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Talks and fast confessions

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The Dursley's were sent away for child neglect when Harry was young, Dudley went to live with his aunt marge and Harry went to an orphanage and was believed dead,taken in by a muggle captain and tr...

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Chapter 2: Talks and confessions

Anaconda appeared inside his home, he looked at the girl on his arm and noticed that she had finally passed out from all the pain and stress, she had lasted longer than he would of thought and for that she had his respect. Harry's home was huge, no one could argue otherwise for it was the largest house in the entire neighbourhood with all its rich and famous inhabitants, the house itself was four stories tall and had eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it also had several sitting rooms, two kitchens, a games room, an indoor gym complete with swimming pool Jacuzzi and sauna, a shooting range, several weapons rooms, a conference suit and his office, not to count outside which was surrounded by a field at the back which housed an assault course, stables, tennis courts and a small lake. Harry picked up the nameless girl and carried her to the Master bedroom which by far had the most comfortable bed, he placed her on top of it and looked at her, she was covered in blood and her clothes were damaged beyond repair, she was in a state. Harry removed her clothes and placed her in a nightgown from his walk-in wardrobe, he then pulled out his wand and conjured a comfortable armchair and proceeded to sit down, he then waved his wand almost lazily over the girl and she changed from unconscious to sleeping peacefully, he then healed her cracked skull and then sat back tiredly in the chair, all the while watching the unconscious girl on the bed.

It was noon the next day when the girl awoke; Harry had already been awake for six hours which was considered late for him as he usually got up at five to train. She turned in the bed so that she could see Harry, her face had confusion and fear written all over it.

"Who are you?" Harry gave her a reassuring smile.

"I rescued you last night" She nodded and closed her eyes for a second before speaking again.

"What happened, are my family alright?" her voice was laced with worry.

"I reached the master bedroom where your family were being held, they were fine and they told me you were in the basement, I came to get you and left them in the room with two handguns and a means through which we could communicate, I was called via my headset just as I was about to enter the basement, I was told a team were going to pick them up, I got to you and you know the rest" she looked at him for a second strangely, he was still wearing his mask so she couldn't see his face infant the only people who knew what he did and had seen his face were the President of the United States and his Captain who he trusted with his life.

"And my parents, did they make it out ok?" she asked.

"Your parents and your little brother are fine apart from the fact that they believe you and me to be dead" her eyes widened and she attempted to sit up only to be pushed back down by Harry.

"You are in no fit state to go back to them yet, you must heal before we travel or you will present an easier target" she nodded reluctantly but then looked down at the bathrobe she was wearing; it was now covered in blood.

"I'm sorry, sir for being a problem" this was unexpected and Harry nearly laughed.

"Your not a problem, you're part of the job, my orders were to protect you and your family at all costs" she looked slightly disappointed at this but Harry didn't notice.

"Oh, well do you have a place where I could wash off?" she asked. Harry nodded and was about to tell her to follow him when he remembered about her injuries.

"I'm afraid that you won't be able to fully wash for a couple of weeks" she looked at him incredulously.

"I'm going to stink, surely you could help me out or something" Harry looked uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"By law I'm not allowed to help you do anything like that because I am not a Doctor, Nurse or anyone with clearance from the state" she flashed him a small smile.

"Ye, but also by law we are already dead so that doesn't matter" Harry sighed and nodded, he stood from his chair and the girl extended her arms in to the air so that it was easier to pick her up. Harry carried her out of the room cradle style while she smiled brilliantly, they reached Harry's favourite bathroom which had a Jacuzzi tub which was a lot larger than the rest of the bath's in the house, she squealed when she saw it.

"Always wanted to use one of these" she commented as Harry lowered her gently into it, only her head and shoulders stuck out over the rim.

"You can take off the robe, I won't look" Harry assured her as he turned his back to her, a couple of seconds later he felt a robe hit him and block his vision as it hung over his head, the girl giggled, a sound which Harry came to the decision in that moment that he could enjoy listening to, he then went to the far wall where the remote for the bath was clipped, he turned it on and heard another squeal as the jets started pumping hot water into the bath, Harry then walked backwards to the bath and handed the remote to the girl, he then took a seat facing away from her.

"So what's your name?" she asked

"Anaconda" he replied neutrally. Harry heard her growl softly.

