to the Exxupoh beach and settled on the sand? Did I not destroy planet Lynx? I hated not being able to get up, I had questions that needed answering. Out further along the sandy beach, was Aali. Not far, but not within yelling distance. She was kneeling down on the sand, focusing her sight on the ocean in front of her. I wondered what she was feeling right now, and if I could interact with her now.
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