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Tutoring and what is going on

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Tutoring and what is going on

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A Show with Two Names

Tutoring and what is going on

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Helen pov

It was almost time for school to be let out for Yule break before everyone stopped asking about Jebs and Jabs. Cho was still calling me an outsider; I had ensured our head of house it would be taken care of over break. Hermione had learned that she only needed to be herself to get along with others. Though there were times she had to be reminded not to be pushy. Very few members of the Gryffindor house spoke to Ron as in the perfect who helped the teacher watch over the students. I was surprised one day when I was called out of potions class; we had been going over what in the cough potion before preparing the ingredients we were going to make it in the next class as it was double period. The first years had it easy compared to the fifth and seventh years. The new teacher had called in some favors of hers to get some help. She wanted to get them ready for their owl and newt exam. She had told us on the first day of class we were the lucky one and had not been damaged by the former potion teacher.

As I followed the Slytherin perfect down the hall I wondered what this was about. I knew it had nothing to do with the Headmaster as he had turned the school over to Professor McGonagall. He told the whole school one night at dinner last week he had found a way to bring the Boy-Who-Lived were he belongs and left that very next morning. The school was forced to wish him well on his trip. It started out slow but the school had started got change. Punishments where handed out to anyone that said or called anther mud blood, most of the Slytherins did not like it but learned if they treat others the way they wished to be treated they were treated just the same. Though there were still others like Draco Malfoy who had not learned his lesson and was the first student in the school's history who would be in detention till the school year was over. I had heard a rumor that his father had come to protest his harsh punishment but had left pale. There are some things one must never do. I knew one reason for him to be in detention; Draco had called Cho a mud blood whore one day. She did not take to kindly to that and reported it both to the teacher than to the clan. Lady Chang must have had a talk with the professor and she in turn must have told the lord Malfoy that his son had insulted someone from an old blood line. "Miss Maxwell-Yuy are you alright?" was asked

"Oh yes sorry I was thinking." I told the perfect

"That is fine I just wanted to ask you something before taking you in to the meeting." He said I nodded for him to finish. "I know that you are from an old line and related to the Chang Clan in some way." I started for my wand at that "I just wanted to ask if you could pass this letter on to your clan head. I asked Cho Chang to do it but she would not think of taking the word of an outsider to the clan." He told me.

"Can you tell me what the letter is about?" I asked

"Somewhat, my mother went to school with a girl named Chi Chang they were taken prisoner sometime shortly after their seventh year. I was considered in that time, I do not know what the letter is about but mother says it is news the Clan would like to know. And she wishes to ask them for something as well." He said

"I shall take you letter and I am sorry to hear of what happened to your mother." I told him.

"It was just fate, it could have happened to anyone in those dark times. Now let's get you to the meeting." He told me after handing over the letter I tucked it away, I would send it off tonight along with a letter telling of how he had asked Cho first but she had refused. I only knew few things about Chi Chang. One she had been the heir of the clang but was killed long before I hand been born. Her death allowed the clan to find were she and six other where being kept. The most important fact about her was that she had been the only one to ever invoke the guardian. It was a legion from times past about a young girl who joined the army to save her father she did so and went on to save the kingdom. Chi Chang had been found clutching a small dragon made of stone among the bodies of those who had taken here and the other girls. The clang returned those that still had families to them and those that did not where taken in by the clan. I was brought out of my thoughts when I was hugged. The woman had red head; I looked around and saw the Weasley family. The twins smiled as the talked in quite tones with their brother Percy. A girl who I assumed was the sister they had told me about one sat with another two brothers Ron was next to his father.

"Release little miss now." Jebs ordered, I was quickly let go be it from shock that an elf would give an order or surprise that an elf was seen about, when most of English elves had been train not to be seen. Even the one that followed other students around kept out of sight.

"How dare you tell a witch what to do." snapped the woman, I glared at her only the twins and Percy saw this.

"He dares because it is his job to protect me. You are very lucky he could feel you meant not to harm me. If he had felt the lest little bit of ill intent you would have be not so lucky. Now why I was I called out of my lessons?" I asked, the woman did not look to happy about how I spoke to her, but I had only said the truth.

"Hey don't talk to my mother like that." Ronald said as he got of the bed he was on he did not make it but a few steps before his father placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She has a right to, your mother over stepped. Molly sit down and keep Ronald in his place. I shill talk with the young lady, I wish to thank you for the fact you brought it to out notice that Pettigrew could have done something to our children." He told me.

