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The Letter

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Alex's Pov

We all made it back to the bus no one was talking, I didn’t wont to talk to anyone. I slowly made my way towards the back I climb into Jack’s bunk were I broke down. This time I couldn’t stop crying I tried so hard to make myself believe this was a nightmare that I just wasn’t waking up. But I knew deep down this wasn’t a dream. I open my eyes and look at the wall were I saw a picture pin up on the wall, I look to see it was us. That picture was when we first met, the first time I fell in love. After spending an hour laying in his bunk I climb out and went towards the front, were the guy were all sitting.

“We need to talk about what were going to do, how were going to tell the fans were going off tour, “Zack said while breaking the silence.

“We can just tell them that were having a hard time right that something has come up and we need to take a break from touring right now, we’re not going to tell them anything just yet, “I replied.

I wasn’t going to tell the fans the truth I don’t think I could bring myself to tell them, because I knew if I told them this it would hit me that this was real, I was still in shock I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone yet.

“That’s a good idea. And when the time is right, we’ll tell them. I just couldn’t play on stage without Jack, it’s not All Time Low without all of us, “Ryan said while trying not to cry.

“I couldn’t either. I know he would want us to keep playing no matter, but neither of us are in the right state of mind of playing. I wouldn’t be able to make it through the show, “I said while looking down.

Jack would want us to keep playing no matter; if he could, he would be yelling at us to keep playing. I couldn’t play even if I wanted too, I can’t play knowing my love is in the hospital fighting for his life.

“So who wants to write the letter to the fans, “Ryan ask.

“I will if no one wants too, “I replied.

I got up from the couch heading back to Jack’s bunk; this was going to be so hard to do. I got my laptop before climbing into his bunk. Writing a bad letter to the fans is never easy, but this has to be done. I sigh and started to write.

Dear Fans,

We are sorry to say that we can no longer go with the tour. We cannot say sorry enough, something this had come up that is causing us to stop our tour. For anyone who as tickets for tomorrows show and tickets for any other show, you will get your money back. We will try our hardest to make it up to you guys. Once again, we are so sorry that we had to do this; this is never easy writing a letter to you guys. We promise we are going to try and get back on the road very soon.

Alex & ALL Time Low

Writing, that letter was hard it was breaking my heart, I reread it once more and press the post. I hope the fans would understand, and wont worry which I know they will anyway. I close my laptop and close my eyes; even though I wasn’t tired, I just wanted to escape the real world for a while.

I had no idea how long I was asleep when I felt someone shake me, I was about to tell them off when I saw Ryan on the phone, I knew right then something was wrong.

“Alex the doctor is on the phone,” He said.

I haven't forgot this story, sorry its taking me forever to update. I'm still writing this, so updates will be a little slow. Thanks for the reivews
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