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Life After The Massacre

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"I killed someone." I say to her. "Tobby? Who did you Kill?" Her round eyes glaze. "Sweeney Todd"

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I get to the door. Had I really just kill someone? I ask myself. I look back at the four bodies in their own pools of blood. Mr. T was holding the old women Mum asked me to shoo so many times. Had this been his wife he sang about?

I look in his open eyes. He doesn't seem shocked that I was behind him. Was he waiting for death? For me to take his blade and finish him? He had nothing to live for since his wife is gone.

I had warned Mum about him. She didn't have the mind to listen. Now shes burning in the oven with her canabel meat pies. Such a sweet women. The smell is awful though. It stings and makes me want to vomit.

I have to fight back tears. My horibble life continuing it's rain with no intention of stoping. I scan the room again. The silver murders catch my eye. Each with their victims. Only two were there out of the four. They drew me in. I can see why they are the best. I pick them up, running my finger on the smooth metal. Someone's warm blood ratherd on my fingers. I closed it and pocketed it. I did the same with the other.

Next, I walked over to the oven. I place my hand over the door. "Good bye, Mum." I get no responce. The oven has been still for a wile now.

I ran sacked the whole building. I took all the money, all the food with no person in it, and one of Mum's necklaces. Either to sell or just for her. I took it.

I walk out of the door and look at it one more time.

"Good bye Sweeney Todd. The demon barber of fleet street."

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