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The Invisible Frank

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Oh my god. The Invisible Frank is taking my virginity.

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Ohohohohoho. How you all are going to enjoi this. You have no idea. But you're about to. XD Have fun on our fucked up rollercoaster ride. I love you all!

We sit in silence for a moment, both of us not quite sure what she just said yes to, what agreement was made.

"Thank you," Is the only thing that I can think of to say. It seems appropriate.

Mallory only nods in response. I feel like a complete tool, and I'm sure I come across as one. But I just can't get over the feeling that I need her for some reason. I'm terrified to let her go.

My tongue forces my jaw open and speaks completely without my consent. "Do you want to come to my hotel? House. Apartment. Thing."

Nice move. Really. Now you're not just strange, insecure and all the other flaws she pointed out. Now you're also a complete creeper. Well done.

Mallory looks rather surprised, an emotion that looks foreign on her carefully composed face. She looks even more surprised after her own reply.

"Yeah. Yeah, I really would."

I spend a moment pondering her answer, searching for hints of sarcasm and also wondering if she's actually aware of what she said. After finding nothing to tell me otherwise, I decide she really meant it.

"Ok. Let's bounce then." Bounce. Whatthefuck. I did not just say let's bounce. Please let me not have said that out loud, I think to myself, but her smirk lets me know that unfortunately, I did, infact vocalize that lame, lame thought.

I hide my face as she follows me out to the parking lot, half in my embarrassment and half so that I don't have to watch her face when she sees my car. She's nonchalant as she attempts to open the passenger door, struggling with the rusty handle.

"Sorry, it gets kinda stiff sometimes." I tell her, tugging on it with all my body weight ( which I've noticed has been decreasing lately, much to my pleasure. I'm almost as thin as my brother now.) I smile nervously and can't help but feel defensive about my car, though I abuse and complain about it on a daily basis.

"No worries, " she smiles and climbs into the passenger seat, after I toss all my junk into the back, where it all clatters messily to the floor, no neater than it was before.

I turn the radio on in a hope to ease the tension, and so I have more time to figure out what the hell I think I'm doing right about now.

What AM I doing? Well Gerard, it would appear you are driving a girl who told you the deepest inner workings of your soul in a bar, whom you just more or less forced into some strange promise of relationship that isn't exactly clear to either of you, in your shit car, to the Extended Stay America which is currently your place of residence because you can't afford anything else, to meet your thumb sucking ever cheeful kid brother and his half dead tattooed best friend with a huge dick, who more or less showed up out of nowhere, and who knows what they could be doing when you arrive, but from previous experience shows that you could enter and find them stoned, geeking over horror films, naked or in the midst of a massive and possibly life threatening panic attack over a spider the size of a dime. Wow. That sounds like a fucking excellent plan.

I try very hard not to move my mouth as I talk to myself- a habit I developed as a kid and has stuck with me. Even so I can feel the left corner of my mouth twitching, but I can't tell if Mallory notices. As I glance at her out of the corner of my eye I can tell she didn't. She's suddenly become lost in the music, eyes shut, swaying back and forth in the passenger seat and singing so softly that I can barely hear her at all.

"You shut your mouth, how can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am a human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does..."

I feel the corners of my mouth curling in the first genuine smile I've had since being with Mallory. She likes the Smiths. For some reason that makes me happy.

I start to sweat as we pull into the parking lot, trying to decide whether I should warn her about the oddness of my current roomates, or give them the benefit of the doubt that they'll be behaving normally when we get there. Pfft. Not likely.

"Uhm Mallory?"

She'd been eyeing me, though I hadn't noticed. "Yeah?"

"My brother and his friend...they're kinda...strange." I offer her an empathetic look of confusion. Her face is blank, lacking understanding.

"Just don't be surprised if we come in and they're doing something odd."

"Okayyyyy..." Mallory replies, skeptical.

