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Missing angels

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I'm very happy with you two people who are reviewing you really made me happy and I felt very inspired to write even if I should be asleep long ago but theres no school tomorrow! So here's another chapter (-:


One more day arrived and they woke up, again the food cart with breakfast was there but this time Sharon had seen when they had slowly opened the trap door and slid it in carefully at about 7 a.m.

They ate eagerly because they were so hungry and then they showered and changed into new fresh clothes, which were t-shirts, sneakers and jeans. Tarja's wrist had swollen horribly and Floor felt horrible too but Tarja said she wasn't mad at her, so the girls made a cast with a towel for Tarja and they told her not to move it. Hopefully it would heal and she told them it was nothing serious and it didn't hurt much but the truth is that it did hurt a lot and she feared it was broken, but there is no point in telling them that because there was nothing they could do.

They made vocalizing exercises again, this time singing some great songs from each of them, like Energize me from Floor, Unleashed from Simone, My Destiny from Liv, Stand my ground from Sharon, Until my Last Breath from Tarja, Passion from Marcela, and Inga showed them how to sing Fear of the Dark purely A Capella and they all had a lot of fun while singing and forgetting about their problems until soon the food cart with lunch came in. No iron curtain this time. I think their captors knew that they were distracted and not watching the trap door.

The food was great again and they were surprised because there were some pain killers there too, they must know one of them was hurt and they didn't know if to feel grateful or so angry at being so closely watched but Tarja could only be grateful because the painkiller helped her a bit, but the pain wasn’t totally gone.

The mess of the food from last night was still there so the girls cleaned it as well as they could with towels and water. They also tried to look everywhere for microphones or cameras but they couldn't find anything and that really made them feel very frustrated. How were they being watched? They didn't feel safe at all because they knew they were not alone and someone out there held their destinies in his hands, or her hands, because it could be woman maybe too.


Outside in the world, everybody was worried to death. When the families and band mates realized their girl was missing they immediately called the police and soon they found out that other metal singers were lost too. Soon all of them gathered so they could compare notes and they realized that all the girls had been taken the same day at very different hours and that no one had a clue about what had happened.

Of course it didn't take long for the press to find out and suddenly it was the biggest news, it became a trending topic #MissingAngels and #TheWorldIsDarkNow and everyone was so worried about them. Facebook pages were created to show their support and the fan forums were full of fans showing their sadness, and feeling desperate.

Everyone was really worried because it was an unique case, so much that it called the attention of all the world and newscasts everywhere were talking about how 7 awesome singers of Metal had vanished mysteriously from all over Europe, and the channels started broadcasting their music because all the world was touched at the idea of such beautiful and talented women being missing so mysteriously.

Suddenly their fame had rocketed in only 3 days and even the metal singers who hadn't been kidnapped wished for just a silly second to have been kidnapped too so they could receive that much attention too. Of course most of them knew it was stupid to think that.

Even some days later, one stupid and mediocre metal singer whose name will remain unnamed, did pretend to be kidnapped too with the help of her asshole band-mates, but the police discovered it was just a lie and an attempt to make themselves more famous and when people found out they were totally mad at them because they wanted to take advantage of a very painful thing and soon they were also Trending topic but with the hash tag #MoronMetalSinger and #AttentionWhoreBand and the rest of the metal community said terrible things about them and they were never famous again forevermore.

But the girls didn't know anything about it and that night they went to bed again with only doubt and longing in their hearts.


Simone felt guilty because she had fallen asleep and she missed the food cart coming in and the ruined one taken out, but they all were okay so she didn't mentioned it when the others awoke, but then she thought better of it and thought that it was very suspicious, because she never had problems keeping herself up when it was necessary, but still she said nothing.

Tarja's wrist was getting worse and now she had a bit of fever and felt really bad, they did what they could to help her, placing her wrist in hot water and then in cold water and keeping it as still as possible and giving her the painkillers, but it helped very little and Floor felt just awful.

