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Chapter 18

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An uneasy truce

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“What does he mean, `we can't sort it out without his help',” Patrick cocked his head to one side as he stared at Pete, his left hand pointing vaguely in the direction of the door.

Pete shrugged dramatically raising his hands, palms facing up; his expression confirming the intention of the action.

“Well, I don't know, do I?”

“You knew it was Spencer,” Patrick reasoned.

“I saw him outside before,” Pete replied, shrugging his shoulders again, but with much less conviction.

“And you were going to tell me… when?”

“For fuck's sake, Trick! I just got you away from Beckett! Spencer wasn't on my list of priorities!”

“Ugh! I'm sorry! You're right, I'm sorry,” Patrick shook his head as he realised how his reaction had sounded. “So, what do we do?”

“Are you two girls gonna let me in or not?” Spencer yelled through the door.

“Not!” Patrick shouted back.

“Wait!” Pete yelled immediately after. “Patrick, this…” Pete moved a step forward and gripped Patrick's arms. “This is killing me, but…” he lowered his head in shame, “more importantly, it's killing others… I… I'm killing. I can't…”

“Pete, I understand that, but what makes you think he can help? You know we can't trust him.”

“Trick, I'm desperate,” Pete looked up once more, staring into Patrick's eyes and giving away more of himself in that brief moment than he had since he was turned. “I can't risk letting go of a single chance. You know it won't stop on it's own, you know it'll only get worse! What if I… if I turn evil?”

“You…” Patrick paused. He was going to say `you won't' but even he didn't truly believe that it couldn't happen. “Okay, but we have to go outside, we can't let him in, not with Joe and Andy around - I don't trust him.”

“What if he went in the cage?” Pete asked.

“We could ask him,” Patrick shrugged.

“No need,” Pete smirked, “he's still too weak to fight me!”

“Wait! We'll just go outside first,” Patrick pulled Pete back. “See what he's got to say.”

Opening the door Patrick stood in front of Pete in an attempt to control the situation and ensure that Pete didn't just pull the ex-Dandy into the warehouse on a whim. Outside, Spencer appeared very sure of himself, grinning broadly as he eyed the pair standing just inside the door staring with uncertainty at him.

“Well, well,” Spencer tilted his head as he raised a surprised eyebrow at Patrick. “You're not human.”

“You know I'm not,” Patrick returned dryly. “You've already spoken to Pete.”

“Yeah, a couple of times,” Spencer shrugged lightly. “You didn't come up.” Spencer smiled slightly as Patrick bristled at the comment. “You going to invite me in then?”

“No, we're not,” Patrick snapped.

“I'll go then,” Spencer turned on his heels.

“Wait!” Pete shouted. “We both want the same thing… to destroy Beckett.”

Spencer turned again, but this time much more slowly. Eyeing Pete, a smirk formed on his face as he worked out a way to get what he wanted.

“No, Wentz, that's not all you want is it? I mean, look at you. You're a wreck!”

“We can help each other. You can't do this on your own, you're not strong enough yet.”

“I'm getting stronger all the time, Wentz. Unlike you, I don't have stupid hang-ups about eating. I caught up with you, you know and I watched you kill that guy. Interesting choice.”

“Shut up, Spencer! I don't need your…”

“Oh, but you do, you know you do! You're terrified, Wentz, the fear is just dripping off you.”

“What do you want, Spencer?” Patrick finally asked. “You need us and don't bother to say you don't because why else would you be here? But you're trying to get us to agree to your terms and you think by playing on Pete's… concerns… that you can get us to agree to anything. I don't believe you can help, so why don't you prove you can?”

“I don't need you, I was going to suggest a partnership out of convenience, but I don't need you!” Spencer growled back.

“Oh, yes you do!” Pete's dark eyes glowered at the ex-Dandy. “You think you don't need us because you have the element of surprise. Beckett doesn't know you're alive, so you think that gives you an edge, but it doesn't. You wanna know why?”

“Go on, Wentz, surprise me!”

“Because I'll tell him.”

Spencer glared furiously at Pete; even Patrick turned a surprised gaze towards his friend.

“Yeah, that's right, Spence, I'll tell him. Whether I like it or not, I'm still connected to him and if you can help me but you walk away instead, I'll be in his mind so fast and so loud, you'll hear it too. You'll do exactly what we say and the only choices you'll get are the ones we give you. Now, you can come in, but on the condition that we keep you locked up.”

“What about food? You gonna bring me a human every night?”

“I'll sort something out,” Patrick nodded.

“I'm not having your pigs blood!”

“I said I'd sort something out!” Patrick yelled in reply.

“A truce?” Spencer asked miserably. “We work together.”

“You work for us,” Pete growled. “You help me, we help you. We all get what we want.”

Spencer nodded. It wasn't what he wanted, but there seemed little he could do about it. His plans had gone for nothing and Pete had the upper hand again, but there was still time and now, he was inside.


The silence was all consuming. Both men were exhausted and drained with a long journey home stretching ahead of them. The roads seemed unusually quiet even for the time of night, and Andy couldn't help but notice that he seemed to be driving the only car for several miles. Glancing over at his passenger, he noticed that Joe was staring unseeing into the night. It seemed that he hadn't moved or even blinked since they had left the hospital and the only sound was his breathing. As they passed streetlights, the door window would brighten enough to show a very clear reflection of Joe's tired, careworn face and Andy now frowned as he noticed the glistening in Joe's eyes.

“Joe,” Andy ventured quietly.


“I'm getting tired, do you mind if I put the radio on? It'll help keep me awake.”


Andy swallowed hard; he hated seeing his friend in such a state. Joe was fun loving, easy going, always the first to laugh and see the funny side, but this had crushed him. Andy vowed, then and there, he would kill Brendon for this. Reaching forward, Andy switched on the radio. It seemed at that time of night the music choices were limited to ballads, easy listening, country music and classical. He had never really understood that, anyone listening to the radio at that time of night would want something to keep them awake, not send them to sleep. Switching to a local news station, Andy's eyes widened at what he heard.

“… and it seems that Governor Beckett has got exactly what he wanted. There are no cars on the road, no people on the streets, just vampires.”

“Governor Beckett!” Andy cried as he slammed on the brakes bringing the car to a skidding stop.

“H…how?” Joe finally stirred from his daze.

Turning up the radio, the two hunters listened in astonishment.

“This is the news that the new Governor, Master William Beckett has decreed that humans must submit to a curfew to protect vampires. The reason behind this surprising move being to try to prevent the actions of a group of vampire hunters, whose sole purpose seems to be to attack and kill the members of various vampire covens across the city.”

“No one's going to stand for that!” Andy shouted.

“Look around, Andy,” Joe commented. “Does it look to you like people are ignoring it?”

“No,” Andy frowned as he remembered that he hadn't seen a car or a single person for miles.

“In fact, if anything, they're going to hate us.”

“But the vampires'll hate it too! Where are they going to get food now?” Andy reasoned.

“Andy, I think you better step on the gas or you'll get an answer quicker than you'd like.”

Outside the car, the shadows were moving; dark figures still hugging the walls, recognising the car and using caution. But soon, they both knew, that on seeing only two of them and both humans, they would attack and the growing numbers would give them the confidence to sooner rather than later. Setting the car into drive, Andy gasped as the vampires descended on the car. Pressing his foot to the floor, Andy's breath hitched as he ploughed through and hoped for the best.
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