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January 21, 1908

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The upcoming fight, came. Your welcome K-bear& honey bunches.

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January 21, 1908
Frank took me to this secret river earlier. It seemed romantic, because he took me when the sun was rising. He makes me smile like a fool. When I was staring into the river, he gave me a necklace. I let him put it on. I giggled. He kissed my cheek. Today was great. Until we came home.

When I walked in the door, Mikey was on the floor. Crying. I ran over to him and asked what was wrong. He told me that Alicia, Kerri and Addie went to the farm to MMA. (Yeah, MMA existed back then. What kind of story would it be without fights?)

Frank and I ran out there to see what went down. It was just starting. Kerri and Addie were one team. Alicia and Maddy were on the other. Now THAT confused me.

Kerri tackled the old lady. (maddy)
Alicia 619'd Addie.
Addie came back& pinned Maddy. She was out.
Kerri pinned out Alicia.
I ran out, embarrased.
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