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It's okay, he's just going through a phase

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What? Saporta? ah, s**t.

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So, chapter two is quite...short. sorry. I'm really lazy. And learning how to drive so all I do is go out in the old ford sedan with dad and honk at aggressive drivers.

The silence blanketed the three figures as Gerard and Charlie stood there gaping at Mikey.
"Saporta? that stuck up, rich little offense," Charlie paused in her rage and turned to Gerard.
"none taken, babe."
" boy is put in charge of our system? and he has the nerve to change the logo?
"Well, the logo is policy-"
"That's beside the point," Gerard pushed the argument on track before it could deviate. "Why is he in danger? Mikey? that's what I want to know."
Mikey smiled and placed his hands on his slender hips. "well, he had done some deals with another Clan, the Wesleys. You know, trying to enforce some muscle and offer protection."
Charlie nodded and remembered Cam mentioning the dealings, altogether surprised to hear he had chosen an unconventional clan. they were an old faction, younger than the reds but still pertained significant numbers. She almost choked on thin air at what Mikey said next.
"Cam accidentally stepped on their emblem." That was it. They knew straight away that the Red faction were marked and any contact would be nothing but hostility. However cruel or despotic each leader was, there still remained a strict respect for a respective families emblem. It could have been just the tip of Cam's shoe, any sort of undisciplined movement and BAM! no more alliance. Charlie was morally unaffected by this, how could she be? Her best friend was gay under an openly homophobic ruler. She often undertook the personality of a brooding teenager, however late into adulthood she may have looked.
The three summed up the traditionalists severity of the situation when Gerard piped up to break the silence.
"why Saporta?"
"why not? he's got secret friends in high rankings, everyone knows that."
"its not a secret if everyone knows," Charlie smirked, Mikey bumping her shoulder. He cleared his throat. "In any case, he's summoned the two of you back to the castle. For a job."
"Which would be?" Gerard hated Mikey's dramatic pauses. He hated waiting. He hated Saporta.
"Just some cleaning up. Infiltration. Stuff like that."
Charlie narrowed her eyes at the carpet so as to not direct anget towards Mikey. "Let's hear it from the horse's mouth then shall we?"
"You don't trust me?" Mikey was offended.
Gerard pursed his lips slightly. "No, its just that-"
"Yes. I don't trust you." Mikey grinned at Charlie, knowing the insult was intended as a compliment. Mikey was a shape shifter- there was no explanation needed, that's exactly what he did. with a snap of his fingers the change in physical form took place, adopting the physical traits of any character he was impersonating. A curse of monstrosities or a gift of mutation, Mikey took full advantage of his skill. He also enjoyed his ego being stroked.
Gerard picked up the keys from the coffee table. "tonight?"
Mikey nodded his head and reached for Charlie's hand. She moved back and started towards the back door. "let me sort a few things out first," she turned and patted Mikey's hand. "ill catch up to you guys later." With that the two brothers watched her go out the old worn out door into the cold, damp night.

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