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January 20, 1908

Mikey and his girlfriend came over last night. I really dont remember her name.

Frank and I are playing cards on the floor. He's in the bathroom, which is how I'm writing. Someone just knocked on the door. As I got up, I saw old man Gee had gotten the door.

"Eh? Who is it? Are you one of..Maddy's poker friends?" Gee said.
" We're Ellie's ousins!!" Kerri and Addie sang.

Kerri, Addie, and Frank get along quite well. But, I think they like Mikey. Addie came over to me. She gave me a list and ran off.

"Hey, Kerri and I think Mikey isnt happy with Alicia. Should we tag team her? These are our ideas:

Knock her down& throw her in a river.
Ask Mikey to dump her.
Ask Mikey out.

There is a problem though. What about one another? Unless they're morman....
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