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The Dursley's were sent away for child neglect when Harry was young, Dudley went to live with his aunt marge and Harry went to an orphanage and was believed dead,taken in by a muggle captain and tr...

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Chapter 1: Rescue.

Harry moved quietly in a crouched position through the undergrowth, he was careful not to trigger any of the alarms on his way in and neutralised the guard dogs using sleeping darts to avoid unwanted attention. Harry rolled behind the Porsche sat on the drive and drew a handgun as he did so, he surveyed his surroundings and was pleased to see that intelligence had their job, 12:30am-teabreak and guard change, Harry smiled and ran in a squat over to the side of the house where he proceeded to pick the lock on the door and let himself into what evidently was the kitchen "Not bad" he mumbled to himself as he eyed the lavish interior of the house. "Shame I'm going to spoil it" he sighed and edged to the kitchen door soundlessly to reveal the hall beyond "now I'm really jealous" he whistled and glided through the house avoiding all guards as he did so and appeared outside the master bedroom a minute later, he eyed the door carefully, there were two guards outside it standing on each side, they were carrying assault rifles fitted with laser sight and also had throwing knives on each leg in a holster, they had a handgun on their right boot and by the looks of their constantly roaming eyes were well trained, not like the rest of the idiots he had passed so far. Harry thought for a moment and then acted on pure instinct, he clipped the silencer to his handgun and rolled out from the corner he was hiding behind, and before the two guards had a chance to breath they were lifeless on the ground a small hole in each of their heads, Harry came out of the role and walked calmly towards the door, it was at that moment in time that Harry was contacted via the earpiece he was wearing.

"Remember we want the family out alive, no mistakes anaconda, we can't afford them" the voice of his Captain and friend said.

"Have I made any mistakes in the past Big boss sir" Harry asked mockingly in a baby's voice.

"That's not the point anaconda; you know to never be overconfident in this game kid"

"And how many times have you told me that?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Watch it Kid, now do your part of the job before I have you fired" Harry snorted quietly.

"You love my adorable attitude too much to fire me, and if you do you know what will happen" Harry joked with an underlying threat. His captain laughed.

"Watch the cheek and stick to assignment anaconda" the line went quite for a second before there was an explosion in one part of the house, anaconda launched into action, disregarding all acts of stealth.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" Harry yelled down his headset. There was no response for a second before his captain replied.

"One of the trigger happy new recruits got too happy, they know were hear, get the family out of their anaconda and fast" his Captain said with urgency evident in his voice before the line went dead. Harry ran to the door and in one swift kick had it off its hinges, he ran into the room drawing another handgun as he did so and smacked the two guards on the inside of the door in the neck knocking them out, he rolled to the side to avoid a hail of bullets from an AK and returned fire picking off four guards, Harry ran forwards towards the hostages who were tied together on the bed kicking and screaming, there were three in total, one female, two male which was odd because they were a family of four. Harry reached the bed and they all looked at him and his skull suit relief evident in their eyes, he removed the material from their mouths and cut their bonds.

"Anaconda thank God you're hear, there are guards all over the place and they have my oldest daughter in the basement" Harry nodded and handed him a handgun.

"I take it you know how to use one of these sir?" he asked. The oldest hostage nodded and he gave him the thumbs up in return, it was at that moment when the sound of firing was heard from outside and two men in black masks came storming into the room with laser sight activated, in a flash the knife which was used to cut the bonds on the captives was in the heart of one of the men and a bullet was in the others groin, the incomplete family looked at him with wide eyes and looked between him and the two men who had been dispatched silently in three seconds. Harry walked over to one of the men and pulled his throwing knife out of his chest, it was smeared in the blood of the man he had just killed. Harry turned back to the terrified family. "I've got to go and get your daughter sir, I'll be back as quick as I can" before he could turn around he was called back. "With all due respect sir, unless you want your daughter to be raped tortured and then killed in cold blood I would let me go and rescue her for she is in far more danger than you are here." He said so sincerely that the mother started crying and the father paled considerably but nodded for him to go none the less.

"Lock the door and only open it to someone even if they sound like me if they give you the password justice is served, oh and you could use these as well" Harry threw them another handgun and a spare headset so that they could be kept connected at all times and moved swiftly out of the room keeping to the shadows at all times, when he was gone the other male in the room who was a boy of about nine years old whispered.

"He's so cool!" his mother looked at him through her tears and then back to her husband who was staring at the door, his gun poised to fire at a moments calling.

"Who was he dear?" she whispered "Will he be able to save Liana?" Her husband didn't answer at first and all was silent for a minute before he spoke.

"I don't know exactly, I've met him once before in Morocco where he saved me from a group of terrorists, he killed fifty of them and got me out alive, all I was able to remember was that he wore a skull suit and went by the codename anaconda. Later on I did a background check on him and found nothing, over the years I've kept a watch out for him and he seems to only appear when there is something big happening, he is a myth to all in the assassin business and my sources tell me that he works for IOSA an elite group which is part of the united states government, every five years or so they take the best man out of SWAT and train him or her to become a killing machine, he is the best soldier in that group and makes them all look like amateurs, and by the way people whisper his name In SWAT it is like he is a God or something, if there is anyone who can save our daughter with all the security in place then it is him" His wife was a little more confident at hearing that there was a chance that her daughter could live but she knew that it was a little chance, she knew that the dungeon part of their mansion was heavily guarded by advanced monitoring systems and with the addition of the terrorist soldiers it was nearly impossible to save her, with that she picked up the handgun which anaconda had left behind for her and aimed it at the door, the only way to gain entry to the room save for the boarded up windows.

