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Chapter 17

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The now Governor Beckett makes a controversial press release

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Patrick frowned as he heard knocking on the door of the warehouse's metal door, frowning even more when he noticed Pete roll his eyes.

“You know who that is?” he asked.

“It's Spencer,” Pete sighed irritably.

“Spencer? Knocking?” Patrick replied, now even more confused.

“Oh, yeah,” Pete smirked, “you don't know, when I was in Beckett's dungeon, Carden told me that Spencer had fallen. Beckett had me beat him senseless, then he all but killed him.”

“Not very successfully,” Patrick commented, frowning deeper at the increasing noise. “What's he doing here?”

“Let's ask him,” Pete replied, almost cheerfully as he strode quickly past Patrick towards the door.

A blur of movement followed and Pete pulled up sharply as Patrick appeared in front of him, pressing a palm to his chest.

“Don't invite him in!” Patrick warned. “We can't have him coming and going as he pleases with Andy and Joe here.”

“Do you think I'm stupid?” Pete snapped.


There was a certain amount of hesitancy and uncertainty in Patrick's reply, which after a brief pause caused Pete to roll his eyes.

“Thanks, Trick, remind me to support you one day!”

“I said no!” Patrick insisted as Pete moved to the door.

“Yeah, with about as much conviction as Andy when he first said he trusted me.”

“Let it go, Pete, we trust you.”

“Yeah?” Pete turned saddened eyes towards his friend. “For how long, Trick? I mean, seriously… with my addiction? How long?”

“We'll sort it out, I promise,” Patrick replied quietly.

“You can't sort it out!” Spencer's voice yelled through the door. “Not without my help!”


“Joe,” Andy spoke gently. “The doctor says we… he says we should go.”


Joe looked from the window and the moonlit sky to Andy standing in the doorway of the waiting room to which they had both been ushered earlier.

“What about Andrea?” Joe asked hesitantly.

“He…” Andy sighed and looked crestfallen. “He says he can't release her to us, because we're not family.”

“But… I… Andy, I can't just…”

“She has a brother apparently,” Andy said sadly. “He's coming to… to make the arrangements.”

“How did he know?” Joe frowned.

“Police search, I guess,” Andy shrugged.

“It's not fair, Andy. I… it isn't fair! What if we wait till he arrives?”

Andy looked down at his feet before sighing and looking up once more. “Joe, it won't be tonight. He's not local, I've left our number and there's…”


“There's going to be an autopsy.”

Andy heard the catch in Joe's throat as he exhaled unhappily.

“Okay,” he nodded finally. “Let's go home.”

“He'll call, Joe, I'm sure he will.”


Beckett smiled with deep satisfaction as the first of what he called his Decrees was aired simultaneously and repeatedly over the radio and television. In addition all morning newspapers would carry the notice on their front pages.

Following prolonged and continued harassment of the vampire groups by a certain team of self-styled vampire hunters, it has become necessary to offer protection to all vampires. This can only be achieved effectively by separation of the two communities. Therefore, all humans will be subject to a curfew effective from dusk until dawn.

It is appreciated that some humans need to work the evening hours and we accept this. However, all humans working past the hour of dusk will be required to be in their place of work before sundown and may not then leave until dawn.

Any human found outside their home or workplace between the hours of sundown and sunrise will be considered food.

Absolute compliance is expected without exception and non-compliance will result in immediate death.

By order,
Governor Beckett

Beckett nodded as he passed the press release to Brendon.

“There'll be a public outcry,” Brendon sneered. “No one's going to stand for this.”

“No,” Mike agreed looking up from a pale, almost dead body, “but no one's going to risk venturing outdoors after dusk and if they do, they were warned.”

“Do you have to do that in here?” Brendon frowned with distaste at Mike now leaning back over the intern hanging limply in his hands.

“What? I felt like a snack!”

“You're a real…”

“Yeah, Brendon,” Mike snapped dropping the intern. “We all know your opinion on killing and eating.” He gestured with his hand in the air in an imitation of a royal wave before adding in an airy voice. “The kill must be all about grace and elegance. It is a thing of beauty and must be handled with flair and style.”

Brendon narrowed his eyes at the younger vampire.

“Or,” Mike continued, “it's just possible that it's about getting your fangs into someone and eating them.”

“You debase everything!” Brendon snapped. “You're a disgrace to the Coven!”

“What Coven? It may have escaped your notice, Brendon, that there is no coven any more!”

“There is while I'm still here!” Beckett growled. “And you had better remember your place in it!”

“Yes, Master,” Mike muttered under his breath.

In a furious rage, Beckett unleashed a wave of power against the unsuspecting vampire. Lifted from the chair on which he was still seated, Mike was lifted high into the air and slammed back against the wall behind him with such force that he now hung limply, barely conscious. Releasing him almost immediately, Beckett watched with deep-seated anger as Mike fell to a crumpled heap on the floor and remained there, groaning in pain.

“That reminds me, Brendon, I promised to show you levitation, did I not?”

“You did, William.”

“Come with me.”

Beckett gestured for Brendon to follow as he headed for the door, leaving Mike alone, still in a great deal of pain, trying to heal shattered bones.


The door to a darkened hospital room opened slowly and a tall, young doctor entered the room, smiling as he saw his patient standing by the window and a long dead nurse, drained of all blood, lying on the floor.

“Have they gone?”

“They left a few minutes ago,” the doctor replied.

“Good. Has Master William been informed?”

“Of course.”

“When do I start?”

“Tomorrow night will be soon enough. You…” the doctor paused. “You don't have a problem with this do you?”

“A problem? With what?”

“Terrorising the hunter,” he clarified.

“No!” she laughed heartlessly. “He's nothing to me.”
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