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Heading back to Normalcy

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Harry and Liana attempt to get home...but problems arise.

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OK I know I haven't updated for a long time but I felt the time was ripe for anew chapter. I'm feeling a bit stuck on my latest chapter of my sequel to my HP/LOTR crossover so I started to look over the work I've done on this, so here it is, a NEW chapter all fro YOU.

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Now on with the story...


Chapter 3: Heading back to normalcy

It was three days later and Harry was sat at the back of his manor watching Luciana run about like a little child across the grounds, the last three days had been fun and that was a remarkable achievement in Harry's eyes. Fun never came into his life before he met Luciana, there wasn't all that much time for it when on an assignment and any other free time was taken up with training, after all he couldn't afford to be rusty in his line of work.

They had begun to get to know each other over the period of time since the rescue and Harry found her to be, in one word, amazing, he couldn't stop wanting to be with her every second of the day, and so far that wish was being granted.

It had started the first night after they had arrived, they had both gone to bed in adjacent rooms quite content with the company kept throughout the day, however not ten minutes later they had both got out of bed to visit the others respective rooms, meeting in the hall shared had a quick hug and then proceeded back into Luciana's room to sleep, nothing intimate had transpired that night, save for sharing a comfortable embrace.

And then there was the fact that it would all be over in a couple of days, Harry was to take her back to France where she would spend the rest of the summer. The only problem was they were both thought dead. There were a couple of reasons for this; one was the fact that due to his alleged death Harry's connection to a secure line through the agency had been neutralised, this made it impossible for them to make a phone call without running the possibility of being intercepted. Owl post was also out the window, he would sooner allow Death Eaters into his manor before intrusting his private information to an owl...well maybe he wouldn't go that far but non the less...

Aside from the inability to get into contact with Luciana's parents, it was also hard to contact royals, even when you did have a phone you couldn't just ring up and ask to speak to the Queen.

If he was honest though there was also another reason why he didn't want to take Luciana back home, he wanted to spend more time with her, get to know her good and bad, he wanted to know if what they had both confessed to each other the night of the rescue had been a spur of the moment thing, or if it had been truthful. Harry knew full well that it took more than a few hours to fall in love, people spent years until they felt ready to make that ultimate declaration to each other, however in other cases the connection was instantaneous, there was a link and Harry felt it with Luciana, apparently she also felt the same way, at the moment they had a spark of love, a spark which he so desperately wanted to grow into a flame.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted in the nicest way they ever had been when Luciana came and sat on his lap, picked up his arms and made him wrap them round her.

"Watcha thinkin' about?" she asked while placing a kiss on Harry cheek. He tightened his hold on her waist and gave it a slight squeeze.

"Taking you back to France" he answered and watched as her face became less smiley and more concerned.

"Don't you like me here Harry?" Harry inwardly cringed at his short-sightedness.

"Of course I like you here, but what about your parents, I'm sure they would like you back too, it seems unfair that I get all the Luciana" he expressed that "all" more than the rest, this caused him to get a playful swat upside the head.

"I suppose they will be grieving, it seems a bit harsh to just let them think I'm dead" she mumbled with a frown. "When do we leave then? It'll have to be soon because they will be having a funeral and we can't just interrupt that can we" Harry smiled at the mental image of them showing up during the funeral service, it was extremely harsh on those at the pre-mentioned service but he could count on Luciana to make a normally depressing situation funny.

"We better leave tomorrow morning, I suggest we leave in the early hours because it will make us harder to locate for death eaters" This decision caused Luciana to growl playfully.

"Always with the military stuff, when will you just relax and have fun, I mean come on were going to apparate there, walk about five hundred metres and then we will be in my house, what could possibly go wrong?" she asked incredulously. Harry sighed in annoyance.

"We could be attacked at any point throughout the day, don't assume that you are untouchable in your house, it may have good defences, but I can assure you that the only reason your house is still left standing is because at the moment the dark lord doesn't want you dead, when he becomes fully active again he will probably target you and your family because of your positions in the magical world, never assume that you are safe" Harry's face was grave as he looked around and gestured in a wide arc-like motion of his arm the house and grounds they were in or near "This is the only place I feel relaxed and safe, I wish it were different but it's not, we're at war Luciana and we can't afford to make mistakes" Harry's voice finished in a whisper as if prying ears were all around them, listening to what was being said.