"Your real name?" she insisted. Harry sighed, he really wanted to get to know this girl, she seemed really nice but he was not permitted to tell her, and if he did he would have to kill her, a task he didn't think he could go through with.

"I'm not allowed to tell you" she splashed some water at him with her good arm.

"Be nice" she teased. Harry laughed and felt his shell break, he turned around to find the water and bubbles covering all private areas, he could only see her face and her shoulders up to just before her breasts started

"You promise not to tell anyone?" she nodded "My real name is Harry" she smiled and splashed more water at him.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it" she said tilting her head to the side, Harry laughed again and she seemed to be put out. "What's so funny?" Harry laughed harder, he hadn't laughed so much in his life, and once he had got his breath back he answered her.

"Sorry it's just that you look quite cute with all those bubbles on your face" she seemed happy, very happy with his answer.

"So are you allowed to go hitting on the people you are supposed to be protecting?" Harry smiled behind his mask.

"No, not really, but I'll make an exception for you though if you want" the room went quite for a few minutes and she continued to wash her right leg by lifting it out of the water exposing most of it to Harry, it was he who next spoke.

"And are you supposed to be trying to seduce the person who is supposed to be protecting you?" she dropped her leg slowly and turned to face him with a sly smile formed on her lips.

"Is it working?" Harry moved over to the bath and knelt beside it, he brushed his hand, the only part of his body that wasn't covered by the skull suit over her bare back, and she shivered at his touch and turned to him with a smile on her face. "What's your name?" she looked at him incredulously once more.

"You mean you don't know?" at his shake of the head she smiled at him and Harry felt breathless, she put a hand on the side of his mask. "My name's Liana Celcour, but what I want to know is what's under this mask, Harry you've trusted me this far and I understand that if I was to tell anyone even your first name it could mean death for you, so why don't you tell me the rest, without the code, without the government and the state interfering, just me and you in the attempt to build a relationship" Harry stared at her in shock over what she had just said.

" You're too trusting, you know that? You haven't even known me half an hour and your already willing to get into a relationship with me, I mean you haven't even seen my face yet" she smiled at him again.

"take the mask off then, I promise I won't tell anyone" Harry didn't want to but he had to make sure she was being honest, this all seemed all too good to be true, sure he was always popular with the girls but they had never even been half as beautiful as Liana was even with the blood covering her face and the broken bones, they had also never made him as happy as he had been these last ten minutes that he had been talking to her, already he cared for her greatly and trusted her even more than his Captain whom he had known ten years, it was weird how fate ran things but he was sure glad it did as he might of never meat Liana and be as happy as he was at the moment if it didn't, despite this Harry had been trained since almost birth and knew how the drill worked so he entered Liana's mind using Legilimency and what he found there surprised him. He found that her feelings for Harry were the same as he felt for her with the exception that she fully trusted him as she had not been trained like he had, he found that she was honest and did not intend to betray him now or in the future, Harry also found out that she was curious as to who he really was underneath the mask but Harry imagined that would be only natural and so he decided to be honest with her.

"Before I take this mask off I just want you to know that I'm not an impostor, you have my word as a wizard" Her eyes widened at the revelation that he was a wizard but her mouth also opened as she saw who it was underneath and the scar upon his forehead.

"H... Harry... P...Potter" she stuttered in disbelief. Harry smiled at her then leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips, he smiled at her and she smiled back.

"You don't want a relationship with me Liana" he said placing a soft kiss on her cheekand backing up a fez centimeteres

"Don't I? I mean I just want to see look on everyone's face when they realise you're alive, you're also extremely fit and kind and rich, not that I need the money" Harry smiled and kissed her again on the nose, why did he keep do that?

"So you like me because I'm rich, roguishly handsome and you want to reveal to world that you knew I was alive before everyone else?" she smiled and nodded vigorously, Harry laughed and splashed water at her, she squealed and laughed.

"Watch it buster" she warned, Harry laughed harder and ran a hand through her hair which was still covered in blood.

This wasn't suposed to happen, but somehow she had broken what he thought to be an inpenetrable shell in under fifteen minutes, it was strange that fate ran the way it did, he however could do nothing about it.

"You're beautiful Liana" she smiled at him.

