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The Day After

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Same as one

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Same as one

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A Show with Two Names

The Day After

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Helen Pov

I had gotten use to waking up with elves watching over us they had been following us after the start of the year. When I asked they had only said we be protecting the young ones. I had been expecting Feti as she was the one who watched over mine and Padma room, so I did a double take when I awoke to the elf who was kitted for war. "Who are you?" I asked only to be handed a piece of paper. I blink it was a note from Lady Chang she had sent the elf to be my body guard. I said nothing but went to get ready for the day I did not know if classes were canceled or not. After I had gotten my shower and dressed I woke Padma so that she could start her day. She reminded me to talk to Percy as I asked as she made her way to the bathroom. I was not surprised she did not ask about the elf, she just went with the flow of thing. Told me it made life easier to that than fight it. "Thanks" I said rubbing my eyes I was still sleepy, I had not sleep well. Maybe I should have gone to Professor Flitwick's office, I went to the common room in hopes that something would be posted about classes or a perfect would know.

When I made it the common room I smile and waved to the students that were already up and reading.

"Good morning was there something you wished to talk about?" was asked by one of the people I wanted to talk to.

"Yes Professor, it has nothing to do with the troll. The elf that is following me has been sent by my family to be a body guard. I thought you should know but I did not want to talk to you about that." I told him, I thanked him before returning to my room to wait on Padma to finish getting ready. I must have been talking with our head of house longer that I thought because she was doing her hair. Sometimes I wished my hair would do like hers, when I had been younger I kept it short till Uncle Quatre suggested going it out to see if it helped. I wore it braided in different styles; I had been taught a spell to fix it. Today it was in a French braid while Padma was twisted back and held with clips with flowers on them.

"We have classes today and the elf was sent by my family." I told her, I think she just noticed the elf for the first time.

"Nothing is never going to be normal with you around." she said as she picked up her bag. It did not take us long to reach the great hall. On the way I took the time to see what weapons the elf had, I was shocked to see the 9mm. He also had a short sword and throwing knives, I wondered how Cho was going to handed her elf. I would get his name late; we got odd looks as the three of us walked to our table. There were only three professors at the head table and a handful of students from each house. The person I wanted to talk to was not there but his two of his brothers were.

"Save me a seat." I said walking over to where they sat with a friend; she nodded that she would do that. "Hello Weasley twins and Lee." I said stopping in front of them, they stopped talking "I need to talk to the twins about something you are more than welcome to stay." I told them.

They looked at each other than back to me. "Okay that is fine but what is with the elf?" one twin asked

"My family is over protective, he is to be my body guard. After what happened last night they sent him to watch over me." I said

"We heard from Granger that you took her out of the loo where the troll was stopped at. We wanted to thank you for helping her out." The other twin said

"I did what was right and plan some pay back for your brother, I dislike bullies and he is one." I told them as three more of their friend sat down. "But that is not why I came over here to talk. Most everyone knows about Pettigrew hiding with your family." I stopped speaking because of the looked their friends where giving me two of them already had their wands out "Let me finish please? Yes most people know but I got to thanking your brother was alone with him right? What if something was done to him I know from lessons that there are spells to make people do stuff they would not do and to make them forget." I said. They did not get to say anything in return as they were rushed out of the hall by their friends. They took Percy with them as he entered the hall, his protest where cut off as someone of them told him what was happening. Lee broke off going off in a different way; I assumed he was going to get the missing Weasley child and their head of house. I smiled at how they had handled what I told them.

"What did you tell them to get that type of reaction? I did not know you and Chang where related" Padma asked as I sat down.

"I will tell you later and yes, my uncle is a member of the Chang clan. Lady Chang the clan head took my old world educates lessons in hand." I told her. She nodded that she would ask later, I had just fixed my plait when I shadow drew my attaion that someone was standing behind me. "Good morning Headmaster" I said

"Morning to your self my girl, I am sure that you did not know but students are not allowed to have elves with them so you need to dismiss him." he told me.

"Sorry sir, he was sent by my family to act as a body guard. They want me protected in case of anther event like last night. They sent him in response to my letter I sent telling about the troll." I told him

"Than I will be taking 25 points for disobeying when I told you to go to your house. Now dismiss the elf or you will be in detention along with Miss Chang." He said I could see Cho trying to make her elf to leave. He turned to the elf and told it was not needed here only for nothing to happen.

"Sir I must protest the points taken. I was in the common room when you sent everyone back and the elf will only lesson to the clan head. The two elves you see have been sent with orders to protect us from any dangers that might happen in the school grounds." I told him.

