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A Meeting of Minds

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Same as one

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Same as one

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A Show with Two Names

A Meeting of Minds

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I have to say I love what reviews you give but I have no way to answer your question with out giving away what my plans are later on in the story. Please give me some away to get in touch with you.

It was a longer walk from the Ravenclaw common room to the Gryffindor I used this time to talk to Miss Granger. "I am sorry that you where spoke to the way you where." I told the young lady that walked beside me.

"It is alright Professor. After talking to Helen, she explained how I was being pushy. There were not too many children in my neighbor hood and most of the children in my old school made fun of me. Sometimes it was for how smart I am and other times I think my magic made them feel uneasy." I told my head of house as we walked.

"That has happened before, I hope you will take what you two talked about to heart or come to me if you have any more problems." I told her as we stopped in front of the Pink Lady's Portrait, "What a night of happens" she said to us, "Balderdash" I told her as I did not want to add to the rumor mill.

I had expected to see some of my older years waiting it what had happened to the troll. I knew all my perfects would be waiting on me to give orders for the morning and any night time happens. I was shocked to see Perfect Weasley have words with two first years that should have been in bed by now. "What is going on here?" I asked as the doorway closed behind us. It brought everyone attain to us, the first years I could now see where Finnigan and Longbottom relaxed before rushing over.

"Thank Merlin you are okay, is Helen aright?" Seamus Finnigan asked

"Yes, after we left the loo we went to her common room and had a talk. We where just about to go down to the feast when the others came in Padma told us about the troll." Hermione said relief was clearly written on Mr. Finnigan's face, "You where worried about Helen, she told me you where best friends." Miss Granger said

"Well yes but we where worried when Lavender and Partita came own and said you where not in you room. You're our house mate we might not see eye to eye one something but I would not want you to get hurt if I could prevent it." Mr. Finnigan said

I smiled at his words not all of my loins had lost their heart. "Mr. Weasley, please go get your brother Ronald. Miss Granger you should go rest in your room, you have had a long day. If anyone needs anything they may call Phips, he is the house elf in charge of the tower. You also are using the elves to send letters home as you can not go to your owls." I told the student in the common room. They would pass it along to other house members. Miss Granger went to her dorm room while Mr. Finnigan and Longbottom went and sat down near the fire while Mr. Weasley went off to get his brother.

He returned with youngest Weasley in my house who looked like he had been awoken. "Follow me Mr. Weasley there are things we must talk about at once." I said turning to walk from the room I made sure he was in frount of me as we walked.

It did not take not to reach my office as all head of houses office where near their common room entece along with there quarters and a small area for quest to wait. "Have a seat" I said pointing to the chair in front of my desk, I walked over to the fire place and added some wood while not cold the air was chill. "Do you know why I brought you here to talk?" I asked turning back to face him.

"No Professor" He told me

"We are going to be talking about your grades and as such I feel it would be best to have you parents here for this." I told him before picking up some floo powered he showed no hint of worry or remorse. Over the past few weeks I had student not hand in their work for classes everyone of them had told all the Professors that they has done the work but did not under stand where the work got to. They had been given zeros for the unturned in work and told to make sure they did there work from now on. It was at the last staff meeting we had talked about it. When more missing work had come up the student that had the missing work had come with house mates say they had saw them do the work and place it in their bags. Yes as a teacher I knew some student did not want to do homework but this much missing work meant someone was taking their work and turning it in or destroying it. I had given each and every student that had work go missing a water mark quill and told them to write the name on the paper with it. It upset me that all the missing work had been handed in by one student. Normal I would wait till the term ends to call in parent for meeting as most students had no real problems, but now or Mr. Weasley would not pass the term. I had planned on calling Molly and Arthur in tomorrow as they would need to find someone to look after their youngest. However his actions tonight could have cost a young girl her life.

So I tossed the powered into the flame and called out "The Borrow, Molly Arthur is you there?" I asked it did not take them long to answer me

"Have one of the children been hurt?" Molly asked

"No, they are fine. I need to have a talk with you and Arthur. I was going to call in the morning so to give you time to find someone to watch young Ginny. However something happened tonight and I feel it can not wait. Bring her along and I shall send her to the common room with her brothers." I told her

"What have the twins done this time?" she asked before calling for her husband and daughter.

