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The undead tend do the strangest things

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If you're familiar with zombies, then you should probably wipe your preconceptions. who knew they were so human?

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Hello and welcome to my ridiculous tale of gore, love and a spot of nepotism. I am Shliz, and I hope you're not because that just freak me the fuck out.

"fake. fake. fake. fake. real. half fake, half real. ooh, undecided. Fa-"
"you can't possibly find enjoyment in this char," Gerard stood up from the wicker chair placed absent-minded in the corner. he'd watched his best friend scroll through endless pictures of celebrities, tapping the same key over and over again. Charlie made a fleeting hand wave to Gerard as if to say she was almost finished with her tedious time filling.
Gerard sighed, falling back onto the cold chair untouched by human warmth. The chill of the night blew in from an open window, crinkling his new cotton shirt. He reached over to the coffee table and popped open a crystal bottle of whiskey, pouring himself twice the standard amount he would normally drink. Mikey should have been here by now, he thought, as Gerard glanced over Charlie's shoulder to the mounted 99 cent clock, reputable for skipping a few seconds. They had been living in the shack on the end of a desolate road for a stretch of four weeks, waiting for any hint of an order from a now demoted delivery boy Mikey. Lately business had slowed down a great deal for Gerard and Charlie, unaware of the change of guard in their strict hierarchical society.
Gerard stared at the wall, mulling over his existence in silence. The undead had a tendency to question their respective roles in life, considering they weren't actually alive. He checked over his hand, worn in certain places over years of use. the scoop of flesh between his thumb and index accommodated a timeless .45 revolver, an injury sustained but not maintained as a result of inhuman regeneration. That's a polite way of putting it, Gerard mused. They were zombies, to define it correctly. Himself along with countless creatures spawned from Frankenstein's vision of new life, mutated into a half monster, half human display of gore and terror roaming the land in which humans thought to be their own. Essentially, they weren't the mindless, flesh eating, vile looking creatures depicted in the laughable renditions of their kind, moaning and dragging decomposing limbs; nor were they a result of a widespread disease mortals often feared. Instead, they were human-like, calculating and flesh eating creatures, spurred on by their desire to exist and enraged by rogue or enemy groups of undead. Immortality, in Gerard's case especially, was a reminder of their origins, the initial rape their existence was spawned from. Loneliness can make people do the strangest things, and they were no exception.
Gerard decided he had had enough of Charlies mind numbing activity, reaching for her hand and pulling her towards him, twirling as she gently ended up on his lap. She lifted her hand out of his and nestled it around his neck, bobbing slightly as she swung her legs off the carpet. Gerard smiled and nuzzled the crook of her neck, deeply inhaling her scent; a mixture of malt and his cigarettes. Gerard sighed, closing his eyes in an effort to imprint this rare moment of peace into his mind.
"you know," charlie started, tangling her fingers in his mop of hair. Gerard looked up into her pensive eyes, staring out across the room. he waited in the lull for her to finish her sentence.
"you know?" Gerard perked, hoping the rest of the phrase was to be completed. In a moment he felt her body slide out of his grasp, moving slowly and evenly towards the window. "hold that thought," she said, creeping out clumsily through the window. Charlie rarely told Gerard what was going through her mind, a seemingly grand waste of energy since they often assumed each others motives. Nevertheless, Gerard took a few seconds to register the situation. Mikey must have been playing a game with her. He reached for the half empty crystal cup holding his poison, poised to swallow when Mikey strolled through the front door, head held high and ego intact at the fact he had slipped by Charlie.
"impressive, no?" he smirked at Gerard who's smile crept slowly onto his face, causing him to furrow his brow in concern. "three, two..." Like a bolt of lightning, Charlie's hand came down quietly and quickly onto Mikey's neck. He crumpled to the ground, knocked down but not unconscious. Gerard downed the last drop of bourbon before walking over to examine the boy wincing in pain on the floor. "you did good Mikes," he whispered, patting the boy's hair down. Charlie flopped on the couch, catching Mikey's attention. "you can come up here when you've learned to behave," she mimicked him trying to teach his pet dog how to heed his call. Mikey grinned and coughed up blood in an effort to evoke pity from both parties. They merely ignored him. He sighed.
"Good to see you too." The pair continued to ignore him. he smiled and shook his head. "well, I guess i might as well tell you why i came here,"he sang, wiping away the blood from his mouth. Once he was up and steady, he handed Gerard a brown envelope.
"Whats this? news from the great overseer," he smirked, tearing the fragile corners off.
Mikey knew they were all in the business of hunt. Here and there, getting rid of rivalries and spying of enemy families. His two friends had always been willing to help on any case he asked them to do, but this one in particular had him nervous. It was straight from the new head of the red faction, their respective family, and he knew Charlie would not take well to the news.
Gerard pulled out the paper and furrowed his brow at the changed insignia. he flipped it towards Charlie, who caught a glimpse and snatched it out of his hand.
"It's a job," Mikey merely nodded at Charlie, swallowing a witty comment. "A job, by a different head. This has S on it, not C for as it normally does. Mikey, what the fuck?"
Mikey rolled his head towards Gerard, also awaiting a response.
"well, you see-"
"Powers changed hands, hasn't it?"
"n-not exactly"
"then how," Charlie gestured towards the document, "is this possible?" she stood frozen, waiting for Mikey's response.
"the power changed hands. but Cam's not completely out of the picture. he went into stasis, his life was in danger."
Charlie clicked her jaw. Cam was like a father to them all, taking care of the small family-like system. His life one question plagued Gerard's mind, anticipating the answer would not be received well.
"so if he's out, who's in charge?"
Mikey sighed and pressed his fingers to his temple. "Saporta. Gabe fucking Saporta."

You made it! oh, how grand. Let me know how you are, we should catch up for a spot of scenic bike riding. Stick around for Capitulo dos?
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