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Ellie meets Frankie-bear, Gee and his wife Maddy(: Dont worry McDaniel&Kerri, you come i think.!

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January 15 (continued),
Ah!! I just saw my old master. This is what I heard:
Master: Where the hell is my orphan girl?!
DR: I dont know sir.
Scary, right?!

When they left, I hopped out of the tree and ran towards an old home. I knocked on the door. THE most beautiful guy I've seen opened.
"Uh..hi." he said, shyly. "I'm Ellie. Can I come in.? I know, its rude. But my old master is looking for me and...please." I asked. "Comon. I'm Frank." he said, smiling as he pulled me in and locking the door.

"Ellie, this is Maddy and my best friend Gerard." Frank introduced me. "Who's that? Frank, DONT bring kids in here!!" Maddy whined. Frank was 15!!! Or so I could..tell. (: "Maddy, calm. Why did I marry you 20 years ago?" Gerard asked, giggling. THEY WERE 40& GIGGLING!!

"I have an extra bed in my room. Want that?" Frank asked sweetly. "Thanks", I said smiling back. Away from master. finally..
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