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Chapter 16

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Beckett begins his new administration

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It's all my fault, Andy,” Joe whispered, as he stared down at his interlaced finger. “If it weren't for me she'd still be alive.”

“No!” Andy replied instantly.

He sounded almost harsh in his response, but it gained Joe's attention and he turned tired reddened eyes towards his friend.

“That's not true, Joe and you know it.”

“Do I?” Joe replied miserably. “If we'd never met…”

“If you'd never met, you would have been dead in an alley, back when they laid the trap for us.”

Joe shrugged. “Rather me than her.”

Andy seized Joe by his arms and shook him.

“Don't you ever say that again, Joe Trohman!”

Joe looked up; his own tired, bloodshot eyes stared into Andy's and he saw the dampness of his friend's lashes. It was hard to say if Andy was crying for Andrea or Joe, but either way, it opened the gates of Joe's own tightly held emotions. Crumpling forward against Andy's chest, Joe let all his despair and pain out in wrenching, noisy sobs. Andy curled his arms around his friend, now shaking visibly.

“That's good, Joe, let it out, let it all out.”


“Brendon,” Beckett drew himself up to his full height, ignoring the carnage in the room around him. “I take it the remaining members of the current Administration are still in the adjoining room?”

“I turned the key in the lock myself,” Brendon grinned in reply, licking the last of the blood from his teeth.

“Good, bring them in,” Beckett settled himself against the one of the walls as Brendon left the room. “Are you still hungry, Michael?”

Mike Carden looked up and almost heaved a sigh of relief; it was the first time that Beckett had spoken kindly to him since they had met up again. At first, Mike had tried to call the shots, but Beckett knew how to take charge, how to command a situation. As much as Mike would have liked to have asserted a new order where he increased his status, Beckett had pushed him back once more. He didn't like it, but Beckett provided food and security; people still feared him and for now, that was enough for him.

“Yes, Master William, I think I'm ready for an entree now.”

Beckett laughed openly at Mike's bloodthirsty eagerness. Mike Carden was not a flamboyant killer like Brendon, nor was he strong or cunning like Spencer had been, but when a kill needed to be made, swiftly and surely, Mike was the vampire entrusted with the task. It wasn't that Brendon wouldn't get the job done. On the contrary, he was a most accomplished killer, thorough and tenacious. But Mike? Well, he liked to kill. He enjoyed killing for its own sake. If torture or simple maiming were required, he was less interested. No, Mike liked to kill and right at that moment, he was almost salivating at the idea.

“Don't get too optimistic, Michael, we may not have any dissenters, but I promise you… for your loyalty… you will have first kill.”

“Master!” Mike's eyes opened wide as he finally felt forgiven by Beckett. “But what if there is only one?”

“Yours Michael, I told you, all yours.”

Beckett's grin extended when he saw the breadth of gratitude in the young vampire's eyes. Years of dealing with young vampires, and of discovering their weaknesses and desires had given him the ability to secure their absolute loyalty. He had known exactly what to offer each and every member of his Coven to ensure his unerring loyalty - with only two exceptions. Both of whom, as far as he was concerned, had been dealt with - Spencer, he believed, lay beneath the ruins of his mansion, completely drained of blood and unable to recover without the blood of another vampire. And Peter had consumed human blood. This had satisfied him more than anything - finally after two years of trying, he had forced Peter to drink human blood from its source. Now, Peter would be suffering greatly with a deep need to sate his new addiction. The hunger for human blood, while it would be shocking enough to the young vampire was only the beginning of his problems. Soon, Peter would realise, or at the very least someone would discover, that every time he drank from a human, he would lose a little more of his self-imposed control. Before long, with his self-control slowly eroding, Peter would become dangerous to those around him, even his friends. Beckett grinned cruelly to himself as he contemplated how now there could be only one of two possible outcomes. Peter would either recognise what was happening to him and kill himself to save his friends and the humans he could potentially kill - what Beckett considered `the cowards way out' or he would continue to drink blood, revelling in the change it brought about in him. He would continue to kill and each time it would become more and more indiscriminate, he would enjoy it in fact. And perhaps, just perhaps, he would beg forgiveness of his rightful master and rejoin the Coven. Beckett hoped it would be the latter.

“Ah, Brendon,” Beckett greeted his favourite brightly. “Is everyone here?”

“A couple of them said they had to leave, Master William, but I convinced them to stay.”

Beckett smiled arrogantly as he watched the small group of eighteen people herded like cattle into the large meeting room. He noted with some satisfaction, the terrified expressions on most of their faces, others seemed outraged.

“I hope you didn't hurt anyone, Brendon,” Beckett chuckled. “That would not do at all.”

“Of course not, Master William, I merely persuaded them.”

“By telling us you'd eat us if we didn't do as you said!” One of the older `outraged' men snapped.

“Good God! Look!” Another man shouted as he finally spied one of the bodies at the back of the room.

“They… ah… didn't want to join my new administration,” Beckett chuckled softly. “I didn't share their point of view. Now then, is there anyone else who doesn't want to join my new administration?”

In the room, the gathered senior lawyers, police and politicians glanced at each other and the three vampires, before final the first to speak spoke again, this time as a whisper to the group. Unfortunately for him, he was oblivious to the elevated ability of vampire hearing.

“If we all rush them together…?” he began, but he would never finish his sentence.

On the tiniest of signals from Beckett, Mike rushed forward in a blur of frenzied greed. The kill was over surprisingly fast and with Mike's usual ferocity. Blood spattered the walls almost up to the ceiling an Beckett couldn't help but laugh as the look of horror froze on the man's face as Mike pressed his dying body against the wall for additional leverage as he tore at his neck. Beckett knew that Mike's actions were largely for show, playing up to the literally captive audience, but it was effective. Dropping the lawyer to the floor, Mike turned and wiped his mouth theatrically.

“Does anyone else have any doubts?” Beckett asked, certain of the reply.

Small murmurs filled the room and the men nearest the murdered lawyer, now sprayed with blood looked as though they may collapse at any moment. They were ready now to accept the new administration and were aware of the high price commanded for their loyalty.

“Very well,” Beckett smiled. “I am William Beckett. You may call me Master Beckett and I am your new Governor and Chief Judge. To my right, your Chief of Police, Brendon Urie, Master Urie to you. And to my left, Mayor Michael Carden.”

Mike turned a disappointed glance towards Beckett, unhappy that the humans would not be expected to refer him as Master. If he understood the reason for Mike's disappointment, he didn't show it and made no attempt to address the issue. Mike turned back to face the humans; perhaps he had been granted enough favour for one night? Perhaps.


Outside the warehouse, staring in through one of its few windows, Spencer chuckled to himself. Pete had been a wreck when they returned and Patrick hadn't looked so good himself, either. All seemed unwell in the hunter's camp and, if need be, he would exploit it to his own ends. He wanted revenge on Beckett and was determined to use any means to get it, even it meant a truce with the hunters.
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