"Nothing that I know of yet, we must talk about this in person so please step though." I told her before stepping back. I could see the look of worry on her face, they stepped though and I sent Ginny to the common room with the inter school floo. Two more chairs popped in place. "Mr. Weasley if you go though those door there you will find a small waiting room please take a seat and wait till I call you back in." I told him he looked at his parent with some worry but went on without a word other wise.

I went around my desk and pulled a file from the top draw, I placed it in front of them "I would like you to look at his work from the time he has started here to now." I could tell they could see what I was talking about. "I am sure are a department herd you know the Aquaae-stigma charm" I said to Arthur, he did not need asked he just preformed the charm. Proof of what young Ronald had been doing clearly showed before them.

"If you were going to call us in the morning why call tonight? What happened to change your mind?" Arthur asked

"A troll was able to find its way into the school. None of the students where hurt luckily. However one of the girls loos was destroyed, we are luckily as a young girl had been upset and hand been crying in there a short time ago. A member of the Ravenclaw house was able to get her out and took her off for a talk. If not for that than I am sure I would be informing a family of the death of there child." I told them Molly looked horrified at what I had told them. "Miss Granger the student that had been in that bathroom went there crying after Ronald said some harsh things to her after she tried to help him in charms. While Miss Granger has attempted to going about trying to help rather pushily. What was said to her was uncalled for. While the stander punishment for taking someone else's work and turning it in as your own is a two day detention" "You're going to allow those he stole from to make up the assignment?" Molly asked before I could finish, "Yes they have till the end of term to redo the assignments. I think anther form of punishment might be called for. As he is only a first year and is neither on a team nor in any clubs. How we carry out his punishment is limited, I thought it best to have you help me decide what to do." I told them

"Give him the standard punishment along with two week for his action that could have ended that young girl's life" molly said

"While he is not on a team we can still prevent him from going to the games, all the games this year should teach him a lesson and if not he shall learn it at home. If he causes a fuss over the punishment than confine him to his dorm room over the holiday break." Arthur said

It was harsher than I wanted to give but they had the right to that. "I did not want to bring up a game ban unless you did. So the standard punishment for the work along with two weeks and a year banned form the school games. If he protests this he will be confined to his room over break." they nodded and I wrote every thing down in the punishment record of his file. "Shall we call him in and see if he has figured out what he is here now?" I asked they nodded I walked over to the door and opened it.

"You may come in now" I said it did not talk Ronald to return to the room and the seat he had left before. "Have you thought of the reason we are having this meeting Mr. Weasley?" I asked

"You said it was about my grades." he told me

"Yes, your homework for you classes was what we talked about but the most important topic happened to be today's charms class and what happened in the hallway." I told him.

He huffed up before say he should have known the known it all would tell. "I think you can add anther week Professor" Molly said

"What are you talking about mom?" He asked somewhat confused

"Your punishment dear, for every assignment you turned in that you took from other student it is a slandered two day detention and for your action after charms class took weeks. You came close to getting someone hurt to night if not killed out right. For that reason you are not allowed to go to any qudich games this year and for protesting the punishment you will only allowed leave your dorm room for meals over the holiday break. I asked the Professor to add one more week for what you just said." Molly told her son

"I'm only a first year what spells do I know that could kill anyone? I went to my classes and then to the feast when the troll got in I returned to the common room like told. I do not see how I could have almost got someone killed tonight." He told us

"Sit down now" Arthur said in a tone that I had hardly heard the man speak in. Wisely Ronald did as he was told. "Your mother and I work to hard to pay for schooling for you to act the way have. You stole from your classmates, I know that none of my son have every stolen anything. Molly and I would go with out before our children would need to steal. On top of that your childish actions could have caused a young girl's death." Arthur told him. Young Mr. Weasley looked like he still did not under stand.