In the elevator, she laughs at the writing on the walls and I can't help but feel even more drawn to her. I'm beginning to pick up on the little hints of emotion that I had missed before- she wasn't completely apathetic, she just hid her thoughts and feelings. Nonetheless, the small things like brushing her hair behind her ear, biting her lip and twitching her nose had started to become little tip offs.

I make a point to talk loud steps as I approach our door, hoping very, very much that Frank will still be asleep and Mikey will be reading or watching a movie, not behaving too oddly. But of course that is just far, far too much to ask of the two of them.

I hold my breath as I pass through the threshold, and I've barely made it through when a skinny blur appears out of nowhere, pinning me to the wall.

"Gerard! What the hell!" My brother's eyes are huge as he looks at me, terrified and almost angry.

"Mikey!" I choke out, trying to push him off me, without success.

"No, Gee listen to me. Did you cut yourself shaving?"

I shy away, confused. "No."

"Are you cutting yourself on purpose again?"

I really, really would love to be smashed by an asteroid at this point. Apocalypse, wherefore art thou? I tried cutting myself once as an angsty teenager, got nothing from it and never tried it again. Of course the one time I did, Mikey saw me and never let it go.

"Fuck no. Jesus Mikey I told you that was once and I was fifteen! Now will you-"

Mikey makes a zip it motion, still oblivious to his audience. He takes a deep breath, then exhales. "Gerard, did you kill someone?"

"Are you KIDDING me, Michael?"

"Gee, we could deal with it. We could bury the body or drop it in a pond or burn it and forget all about it! It'll be fine I just want you to tell me the truth!" Mikey is completely serious when he says this. Should I be more concerned my brother thinks it's possible I could murder someone or that he thinks we could handle it easily and that it'd be no big deal?


"Thenwhyisthereatowelwithbloodalloveritinthebathroom!" He shouts, eyebrows coming together behind his glasses which are hanging precariously on the tip of his nose.

There's a moment of absolute silence and then I burst out laughing.

"Mikes...that's...the hair...on the towel...the dye comes...out in the shower..." I gasp between spasms of laughter.

Mikey's eyes widen again before his entire face becomes the same shade as a maraschino cherry.

"Oh." He says softly, then releases me from his surprising vice grip that had held me to the wall.

Mallory can't contain herself any longer and doubles over in hysterical laughter of her own. Mikey can only stare, awed, I assume, by the fact that there is a real girl in our hotel room.

"Mikey," I say gently, because I know he's embarrassed, though I think it to be highly unlikely he's anywhere near as embarrassed as me. "This is Mallory."

She straightens up as I introduce her, her laughter reduced to small giggles as she holds out a long fingered hand for Mikey to shake.

"Hey," he says softly, taking her hand and shaking it once, before dropping it and shoving his hands into his pockets. "I'm Mikey. You probably figured that out though."

Mallory smiles warmly. "Yeah, I did."

Of course that can't possibly be enough mayhem. Right? God forbid it be enough that my brother accuse me of cutting and or casual murder, something he must apparently think me quite capable of. Nope. God forbid Frank Iero not get his moment in the lime light.

And he certainly does as he stumbles out of the bathroom, and I, for the second time in the last few weeks, view him in his buck naked glory.

"What in the fuck is going on?" He throws his hands up in the air like an old italian man, looking at my brother and I with a very confused expression. When we don't reply, his eyes slowly make the transition over to Mallory, whose mouth had dropped open just a little bit.

"Hey there. I'm Frank. Nice to meet you." He flashes her a toothy grin and gives her a sexy half wave, and Mallory, stoic, morose, serious Mallory, blushes to the same shade that Mikey was just beginning to recede from.

God also forbid that Frank Iero have an ounce of humility, even when returning from the brink of death.

I am at a complete loss at this point.

Frank smiles coyly, then says, "Well I suppose I should probably put some clothes on." He waves again cheekily before returning to the bathroom, coming out a moment later dressed in pants so tight they put the eighties to shame. He flops onto the couch with a loud sigh.