There was silence for a couple of seconds before Liana smiled brightly, kissed him on the lips briefly and then proceeded to pull him up off the chair.

"So what are we going to be doing for the rest of the day?" Harry smiled once more and walked back off the decked area and in through the French doors which led into a summer room. Liana followed after him curious as to what he was doing.

Harry led her through several rooms of his huge manor, each time they walked through one more room the level of curiosity which she was trying to contain increased. After the twentieth room and third hall her curiosity got the better of her.

"Where are you leading me Harry?" he turned around with a bright smile on his face.

"You'll see" he replied with very badly hidden amusement written clearly all over his face.

"Please" Harry shook his head with another smile.

They rounded a corner at the end of a particularly long hall, passed through yet another set of double doors, which were this time made of solid, polished oak. They came through the doors and arrived in a large courtyard it was about one hundred metres long and thirty metres wide, it had huge walls on all sides which were made of a shiny black material that she couldn't identify. The floor was covered in thick layers of chipped bark and at the end of the room she could just make out some shapes; however she once again couldn't identify them.

She looked at Harry confused as he walked over to the wall next to the door; it was then that she noticed a keypad on the smooth wall.

Harry typed in the required digits and then stepped back as a large section of the wall back to display a huge weapons rack containing a selection of guns and other forms of weaponry.

Luciana stared at the weapons, the pieces slowly clicking together as Harry pulled three immaculate black handguns off the rack and offered her one, she took the gun and stared at it blankly as if waiting for it to tell her how to use it, she could hardly be blamed as it was like handing a wand to a muggle and telling him or her to fire a reductor curse. Harry sighed, a light smile forming on his face.

"Ok I thought that you better learn how to defend yourself and this is the best place to start" Liana looked up suddenly very interested and not just staring at the advanced piece of muffle weaponry dumbly anymore.

"Firstly point the gun at the far wall....yes now hold it with your right hand firmly grasping the handle and the left hand gripping the other side less tightly.....yes very good now spread your left hand so that it carries itself under the butt of the weapon, place your index finger on the trigger and pull back" Harry watched as she repeated his instructions perfectly and released a bullet to the other side of the courtyard. "Very good, now I want you to aim at these targets" he pulled out his wand and waved it, conjuring three targets in the shape of men " Try to aim for either the head, the neck or the heart, I recommend the head as it is more likely you will hit your opponent there as he or she cannot wear an impermeable, however when you become more skilled I will show you where to hit in certain situations for the greatest effect, such as the windpipe to cut off an assailants breathing or a foot to just injure not kill" Liana nodded a little hesitantly, but quite confidently considering she was being taught how to kill quicker and easier, Harry admired her strength, most girls and most boys to be fair would already be throwing up all over the show, but Liana just nodded and looked more determined, remarkable.


It was two days later when Harry and Liana made there way from the mansion complex which was home to the boy-who-lived. So far Liana had progressed well with using the small handgun and he felt...partially comfortable with her abilities.

As usual Harry was dressed in some form of battle clothing which would undoubtedly attract attention; however it would also repel that same attention.

He was wearing a muggle protective impermeable which was black, this was worn over the top of a black short sleeved muscle top, and over this was a long black dragon hide trench coat. He was also wearing black trousers, slightly baggy, but not so much so that they would restrict movement; these were tucked into black boots on his feet, from his appearance you could tell he like black.

In addition to this there were other reasons why people would avoid him were he in a crowded place, despite the fact that with his sunglasses raised and his coat wafting open he presented a dangerous image anyway, it only made it worse that he was armed to the teeth.

Upon his back was 1300 Defender Pump-Action Shotgun which could be seen easily. In addition to this there were two 9mm Heckler & Koch MP-5's in holsters on his belt, these were automatic weapons capable of five hundred and fifty rounds a minute with amazing accuracy. If this wasn't enough he also carried three handguns, two with silencers attached and on without, and a selection of razor sharp knives compliments of the U.S secret services.

It was usually forbidden to carry even any weapon around, however he always made sure he had identification on him which basically gave him command over anyone in the armed forces with the one exception of his boss, who he greatly influenced anyway. This included the president and any other world Leader.

The reason this was so, was because the organisation which he was the chief member of was composed of members from all over the world, it was a common agreement that any agent with their level of security was given diplomatic immunity in every country throughout the world.