"I only did what was right, I like the twins and Percy is good to talk to about older book. Oh that reminds me, Percy did you find that book you wanted to read?" I asked he gave me a non-verbal negative. "Oh good than," I pulled a wrapped package from my bag and gave it to him. "I wanted to give you this before I forgot an early Yule gift. I am going home and thought you would like it. Weasley twins I will be bringing your gift back after the break as the kits can not leave their mother till than." I told them they nodded Percy sat the book down, saying he would open it on Yule. "I need to return to my class if I wish to be able to make the potion for the next class." I said before turning out of the room. I disliked action like I had but I had gotten letters from my family warning about the family. They had told me to make my own chooses on who to trust among the children but not to trust the mother at all it seemed she was fond of using potions. I returned in time to prepare half of what I needed for the potion and was told to come down in my next free period to finish.

"Why where you called out?" Padma asked as we made your way out to the green house

"Know how I told you the other day about my talk with the Weasley twins, the rest of the family want to thank me for bring it to their notice. It seems nothing was done by Pettigrew but they were in privet room with hospital beds so something must be wrong." I told her, we reached green house one and the Slytherin's were inside waiting for us and the teacher. "How has your day been Parkinson?" I asked she sniffed at me, most of the time she said it was fine so I knew something was wrong. It was class was half way over before she even spoke to us.

"Can I talk to you after class?" she whispered, I nodded that I could talk as I had study hall next while she was had a free period. We went back to tending our snap dragons after one took a bite out of my tie.

"Would you like to go to my room to talk or someplace else?" I asked

"Your room would be best." She told me Padma followed as I had promised her help with D.A.D.A and I knew she would not tell anything we talked about. After answer a man moved into a new house and decided he was tired after the journey and turned of all the lights and went to bed. The next morning he had killed 365 people how could this be? He does not sleep walk and he slept like a baby the whole night.

With the answer he lives in a lighthouse we rushed to our room. When in study hall we were to be one of two place the library or the common room. But I felt what ever Parkinson had to say she did not want anyone to over hear. Professor Flitwick would understand if he asked about it later and I would take the punishment if need be.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked the girl

"Zanbini said you tutor people I need help. My marks are not were I want them to be. If I don't get them up by the end of the year my father is going to place me in to a marriage agreement." she told me in a rush

"Okay first off I do not tutor anyone. You can come to the study group we all help each other out. So make she you can bring something to teach some one else." I told her only for her to start crying.

"I am not smart enough to teach anyone anything." she said

"What do you know about most? Helen here is scary smart in D.A.D.A, Granger helps with Charms. Longbottom Herbology my sister and I cover potions. Zanbini has Transfiguration. Brown help with girly stuff like hair and makeup. Susan helps keep use in the know about laws and such. We just bring in what we know and work from there. What you bring does not have to be about school." Padma said

"I know who the pureblood think would that be good?" she asked

"Yea, I have given some lessons on what not to do and what you should do at parties and stuff but my lesson take to much time and I have been taking them from a young age so I can not teach it to well." I said after giving her the time and date of the next meeting we let her clean up before going down to the common room to study. I told her to stay and we would go over the D.A.D.A home work. We had not been studying long when I noticed just how Parkinson was read her book. "Parkinson, when was the last time you have your eyes looked at?" I asked

"I do not need seeing glasses." she told me quite hardly

"No, but you might need reading classes, nothing to be ashamed of. My uncle has them and so does his great aunt. Let's go see Madmen Pomfrey; she could fix you up in a flick." I told her, she looked at me than at others in the room. As if waiting for someone to put her down. "Anyone that makes fun of you for needing glasses is just plain stupid." I told her she looked hurt.

"It would be just another thing for them to make fun of me for." she said

I packed away my books and papers before helping her pack away her things.

"Lets go see the nurse, oh nuts; Padma can you take her I forgot I have to return a book." I asked

"I can want some company in free time? I not sure I got my ruwart diced right I am going the have the professor look at it. I meant to do it in class but ran out of time." Padma asked

"Sure I'll meet you outside the classroom." I said running out of the common room. I had made it to the library just as Blasé was leaving, "What is going on in your house?" I asked

"I am not sure what you mean." he told me

"You knew what I mean." I told him

"Our head of house is lacking the older years scare her, they run the house in the same way Snape did. They leave me alone in fear of my family, but the others are not so lucky. Greengrass is the same because they our allies, I am at a lost what to do." he told me.