"Even with all the blood and yucky stuff?" Harry nodded and she beckoned for him to come closer, he came right the edge of the bath and she leaned into his ear.

"There's room in here for one more you know" Harry blushed and his eyes widened comically, she laughed at the expression on his face.

"Are you always this forward when meeting boys?" Harry asked

"No, I'm usually all shy and stuff, but I make an exception for you though, although all the boys that want to go out with me are jerks and only want me because of my title" Harry gave her a confused expression and she sighed. "I ask you to judge me not by my title but my personality, I wish that I didn't have the title at times but that's life" Harry nodded.

"It can't be that bad, I mean I just revealed to you that the world's greatest assassin, the living legend of the army, navy, marines and every other god damn regiment out there is the long dead boy Harry Potter, defeater of Dark Lord and all time sexiest man alive" he reasoned with a smirk.

"Modesty isn't your forte is it honey?" Harry smiled and began to wash her back with a flannel.

"Not really but I always speak the truth" she slapped him on the side with her good arm.

"I still feel that you need to know who I am before we can get to know each other more" Harry nodded in agreement. "My father is the king of France" Harry was silent for a second before nodding his head slowly. "I am the oldest child in the family which means that in the future I will become Queen" Harry turned away from her a thoughtful expression on his face.

"This certainly complicates things" Harry became interested in the ceiling all of a sudden while Liana closed her eyes.

"What are your first thoughts?" she asked eventually. Harry didn't answer and Liana thought that he might be ignoring her on purpose, several minutes later he turned back to her and spoke once more.

"I am going to be in trouble at work" Liana nodded slowly. "And also I will have to tell your parents who I am or they won't let me see you" Liana smiled widely, leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips.

"Thank you" Harry looked at her in confusion

"What for?"

"For not judging me" Harry nodded and stood up, she let out a little moan of protest as he had been soothing her back for the last five minutes with the flannel, he crossed the room and took a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner out of the cabinet that was there, he returned to the bath and pulled out his wand and conjured a stool so that he was higher than her and could be concentrate on her hair, he picked up a small plastic jug from the side of the bath and filled it with water from the tub.

"Close your eyes" she did so and Harry poured the water onto her hair, he did this until it was completely wet, he then squeezed some shampoo onto her hair and started to rub It in, all the while she continued to wash the rest of her body.

"Tell me about yourself, how did you grow up?" Harry stopped massaging the lotion into her hair and she looked up at him. "You can trust me you know, I won't tell anyone" Harry smiled and nodded, he spent a minute collecting his thoughts before he replied.

