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The Orphan Diary of Ellie McGanaway

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The 1900's Diary of Elli McGanaway.

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January 13,1908
My name is Ellie McGanaway. This is my orphan life diary. I got it for my birthday last year. I finally decided to write in it. Hope your happy. I live in an orphanage. I work in the mill for orphans. NO pay. It sucks. Alot.

Should I run away? I mean, I dont have any money to run away. Ugh. If you're wondering how long I've been in the orphanage, since I was 2. Mhm. I didnt work until I was 9. I'm 16 now.

January 15, 1908
So, I ran away last night. I slept in a tree. Im not sure how much further I'm gunna go. I saw a house but I'm not taking any chances. Oh shit....

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