It was like this that he apparated him and Liana straight to their destination, the shopping centre.

Yes, that's right, Liana had broken him eventually, bypassing all his supposedly impenetrable shield of indifference, using her incredible cuteness, of course it had easily broken him when she mentioned indulging in some...pleasant activities later in the year, who was he to refuse?

And so it was that they landed in a back alley near a huge shopping centre in London. They were here to, in Liana's opinion, "brighten him up" but he stalwartly refused to change his current attire, it just wasn't practical!

Moving out the darkened area they made their way side by side through the automatic doors of the shopping centre. Liana was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a plain blue shirt which he had conjured for her, it would last forever however, as Liana wanted more clothes, the reason for their visit became apparent.

As they walked in attention was easily drawn to them, people moved away from them, but didn't say a word as they moved onto the elevator silently.

Reaching the top floor of the dual layered building they were met with the hustle and bustle of the crowded centre, people jostled hurriedly about as they attempted to do their Summer shopping.

Harry was on edge, he disliked being in such a crowded area with his charge, there were so many possible hostiles and even more that could be effected if a fight did indeed take place. Liana however didn't seem to have this worry, she just moved forward with all the ease in the world, oblivious to his current attitude.

Harry followed her in silence as she easily cut through the crowd, as he did so people were giving him looks which stated they clearly that they didn't wish to be there next to him, a man with a twenty gauge shotgun strapped to his back.

The only reason people hadn't already started running in fear was due to the fact that he had an IOSA emblem and the initials printed on his Kevlar body armour. It was done in the same way that SWAT or regular police officers would identify themselves and the public would identify them, it was done to insure that if ever there was a need to carry a weapon in public, that the public wouldn't feel too threatened by his presence.

Entering some sort of highly-priced clothes shop he was wordless as Liana moved over to a nearby rack and picked up an item of clothing, holding it in front of herself as she did so.

"What do you think?" she asked as she held a nice summer dress against her body. Giving a shrug he motioned towards the changing rooms.

"Try it on if you like it" he advised with a small smile.

"Loosen up a bit Harry, nothing's going to happen" she laughed at the serious look on his face.

"You don't know that Liana, you can never be too careful, remember if we get separated, activate the portkey I made for you as soon as possible, don't linger to fight because you are too important" he reminded her quietly, stepping near her as he did so.

"I better just try on the dress" she said. Harry nodded and followed her to the dressing room where he waited on a chair next to the door.

It was a couple of minutes later when emerged from the booth, the dress was on and she looked even more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

The pretty summer dress moulded to her body in all the right places, it was a floral design but not overly so that it looked outdated, it ended just before the knee allowing him to see some of her voluptuous legs before the material blocked his view, in his opinion she looked like a goddess.

Spinning round she smiled brilliantly in his direction and then stood still while he looked at her.

"What do you think now?" she asked confidently.

"Beautiful Liana, you look beautiful" he commented to her delight.

"Should I get it then?" she asked eagerly, it was obvious that she also approved.

"I'll pay for it, just take it off and I'll go and pay" he replied with a smile, he couldn't resist.

"Thanks Harry" she called as she went back into the both to removes the pretty dress.

Several minutes later the couple emerged from the shop with two bags with an item in each, she had convinced him to get a stripped orange and white shirt, it had other colours mixed in also but those were the main two, it wasn't like he would ever wear it anyway.

"Where to then Liana?" he asked as they took off through the crow once more. There were less people looking at him in fear now as he had decided to put a small glamour charm on his shotgun while he was in the shop, he still get some weird looks though.

"Follow me" she ordered lading the way with a passionate gleam in her eyes, and they said men had one track minds...


Three hours and ten full bags later Harry and Liana sat down wearily inside a small coffee shop inside the building.

He now knew it was deadly to come shopping with this particular girl, she was positively obsessed with getting him into bright coloured clothing, supposedly it made him look more summery, who said he wanted to look summery anyway?

It was at that moment that their tiring, but enjoyable trip suddenly became less enjoyable.

A disturbance was heard from the other side of the café and screams were heard a second later, these went unnoticed by the majority of the shopping centre as the café was in an isolated area where it couldn't be seen due to a bend in the building.