"How much of the house likes Snape's ways and who are forced to follow?" I asked.

"Just under half of the house has the same believes as he held, they force other to fall in line so to speak. The headmaster knows but does nothing." He told me.

"If you had the power to do something would you?" I asked

"I sent her to you, what more can I do?" he asked

I gave him a smile that would make former OZ troops twitch and Lady Une fear the amount of damage she would be billed for. "They them to pack, I will make sure they have places to stay in the Ravenclaw tower, the Hufflepuffs will help and when word gets back to the head of Gryffindor she will ask why and once we have her on our side the headmaster will have to do something. If not we can write a few letter home." I told him he said nothing but walked off.

Flashback after Helen had her talk with the twins

Angelina Johnson pov

Not too many people could say they have shocked the Weasley twins, but what that first year Ravenclaw had just told them had Katie and me rushing them out of the great hall. On the way Alicia grasped Percy as he was entering, "Let me go Alicia, I have to eat and then have rounds to make." He told us

"Lee go get Ronald." I told him, "Percy it has been brought to our attain that something could have been done to you or your family by Pettigrew. We are taking you to get tested you can fight it or go with us willing." I told him, he stopped trying to get away after that. Lee meet up with us just as we reached the hospital wing doors, Weasley was floating behind him.

"He did not want to come so I made him. I also sent an elf for Professor McGonagall and asked anther to get the anther to get the rest of the family." he told me

"What is going here?" we where asked I told them what had happened.

"Why did Miss. Maxwell-Yuy not tell a head of house this?" Our head of house asked, I jumped as I did not notice her come in.

"You would have to ask her Professor, I am just acting on what I was told. All I want to know that they are fine and nothing was done to them." I said no sooner than I said that did the rest of Weasley family pop in with an Elf holding on to them.

"What in the world is going on" Mrs. Weasley demanded to know, we explained everything to them. Percy was the first to be looked over, while our head of house told us to go it took our friends telling us they would be alright to make us leave.

Madam Pomfrey pov

I had just sat down to lunch and luckily had only one student in the for some miner healing. I would be letting them return to their dorm room tonight but for now want to keep an eye on them just in case they had a reaction to the potion. No sooner had I reached for my food when the door was slammed open, thinking that person must be badly hurt for that amount of racket to be called for I rushed out to meat them. It was all the Weasley children in school plus the twin's friends and team mates. "What is going on here?" I asked just as their head of house came in.

"Madam Pomfrey, Percy and the other Weasley might need to be checked for any spells that could make them do something and forget about it." most of them said at the same time. I was some what surprised I could understand them talking all at one time.

"Pettigrew had the time to do that to them. A first claw told us about it, Maxwell-Yuy I think." Angelina Johnson said

"Why did Miss. Maxwell-Yuy not tell a head of house this?" their head of house asked making Miss Johnson jump some what and the others face her. She told us would need to ask Miss Maxwell-Yuy that and told us that they just wanted to make sure all the Weasleys were fine and nothing had been done to them. When some Elves popped in with the rest of the Weasley family. Molly demanded to know what was going on before anyone could tell her. Professor McGonagall told the other to go about their day; it took the twins telling them they would be fine to make them leave. I doubted they would make it to any of there classes today. I knew if I had been in their shoes I would be waiting outside the hospital wings doors for any news. I had them follow me into the small waiting room that was connected to the quarantine ward. I took Percy and the twins back first, Arthur came with them while the two oldest tried and failed to get their mother to be silent long enough for the professor to explain what was going on. I told Arthur what had been brought to my notice he said to run what text were needed including potion based ones on the whole family.

Alright I take it you have read the chapter here is what I would like to know

Who among the Weasley family should have something wrong with them and who do you think did it to them and that should it be?

Who Who did it? What was done to them?

Arthur Snape potion

Molly Pettigrew spell

Bill Molly (Yes the mother, both of the above

Charlie in my opinion she brain something to do with

Percy washed Ginny in to mind magic

Fred thinking she had to marry

George the Boy-Who-Lived)

Ronald Dumbledore (for the greater good.

Ginny Over used yes if you think

of a better reason post it too

On a liter note I want to wish all my readers and their family a happy holidays in what every way you in joy this time of year.
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