"Than how did your family find out about what happened last night?" he asked

"I asked one of the elves that are watching to students to take a not home. Like I had been asked to if something where to happen." I told him

"The point's deductions still stand and seeing as you and Miss Chang have failed to do as I asked I will be sending notice of the date and time of your detention." He told me before walking off. I did not say anymore I known a battle could not win but his punishments were unfair and I would look into wait could be done. I did not say anything more but ate quickly as I did not have much time before my first class. It was D.A.D.A with the Gryffindor on the way down I notice that Granger was upset about something.

"What has you so frazzled Mione? I asked

"Don't call me that the Headmaster should not have punished you. You told him that your family sent the elves and out heads of house know we were in the dorm when he told every one to return. I think every one in my house sent out word with the elves" she said. Most every one must have heard my conversation with the headmaster.

"I think I should be the one to welcome you to the club." Seamus said Hermione gave him a look that told him to explain. "Helen likes to give her friends nick names. Padma is Mad, Parvarti is Vi, Neville lucked out with his being Nev mines Breaks" Seamus said as we reached to school room.

"What Lavenders?" Hermione asked

"I am still working on that, Lav is the only thing that I can think of and it just sounds wrong." I said

"Take your time I really do not mind." Lavender said as she sat down

"Yup the other I thought up sound fight for a guy and princess is taken by my father's stalker." I told them classes seemed to fly by that day and like the headmaster had said I was sent the information for the detention not that I would go. I returned to the common room to read. I was reading the one of my books from home waiting for my head of house and most likely the head master to show up asking why I did not go to my detention. I had a book with the rules of the school beside me on the floor; I had marked two pages one stated that family could send an elf to watch over any family member attending the school. I was lying in front of the fire place reading. Lady Chang would have told me to get in a chair but I liked reading like this. I looked up at the person who had pulled my book from my hands.

"Just why has the clan sent an elf to follow an outsider like you around?" she asked, I stood and held out my hand.

"Return my book please, as to why the clan sent the elf I am part of the clan like you." I told her.

"You are an outsider and would never be part of the clan." she told me, I counter to ten before I spoke so that I would not say anything in anger.

"Return my book and leave me alone. You might think I am an outsider, but it does not matter what you think it is Lady Chang that leads the clan." I told her only for her to draw her wand.

"Watch how you speak to me I am an old blood unlike you outsider." she said

"Chang you are taking step down a path that would allow me to call for a duel." I told her; what ever she was going to say was stopped by Perfect Clearwater.

"What is going on here?" she asked Chang said nothing but tossed my book at my feet before walking off to her dorm. I waited till she was out of the room before reaching for my book.

"It was a family matter." I told her

"Alright than I was sent to find you the headmaster and Professor Flitwick would like to talk to you in the headmaster's office, I am going to take you there." she told me.

"Alright let me take my book to my room." I said picking up the rule book. It was a long walk to the headmaster's office. She told gargoyle ice mice to make it move.

"You wanted to see me Sirs?" I asked as I came in the room

"Yes you did not show at your appointed detention and still have the elf I told you to dismiss." the headmaster said

"Yes as I told you this morning he was sent by my family and will only do had the family head has told him. It is stated in the school rules that family may send a family servant to act as body guard to any family member with on school. It also says the head of family may send an elf to look after the needs of a family member in school." I said showing them the marked page.

"Very well I will talk to you family head. I am sure he will under stand when I tell him that the elf is not needed. You may return to your common room." the headmaster dismissed me.

"What about the points you took for being out of my dorm when you order the students to return?" I asked

"They still stand you did not lesson when I told students to return and stay in the common room." he said

"What points are you talking about?" asked my head of house

"The headmaster took 25 from me for leaving the common room to send word home. I explain I did not leave but used an elf to send word. I was not the only one to do so, almost everyone in the house sent word home some way." I told him

"Yes, that was right. Albus she was in the common room talking to Miss Granger, I gave my house permission to us the house elves to send word like the other heads of house as they could not get to their owls. So it would be best to return the points." Professor Flitwick said

"Very well 25 points to Ravenclaw. Flitwick can you have the other professors meet in the staff room we need to have a meeting." the Headmaster said.

"Yes lat me return my student to the common room." My head of house said. I followed him out of the office. "I look forward to the meeting between Lady Chang and the Headmaster." He told me ask we walked down the hallway. I did not tell him I was looking forward to it as well. I knew word had been sent home by elf from one of the other elves in Jebs team.
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