"You know about the attack on my home by Voldemort" she nodded and flinched at the Dark Lords name "well after that I was collected by Hagrid, he's a half giant that is the Gamekeeper at Hogwarts, well he took me out of the burning building and to my aunt and uncles house on Albus Dumbledore's orders, they left a letter that explained who I was and what had happened, well I grew up there for two years, I slept in the cupboard under the stairs and got given just enough food to survive on, the neighbours, being the nosey people that they were noticed the way my cousin Dudley would always have new things and I would always be seen in cast-offs and look half starved, they didn't do anything until they noticed the bruises I would wear round my neck and my eyes, it went on until next door but one decided to do something about it, The Dursley's were arrested for child abuse and my cousin was sent to his aunt Marge to grow up while I was taken to an orphanage, I was at the orphanage until I was five, I remember it really clearly as it was on Christmas day and a boy named Terry Bradshaw had taken the present I had received from the wardens, it was a toy gun which fired foam bullets, it was the first time I ever held a gun and I was a natural at it, I was able to hit anything I chose to which seemed to annoy the workers considerably as they had to consistently replace broken ornaments and stuff" Harry smiled at the image of a little him causing terror with a toy gun for a second before he continued " On that day they were having a police inspection, an officer named Neil Jenkins was the one to do the check up and spotted me fighting Terry Bradshaw for my gun back, he saw me bite his hand to make him let go and then shoot him in the forehead from ten metres away without even spending two seconds aiming, he was impressed that a child of my age could do such a thing and decided to test me, he made me shoot at specific objects at different distances and harder targets, I got them all and he was now very impressed, he took me away from there and made me a ward of the Government police force, I stayed as a ward for two years until he was promoted to a SWAT division in the US, I went with him as he was practically my adopted father and watched the training that all the recruits underwent, at the age of nine I had a collection of handguns which I had stolen from the cage at the SWAT training facility, I knew how to use them as well as I practiced with them when ever I had a spare minute and since I was never really busy I became better than even the best SWAT trained marksmen when it came to using a handgun, my body was also in top condition as I would be fed high protein meals from Neil and would also spends time on the easy assault courses and with weights, I could do one hundred push-ups easily and I was also extremely fast on my feet, it was one day when I thought that the shooting range was empty I went down and beat the course record, little did I know that there was a visitor there from an even more elite division than SWAT, a division so small that not even one percent of those in SWAT make it in, it was designed to always have five members and the man was there to pick one , he saw potential in me and so took me in, it became known where I had gone and people began to spread my codename around so that over the space of about six months every police related division in the world knew my name and knew that I had made it into IOSA at the age of seven. At IOSA I learnt to wield all types of weapons and arts of stealth, they had me spend a year in Japan learning the sword and Martial arts, it was there at the age of eleven that I first found about Magic and that I was a wizard, an old man who had the gift of reading Auras noticed that mine was unusually strong, he informed me of this and taught me the beginnings of magic, it was a remarkable experience and over time I was able to tap into the power that was given to me at birth and a year later when the dark Lord attacked, I had power without that which Voldemort transferred to me when his curse failed, I was still a sorcerer which I was told was remarkable at my age, with the release of the energies that came from the curse it acted as a power ritual and made me a High sorcerer at the top of the category, I was only a little bit less powerful than Dumbledore and Voldemort were but they both had far more knowledge than I could ever hope to gain with my training taking up all my time. It was when I was taught occlumency and Legilimency that the biggest gift came, as I was constructing my walls around my mind I noticed that a small residue of magical energy was left in my mind, at first I thought it was from the curse when I was one but when I looked closer at it I realised who it belonged to, Albus Dumbledore, the idiot had tried to put a block around my powers, for what reason I do not know but the magical residue left behind enabled me to slip passed his mind defences from all that distance away and transfer his knowledge to me, it took ten sessions of two hours to make a copy of all the information in his brain but in the end I had all the knowledge that the old man had accumulated over one hundred and sixty eight years of life stored permanently in my brain. So now I had the knowledge to use my powers to their full potential, it still amazes me sometimes how much the man knows, he must have one hell of an organised mind to fit it all in. So I completed my training after one year in Japan and headed back to America where I spent a further year learning to master combat in all its forms and tactics on a higher level than was supplied anywhere else in the world. So at the age of twelve I took part in my first assignment, I was not told the details but I was to rescue a man who was stranded in Morocco and make sure he was safely transported to France, I killed over fifty men that day in the attempt to get him out of the country, we were ambushed by terrorists on the way back, I was only permitted to use muggle weapons as to not cause attention unless the situation got desperate, I completed the assignment and made it back home where word of me killing those men had already arrived, I was looked upon like I was some sort of God and over the next three years until now people came to fear the name of Viper, I have never failed an assignment and many of the best assassins in the world look at me as a role model, yet I am missing something in my life, and now I feel like I have found it at last" Tears were rolling down Liana's face as Harry finished his story and he continued to massage her hair in silence for a few minutes until she spoke.

"I'm sorry Harry" Harry laughed with little feeling

"Don't be, there was nothing you could do to know" she smiled a watery smile and Harry felt his heart grow in size for a second. Harry filled the jug of water again.

"Close your eyes" she did so and Harry proceeded to wash the soap off her hair in silence.

"Just so you know I won't leave you" Liana assured him.

"It's a little early in the day to be making promises like that sweetie" she giggled at his use of the nickname.

"I like it when you call me that, a just so you know, I don't think it is too early to tell you how I feel, too many couple's hide their true feelings for so long that they never get to know where it could have gone in the future. And for the record I don't know why we're moving so fast but I like it, I've had two boyfriends before and they've only been idiots, you liked me before you knew that the one to Marry me would become King of France and that means more than you can imagine, it means that you like me for me and not for the title. I know it's extremely fast but I want you to know that I love you Harry and I'll wait for you my whole life if I have to" Harry was shocked that she was being so forward with her feelings but when he came to think about it he felt Happy when he was with her and the most relaxed he had been in his life, with all his previous girlfriends he was always on guard to make sure they wouldn't try to kill him or betray him, but with Liana it wasn't like that although he had only known her for such a short space of time, he trusted her and knew that she would never betray or kill him, he also thought her to be the most beautiful girl in the world in his opinion and she was so full of life that she made him Happy just to be near her, when he thought about it further he came to the conclusion that he did love her.