"Someone's feeling better." I mutter under my breath, trying to shoot him an angry look but at the same time not be too obvious.

"I rise to the occasion!" He calls in response, smiling like the Chesire Cat and completely demolishing any dignity I had. This deja vu is just too intense.

You could hear germs crawling over our disgusting fake tile is was so silent after that.

I cough nervously, my hands shaking because I am so angry at Frank. "Mallory, do you want a drink? I could REALLY, really use a drink."

Crickets chirp as I await her answer.

She tucks her hair behind her ear, fingering the dark waves that fall down over her shoulder. "Can I take a rain check on that? I just realized I have something I have to do."

"Yeah. Yeah sure. Of course. Whenever you want." I babble my respsonse quickly, but not as quickly as she runs out the door. She's gone before I finish speaking.

I may just spontaneously combust. Right here. Right now.

I spin on my heel, whirling to face my brother, who looks petrified, hands already held up in surrender. I try to decide how to start the inevitable rant that is building up.

"She was kinda cute Gee!" Frank calls from the couch.

I realize that I am completely BEYOND ranting. Or yelling. Or anything.

"Mikey," I say softly. He looks even more frightened by the lack of yelling.

"Y-yeah Gee?"

"Where the fuck did you find this kid?"


Gerard looks at me with flashing eyes. He is so mad. So so mad. Making me so very, very fucked.

Right on time, Frank starts cracking up, peering at us from behind the couch. He raises his eyebrows at me suggestively and I wish very much that I had the ability to shoot lazers from my eyes. Unfortunately, I don't, so I settle for attempting to use telepathy.

Don't You Dare, Frankie. Don't You Dare.

Mercifully, he spares me, after puckering his mouth and blowing me a kiss.

I look back to Gerard, who is waiting not so patiently for an answer.

I stare at my shoes and think maybe if I focus hard enough I can vaporize.

"Uhm...a party."

"A party?"


"Mikey. Look at me."

I can't help but feel like I'm sixteen again, getting questioned by our parents or something, though usually it was me, watching from a corner while Gerard got in trouble.

I can't make my eyes look at him. I can't. Because I'll wind up spilling my guts if I do.

"You know Gee, I gotta go." I tell him, praying as I shove him out of the way and bolt for the door, hoping very much that my set of keys are in the pockets of the jacket I'm wearing. I sprint down the stairs, not daring to see if he followed me, just running, running, running. Not exactly nonchalant, but I got away didn't I?

The creepy dude at the front desk looks at me as I walk out, and I wave at him for good measure.

I drive to the park, blaring the music as I drive. It's cold when I get out, and I jog to my favorite tree, a huge oak that Gee and I used to climb when we were little, when we were pretending to be Batman and Robin, or whatever game he'd come up with that day. Now I feel even younger, and slightly ridiculous- a twenty year old climbing a tree like a little kid in a park. Wow.

I feel safe up here, all isolated and away, but still able to see everything below me.

Why did I run, you might be asking? Why did I not simply lie, and diffuse the situation? Well the truth is, I have no fucking clue. But I mostly think it's because I just can't lie to my brother, just like he can't lie to me, or lie and get away with it at least.

Honestly, I just don't wanna talk about it. How I met Frank is definitely classified as one of the oddest experiences of my entire life.

Six Months Earlier

Whoa. Whoaa-hoaaa. The room is spinning very very very very fast. Mikey Way, consider yourself hammered.

Why do I always talk to myself when I'm drunk? I'm really not sure. But it's fun! And it's nice to have a conversation, since no one here can be bothered to talk to me. Nope. There's easily a hundred people here, but not one person can spare a single word for the skinny kid in the Anthrax t-shirt.

Oh well. One more sytrofoam cup of this whiskey and I'll probably be too drunk to think or passed out. Either way, it won't matter. Though it is kinda disappointing. No one notices me at all.