They sang again, it made them feel better and did promise that they would record a great song together once they got out of this and they all made plans of inviting the others to know their home countries and spend some time together, having fun, because they were becoming now really close and it was normal since they only had each other and they relied on them to feel stronger and fight loneliness.

They discovered they were just normal girls, and that they all were very agreeable, even if they all had flaws and strong personalities.

Simone told then that she wrote so silly things on her twitter simply because her fans loved to hear it and because she didn't want to share more profound parts of her life with so many people, and that it was really painful to know that some people just loved her by her looks and not her talent as a singer, but she tried to focus on the music, and also about her sickness. And Floor said that it was really hard to say good bye to After Forever but that she had gotten up on her feet and ReVamp was a great band. Marcela told them of how hard it was to be a Latin woman in Europe and in Metal and how grateful she was with Arjen for giving her the chance to do what she loved the most.

Liv told them of how hurt she was with Theater of Tragedy betrayal but that she was much happier now and that destiny had caught up with them and Tarja told them too of how hurt she felt too by the betrayal of Nightwish but that now she was a stronger woman and a better artist and she loved her life now.

Sharon told them of how sometimes it was so hard to have been on tour and away from her children and how hard it was to mix everything, family, band, songwriting, and that she sometimes was overwhelmed and Inga told them of how hard it was to bear the jokes of many people who considered her and her band a joke and not metal, but that she was doing what she loved the most and she wouldn't give up.

They all decided that each of this woman was very strong and amazing.


A mysterious account was opened on youtube and there a video popped up. It was one of the missing girls, sitting on sofas in a cell, singing in perfect harmony, their awesome voices making beautiful music, then they finished their song and kept quiet, and any viewer could see the worry returning to their faces. They looked tired and sad and one of them walked up and started pacing up nervously, it was obvious they were being held captives, then the video faded to black.

It reached 10 million views in one day and more than 5000 comments but youtube was unable to find who posted it, soon they erased the video and the channel but it had gone viral, showing up in every metal and news channel and webpage.

At least it was a proof that they were fine and together and unharmed although people was worried at Tarja's bandaged wrist, but they seemed mostly fine.

some theories started around that it was all a big scam, a trick to get more attention, but the police knew it couldn’t have been possible because it made no sense, and all the family and friends had been investigated and no one had been involved. Very bright investigators, shrinks and profilers had tested them all and they concluded that they were not involved.

the record companies of the girls made an united front and announced that they'd pay any ransom but they wanted their singers back. Of course they did, they were now famous and their records were selling like crazy and getting into No 1 in every charts, even in pop charts.

gothic metal, power metal, opera metal, soprano, female fronted metal were now common terms that everybody seemed to know and it was very weird, specially for the long time metal fans who had always had this small place of their own & now thousands of people were invading their forums and communities, but that didn't matter too much, they were still worried because their favorite singers were missing, but at least the video showed that they were alright.


- Do you feel better? - Asked Inga but Tarja could not lie and shook her head, she still had fever and her wrist was horribly swollen. It was already night.

- We have to do something! - Said Floor and started hitting the door and yelling for help, but nothing happened. - I'm so sorry Tarja - she said for the 100 time and sighed with a defeated face.

- I told you you'll pay me with free backing vocals for my next album when we get out of here - tarja said with a smile that showed that she was feeling very tired.

They had already had dinner and were ready to sleep, but the fatigue and stress was already making them feel weak and depressed and it was hard to try to stay strong but curiously this hadn't made them lose their sleep. They all seemed able to sleep well and it was a strange thing, also watches were getting hard to maintain and floor started to suspect that more than one girl had hidden that they had fallen asleep, and she started to wonder if perhaps the food did contain some sort of sleeping pills mixed in them, but she couldn't go on with her theory because an unexplainable sleep fell upon her and she couldn't help falling asleep, even if the first watch was hers.

When she woke up and looked around Tarja was gone.
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