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Chapter 1.

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I was slumped against the wall of my bedroom, misfits blaring out into my aching ear drums. I gripped the whisky bottle tightly and took a large gulp. The amber liquid burned down my throat, I found it soothing in a way. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. It stung at first as they were so swollen and sore from crying, but at this moment in time I didn't give a shit. I mved my eyes around under my eyelids, with every movement a twinge of pain would shoot in my eye causing me to wince slightly. My eyes soon began to grow heavy as my arms began to relax and I blacked out, dropping the whisky bottle from my clammy hand.


My eyes began to twitch as I slowly came around from my deep sleep. I could feel the sun rays burning my skin as the birds outside my house chirped happily. I groaned as I unfolded myself from the uncomfortable position I had slept in. The whisky bottle was still in my grasp as I took a small sip. It tasted more bitter this time round, I looked at the label to make sure it was the right bottle...Yep the same one. I shrugged it off and slowly pulled myself up, I leaned my arms on the dressing table as I let all my weight fall onto them. I looked at myself in the mirror. I can safely confirm I looked like an eletricuted prostitute. I sighed and walked into my bathroom, I pulled an sprin from the cupboard and swallowed it with a mouthful of water. I had a quick shower, washed my hair and went back to my dressing table. I sighed and began to dry my hair - once that was done I began fixing my face. My eyes weren't swelled up or red anymore, my skin wasn't blotchy from crying. And my broken heart couldn't be seen. I put black eye liner and eye shadow around my eyes before changing into a lack misfits top, grey skinny jeans with severa studded belts around my waist, my old converses and a loose hoodie over my shoulders. I glanced at my watch, 7:45AM, for once in my life I was ging to be on time for something. I quickly sprayed myself with perfume before walking out of my bedroom.

I should introduce myself, my name is Ellie, I'm 18 years old and starting my first day of art colleage. I'm born and bred from New Jersey - proud as always, sadly my Mother and Father passed away the other month and to help myself cope I have been spending most of my evenings drinking myself to sleep. Anyway that's enough about me.


I sat myself down on the bus, my heart was racing. I hadn't been out of the house much since my parents death, but it was their dream for me to pursue my artistic talents and so, I signed myself up for an art college. It's not the best - but it's not the worst and it's free, which is just what I need for the position I am in. I sighed and put my earphones in and scrolled down my ipod to begin playing smashing pumpkins. I tapped my foot slowly intime, not aware of the person who had sat themselves next to me. I began to route through my bag making sure I had remembered my sketch book. I leaned too far forward causing my right earphone to fall out.
"Smashing Pumpkins, Fuck you an ode to no one ?" A lucious voice asked.
I looked up and gazd at the person sitting next to me. He had long black hair that framed his beautiful porcliean face perfectly, a sharp jaw line, Big hazel eyes and pale pink lips. He was wearing a black leather jacket, an iron maiden tee, black skinny jeans , a studded belt and converses.
I looked into his beautiful eyes.
"How did you know ?" I asked, slowly drowning in his hazel pools.
"I'm a fan." He smirked.
I laughed lightly and turned back to checking my bag.
"You forget something ?" He asked as I began mentally ticking of the imaginary list of my things in my head.
"I'm not sure, I'm just checking now - it's my first day at art college and I don't want to mess up."
"Do you go to NJ Art Academy ?" He asked hopefully.
"Yeh it's my first day there."
"Awesome!" He cried out, "I go there too - I will guide you round if you want ?"
I beamed at him after hearing his offer.
"I would love that !" I replied grinning.
"I'm sorry but I haven't caught yur name yet ?" He asked politely.
I held out my hand as he shook it warmly.
"Well it's lovely to meet you Gerard." I said smiling.
"Same to you too Ellie." He replied happily.

I'm writing again ! xxxxx It's addictive ! xx Anyways this story is dedicated to my bestfriend who means the world to me xxx Most of the stuff I will write in this story will have happened to her ( of course shes younger and sadly it was someone else - not Gerard :( xxxxx )
anywho's enjoy ! xxx much love and thanks xxx Ellie Frank xxxx
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