"Mr. Weasley the troll moved out of the dudgeons and made its way to the charm corridor where the other Professor and I stopped it in the girl loo on that floor. If you remember your harsh words sent here there crying. If a member of Ravenclaw had not made her leave to have a talk in their common room I can say with out a doubt she would have still been in there when the troll came. You made no move to tell anyone that she might not know about the troll or she was missing. I can tell you this for a fact if Miss Granger had been harmed to night you would have been sent home with a broken wand. If she had died it would have been unpleasant for you. The last time that happened the student had there magic bond and turning in to a lab animal before being giving over to a muggle lab for testing. Count yourself lucky young man, as of now you are on thin ice. The students whose work you took now have to redo those assignments you will be given a zero for them. That is why I called your parents here; if it had gone on any longer you would have not passed the year. As it is you will not be able to improve your class ranking in till you second year. Molly lets go collect Ginny Arthur after your talk you two can meet us there. I will allow you to floo home from there." I told them as I walked out with Molly following. I did not think teachers and schools had a right to paddle children under their care. It was the parent right to do so and I could say nothing to stop it. I was paddle growing up and I turned out well.

"Do you think that Miss Granger will like some fudge? I have some left over from my last batch." Molly said

"I do not know her parents are teeth healers. When I took them to get her supplies we offer a small package of sweets to the students to allow them some fun. They worried about the sugar in each and Miss Ganger said she did not like sweets that much. Molly why have you never asked to post sell sheet here?" I asked

She stopped and looked down at the floor, "The children do not know that I make and sell jams, fudge and others things to help out with the house and with their schooling." she said

"We do what we must for our children" I told her as we reached to common room entices "Balderdash" I said we were not only greeted by the other Weasley children but most of first years. Miss Granger was talking to her roommates along with the other boys in their year while they played a game of cards.

"Hello Mother, Professor might I ask what is going on?" Percy asked when we made over to where the rest of the Weasley family was sitting talking with some of their friends. I was happy to see they had their sister with them, I was about to call a house meeting.

"I think you should tell the whole house. That way they will know the truth and not any rumors that will come about." Molly said I told Percy and anther perfect to get the house members that where not in the common room. I could see the wars effect on the student populace. My first years where the largest year beside my third years they had seven members each. The students under stood the importance of the meeting.

"I must apologize to some of the first year students. Some of you came to your Professors with claims of your work going missing or that you did the work and someone took it. We did not believe you as in the past when we heard that from other students they simple did not do the work. But you still came back with others that knew you did the work. We started to look into it we have found out that your work was indeed being taken. All students that had their work taken will be given a chance to redo the work for full marks." I said whispers broke out as to who had taken the work, it did take them long to correctly guess who had taken the work. He was the only missing fist year, "I will tell you that he has been punished and I know that most of you will not wish to speak to Ronald Weasley after what he has done to you. I will allow the silent treatment but if it goes further they will share his punishment I am I clear?" I stated the students did not need to answer. The older ones knew I would follow though and would make it clear to the first year. Now everyone knows that a troll was able to make it way in to the school thankful no one way hurt, the looks they gave me back made it clear the Miss Granger's story had been told to them and they did not like it. If you had not been told so already you may call the house elf for the tower and send word home." I told the just as Ronald came in after his father. Ronald gave Miss. Granger a quick apology before going to his dorm room rubbing his backside as he went.

"He is to send letters of apology with in the week let me know if he does not and I will come back and talk with him once more." Arthur said

"I will be sure to let you know now lets get you home before it is too late. Miss Weasley I home coming here as not spoiled Hogwarts to much for you." I said as I moved over to the common room fire and got it ready for them to travel home.

"No, Professor I getting to see my brothers was the best part. I did not realize how lonely it would be with out them at home. I get to help home with some things and Luna has gone a trip with her father." Miss Weasley said her brothers shared a guilty look. I could tell she would be getting more letters from know on. After they flooed out I told them I would be here tonight if they needed to talk. I sat down on the chair in the common room I would be sleeping here tonight. I had a feeling the other heads would be doing the same.
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