"I love you too" she smiled at him and then kissed him on the lips full and involving a lot of tongue, two minutes later they both simultaneously broke the kiss through need of air.

"That was amazing" Harry whispered

"You got that right" she kissed him on the jaw bone but Harry pushed her away gently.

"Why don't we get you washed and then take a tour round the house" she smiled and gave him another kiss on the lips.

"And then we can get to know each other better?" she asked with a sly grin. Harry laughed and banished the stool with his wand.

"We'll see" Liana smiled once more and lifted up her arms, it was a good job that all the bubbles were in the bath because Harry would have been very embarrassed had they not.

"Taxi!" she yelled, Harry rolled his eyes then shut them to keep from embarrassment.

"Ok so do you want me to heal your wounds now?"

"Ye just get me outta this bath first" Harry reached into the bath, careful not to put his hands anywhere private and pulled her out, he still had is eyes closed so he couldn't see anything but he could feel her smooth wet skin.

"You're going to have to guide me" she laughed at him. "Hey watch it cheeky or I might just drop you"

"You wouldn't do that because you love me too much"

"Is that so" Harry dropped her and she screamed, a second later there came a growl of annoyance from somewhere below him.

"Don't ever do that again" she warned

"Or what?"

"Or I'll tell your boss that you looked at me in the shower" Harry quickly lost his grin

"You wouldn't"

"No I wouldn't" she agreed, Harry sighed in relief "I'd just tell him that you felt me up in my sleep" Harry coughed loudly and seemed to choke on nothing but air.

"Hey I didn't even drop you, there was a locomotor charm there to break your fall" Harry reasoned, she sighed and Harry guided her out of the room using his hand as a focus for the charm, he was able to do simple spells wandlessly but nothing more, it was said that only Merlin was able to use the full extent of wandless magic and Harry was no way near as powerful as him. Harry guided Liana back into the bedroom still keeping his eyes off her naked body; he laid her on the bed which had automatically cleaned itself using Magic and went to his en suite where he took a large fluffy towel off the heated rack and came back into the bedroom where he wrapped it around her.

"Where is it broken" he asked

"At the ankle and near the shin" she replied. Harry nodded more to himself then to her who was facing the bed; he then pulled out his wand and waved it in a controlled arc, a blue light came out of it and coated the leg and the foot, a few seconds later the light faded.

"Do you feel any pain" Harry asked

"No, it didn't hurt before but it feels kind of refreshed now" she replied, Harry nodded once more and moved on to her arm, he did the same thing with the arm and several seconds later it was fully healed. Harry then lay himself down next to Liana on the bed.

"You should have full use of your arm and leg in a couple of minutes" she smiled at him and he smiled back at her.

"So where are we?" Liana asked after a moment of silence.

"In my house" replied Harry.

"Which is where exactly?" Harry grinned.

"England" Liana smiled.

"I always wanted to go to England, never got the chance though" she commented.

"Well you're here now aren't you?" Liana sighed.

"If only the circumstances were different, I mean, it's not the best way to meet the person you love is it now" Harry smiled slightly.

"Oh I wouldn't say that sweetie; I would say that when we first met was a moment of romance and undeniable assurance of companionship" Liana snorted.

"You know full well that what you just said was total bollocks Harry, I was about to be killed by a terrorist and you came and stabbed him through the head, don't mention the fact that you had to apparate us out before the whole building exploded and we died, ye really romantic lover boy" she said sarcastically. Harry smirked and kissed her on the nose.

"You should be healed now" he said. Liana nodded and wrapped the towel that was covering her tightly around her as she stood and jumped on the spot and also began to flex her previously broken arm.

"Thanks Hun" she said as she bent down and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. "Now, let's go explore" and with that she bounded out of the room without any signs of injury showing on her perfect body. Harry sighed with a smile on his lips, his life had just got one hell of a lot better.
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