I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

Some asshole just bumped me and now the whiskey is all over my pants and shirt. I look like I pissed myself. And it smells so bad and alcohol-y it makes me gag. Blech. I gotta get rid of this. It's nasty. No big deal Mikey, you can just find a bathroom and clean up. Besides, I gotta pee anyway.

Ahaahahahaahahhahaa. Walking is like that one ride at Coney Island where you stand against the wall of that spinny thingy but if you let go it's all wobbly and funnnnnn. The floor feels like a see-saw. Teeter-totter. Why to kid's toys have such dirty sounding names. See-Saw? Teeter-Totter? What the shit is that?

There's so many rooms in this house and there are so many people and so many doors and ewww. That bathroom is grody. I really don't wanna know what's on that floor. Ugh.

Maybe there's like, a bedroom. With a bathroom IN the bedroom. That'd be good. Yeahhh. Is this a bedroom? Whoa.

"Move!" This chick flies out the door as I open it, pulling pants up and tugging a shirt over her head. I think she was crying but I can't tell because she runs away too fast. Maybe she had an accident in the bathroom. Maybe she spilled whiskey like me and she's sad about it. I'll be sad if this shirt is ruined. It's my favorite.

It's way too dark in the room for me to see. I need night vision goggles! I've always wanted some, and this is why! They'd be so useful. Every year until I was thirteen I asked Santa Clause for night vision goggles. He never gave me any.

"You." Somebody says.

I spin in a dizzy circle, like the carnival ride. "Whozthere."

"I'm Frank. Now get in the bed."


The Invisible Frank sighs and then somebody grabs my t-shirt and pushes me down onto the bed, or at least I think it's a bed because it's soft and I feel pillows I think. The Invisible Frank's lips touch mine and they're so so so so velvety soft and we're kissing and somehow I have gone from being ignored to being kissed. This is a lovely change of pace.

I am kissing the Invisible Frank very, very hard and fast and wow the Invisible Frank's hands are cold and oh my god my shirt has suddenly disappeared. Somehow though I don't really mind because I was getting too hot anyway. Now I can feel more skin then I did before and the Invisible Frank is on top of me and they must be small because I can feel them and oh my god the Invisible Frank is a boy! I can see his face now and I have to say he is very, very pretty kind of like a girl, so I don't really mind if he's a boy after all.

He is moving very quickly, and I feel him unbuttoning my pants. Why is he doing that? Oh my god. Is the Invisible Frank taking off my pants because he wants to have sex with me? Me, Mikey Way? Am I going to have sex with this boy?

I decide that I guess I think I will because oh hell I'm horny and he feels so good and tastes yummy and he's pretty like a girl so I just don't care. Also, he doesn't give me much time to decide any way because somehow he has gotten me down to only my socks which must mean that those are my boxers that he just threw through the air. I hope he didn't see that they were Star Wars. Probably not. I don't think he has night vision goggles, otherwise I'd feel them when he kissed me wouldn't I?

I can feel every part of him now and he's soft and warm all over, and in the little bit of light that is coming from nowhere in particular I can see that he has lots of tattoos which I think are very beautiful and they look nice on him.By the time I realize this means we're both naked his tongue is in my mouth, dancing around and making me feel all warm and fuzzy and when did I get this huge boner?

Now I'm flipping over and we're doing something that I never really thought I'd be doing, that I realize I never HAVE done. Oh my god. The Invisible Frank is taking my virginity. The thing is that I don't mind because even though it hurts for a second the way he's moving is making me feel like a firework, all fizzing and exploding and light and happy. Wowwowowowowowowowwowoowowowowowowowowoww I am moaning and I am melting in this good feeling that I have and all I can think is AHhhhhhhh and my back is arching and the Invisible Frank releases and then falls down next to me and we're both breathing as hard as I used to when I would run away from the kids who would always shove me in lockers.

We just lay there and I'm so tired and I think that I would like to go to sleep now and the last thing I do is reach out and grab the Invisible Frank's hand because it is warm and soft and it just feels right in mine.

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