"Everyone put your hands on the table, don't try and funny business!" shouted a man who had a material head mask over his face and a handgun out, pointing at the man behind the counter, who had a scared look etched onto his features.

There were two others moving around the room, one with, to his surprise, an Ak47, a deadly sub-machine gun which was used by the Russian army to great effect.

Harry leaned back in his chair, slowly pulling Liana under the table as he did so, he didn't want to use any magic on these muggles, and they were absolutely awful with the weapons anyway.

"Liana Celcour! We know you're in here, come out with your hands up and none will be harmed!" called out the man with the AK, spit flew out of his mouth as he said this.

Harry was temporarily surprised that they knew she was alive, surely if these random terrorists knew of her exact location then his agency and her parents did too.

It was over before it had even started; standing up quickly the three men turned and faced him with their guns raised. One died with a knife through his throat, the other two with one shot to the temple of their heads.

There was silence as the three lifeless bodies fell to the floor, this was soon interrupted by Harry as he quickly pulled Liana from under the table and exited the shop.

"We have to get out of here now" he whispered softly as they crouched down.

"How did they even find me?" Liana asked, panic evident in her voice.

"I don't know, however this is the exact reason why I didn't wish to come shopping, it was a risk and we cannot take another one" he said in a serious tone, nodding she took the offered portkey without hesitation. Reaching over she put her hand on his cheek and drew him in for a small kiss.

"I'll meet you at the Portkey destination in a few minutes yes?" she asked in a whisper.

"I'll be there as soon as possible". Giving him a small smile she uttered he activation word on the small ring Portkey.

"Code seven" she spoke clearly...nothing happened. Looking down she stared at the Portkey in confusion.

"Apparation wards" breathed Harry by her side, she was unfamiliar with their effects but knew of them. "There isn't supposed to be Wards on the building, I scanned it as we went in, it was clean, they must be newly erected "he muttered.

"What do we do now then?" she asked nervously. Looking up Harry stared at he for a second.

"We have to make our way out on foot, once out the building activate your Portkey and it will take you Home, don't wait for me if we get into any trouble" he stated with determination, she could easily see the change, whereas before he had been opening up and telling a few jokes, he was now deadly serious.

"What do you mean?"

"There may be magical enemies in the building, we have to be on our guard, it seems that the incident in the Café wasn't an isolated incident after all" he stood as e said this and drew two sleek handguns which were quite small; they were small but visibly powerful.

He passed them over to Liana who took them hesitantly. "Just in case" he said.

He drew out another gun, this time a very large handgun which would have been too heavy for her to handle.

"Be alert, never hesitate, it may seem cruel but it's either you or them, remember that those who seek you won't hesitate to kill you if given the chance, you mustn't give them that chance" he explained.

Taking out his wand he flicked with practiced ease and a pulsing violet dome appeared around Liana for a second before fading into nothingness.

"To protect you from most spells and all gunfire" he explained in answer to her questioning look.

Forsaking words for the time being he moved his head around the corner and instantly withdrew it once more as a hail of gunfire impacted the wall where his head had been just moments before.

"We seem to have company" he mused, before whirling around the corner and immediately opening fire upon the group which had arrayed before him, there were about one hundred enemies there but he wasn't going down without a fight.

Bullets impacted the shield which he had placed around him moments before they would have usually have hit, and he then returned fire with a kill for each shot he fired, in ten seconds he had fifteen dead on the ground.

Rolling behind the other wall which connected the hostile hall he signalled to Liana to stay where she was before quickly reloading with amazing grace and fluidity and then jumping back into the fight.

Disregarding his pistol temporarily he holstered it and withdrew his shotgun from his back, pumping it once he fired at a small group to his right, effectively ripping them to shreds, this was after all one of the best shotguns in the World.

Getting closer now several assailants broke off from the main group and charged him from several fronts. Spinning he shot one in the head, another in the abdomen, effectively propelling the person into a stone wall, and the last one was knocked out with a sharp butt of the gun the face, he crumpled loosely to the ground at Harry's feet.

There was silence for a second as his enemy inspected there losses, twenty eight were dead and he was yet to be touched, it wasn't the best of situations for them.

And then, all of a sudden, it started once more, he was charged by the remainder of the assailants in a fit of fury and desire to kill. Smiling Harry dodged another melee swipe as he fought once more.
Finally he thought I'm back where I belong


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