Harry cursed under his breath as several armed terrorists ran passed his position, at the moment he was well and truly fucked why do they let people fresh out of basic anywhere near the field? He mused, if only I had been given a choice in my team this wouldn't have happened. Harry refocused on the task ahead of him, at this very moment the girl could be being tortured for information or dying and it was his job to get her out, at that moment in time the way he saw it was he either took everyone in the building out or he moved in using stealth, the second option was now a no go as some fool had decided to go taking pop shots in the dark, so that left him with one option. Harry moved with lightning speed from his position startling the two guards at the door of the basement, he grabbed their heads and slammed them into adjacent walls, they were dead before they hit the ground, he then searched the bodies and found what he was looking for, the security code for the basement. Harry moved through the halls of the mansion with cat-like grace and deadly precision as he executed man after man, he was nearing the basement where his target was along with the daughter of the man two floors up, resistance was increasing by the minute as he drew closer and closer, a sure sign that he was heading in the right direction, he came to the end of the hall and to the right he saw steps leading down to the basement, he quickly neutralised the guards with two fast strikes to the neck and descended the stairs silently, ears straining to pick up all noise in the immediate vicinity, he heard a conversation as he came to the base of the stairs.

"How's the girl?" asked one of the guards, he had a Russian accent.

"Difficult, I mean how are we supposed to get some of that" he made a rude gesture with his hands and body "if every time we even get near her she starts spitting at us and lashing out, she gotta nasty slap that one has" he put a hand over his cheek and winced as he did so. Harry was pleased that the girl could look after herself; he was slightly surprised because judging by experience girls tended to break into hysterics and become much weaker when they were in half the situation that the said girl was in, he felt an underlying respect if she could still look after herself while a guy attempted to rape her, he came out of his musings as the two continued with their conversation.

"And the program, is it safe?" the Russian sounding man asked

"What do you take me for, some idiot, of course it's safe, and I locked it in the "safe" box" he said incredulously, Harry was interrupted from his listening when his codec was activated.

"anaconda how's it lookin in there, we have evac E.T.A five minutes" came the voice of the Captain over the link.

"Not so good Cap, I've got three of the family secured and ready for the next available evac but the daughter wasn't with them, she's been locked in the basement which is locked down, I've had to smoke over twenty guys just to get near the doors" came anaconda reply.

"And the program?" he asked

"In with the girl, from what the guards say they've put it in some safe, may have to pick it if I can't get hold of the code" said anaconda. "I suggest you get the three out of the target zone while I continue on for the program and the girl, the password to the main bedroom is justice is served, they have a headset which is active so contact them before going in" Harry advised.

"Rodger that anaconda, I'll give you five to get the girl and code, we'll have a chopper waiting for you, just so you know they have the building wired with c4 which they are threatening to detonate if we advance on our position, be careful not to let them trigger any alarms or you're screwed" As the line went dead once more Harry frowned why did they have to tell him this kind of shit now and not before he entered the war zone?. Harry needed to hurry, he sped through the shadows to the door where the two men were standing, and they were armed in a similar fashion to the men at the Master Bedroom door and were also taken out in the same way. Harry entered the code on the door which he had obtained from the inside pocket of the guards Jacket and the door opened to reveal a small room with four people inside, three terrorists and the girl, the three were standing round the girl who was visibly struggling against the men as they removed her clothes, there was a loud slap and Harry knew immediately what the now dead guards at the door had meant, the girl did pack one hell of punch, the victim of the slap stepped back with his hand to his cheek in a not too similar way to what he had seen a minute ago outside before he lunged at the girl drawing a knife as he did so, Harry ran forward and grabbed hold of the man's arm as the blade in his hand was an inch from her beaten and bruised face, he pulled out one of his own knives and thrust it through the hand holding the knife, the man screamed in pain but Harry silenced him a moment later when he brought the blade which was still attached to the man's wounded hand through his forehead. The other two stared for a second before leaping on him, Harry moved to the side and they fell to the ground in a heap, sometimes he really did wonder if there was anyone out there who could stand up to him in fight, but for the moment he was content with these idiots, he drew another silenced handgun from his leg holster and shot two shots at them effectively killing them, he then turned to the girl who was looking at him with the same relieved expression her parents had worn when he met up with them.

"Do you know the combination to the safe" she nodded as she sat up on the table holding what appeared to be a broken arm.

"745262" she intoned from memory, Harry nodded and entered the code, collected the disk and pocketed it; he then turned to the heavily wounded girl.

"Where are you hurt?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, my leg really hurts, and I don't think I can walk, I have a broken arm and a cracked skull judging by the blood running down my face" Harry nodded and was about to speak when he was contacted via the link.

"Anaconda get you and the girl out of there, they are going to blow the place, another one of the recruits decided to come closer to the house, you have ten seconds before the house is coming down, if you ever needed a miracle, you need one now" with that the link went dead for the third time that night. Harry turned back to the girl.

"We need to move, this house is going blow in about five seconds" her eyes widened at the news "Grab hold of my hand and grit your teeth" she did as instructed and there was an almost soundless pop a second later, exactly one second before the building and all there inhabitants were blown to pieces.

Outside a single helicopter made its way from the house, inside were eight people, all of which believed both anaconda and the kings daughter, the 2nd heir to the throne of France to be dead along with all who were inside the house.

How very wrong they were.
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