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Scootly Epistle

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Scoot's Epistle to That Censoring B**** Jane Fonda

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(Scoot the Ko’An’s Epistle to That Censoring B** Jane Fonda was brought to thee by Gum, the Breakfast of Champions. We care not which brand, as long as thou art chewing it.)

To Whom It May Confuse:
’Twas the other night, whilst we were watching the Turner Redneck Movie version of From Dusk Till Dawn with the Gods of Hondo on their new digital TV, for this was after we didst battle the Multi-Tentacled Home Theatre Beast, that I didst see the scene where the characters didst come unto the Titty Twister Bar. But in thy version, the place’s name was called the “Kitty” Twister, and Cheech didst cry out how they didst have all manner of kitties.

In place of the word “pussy” they didst use the word “kitty” during a long monologue about the variety of “kitties” they had. Black kitties, white kitties, Asian kitties, wet kitties, dry kitties, hairy kitties, shaved kitties, big kitties, small kitties…

I couldst go on ad nauseum, but my point is that this is sick and wrong. Tell that sick b** Jane Fonda that I do not want my children thinking that way about kitties!

-Scoot the Ko’An
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