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Work House

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The streets were flooded with people. Of course, as I was walking away from the cursed place, a man stoped me.

"Boy!" He started. "Did you just come from Todd's barber? Is he still in? I need a shave." The man brushed his studdle with his gloved his hand.

"No." I said darkly. I closed my coat, in fear he'd see the blads. I cleaned them of their mess. "He's not in and I haven't yet shaved before. I am only 14."

"Ah yes. Right. Any idea when he'll be back?" He says looking at his pocket watch.

"Sir, I have no idea. I went to go get a meat pie and Mrs. Lovett wasn't there either. I guess we'll both have to go with out." I start to walk past him, he catches my nap sack.

"Boy! Where are your parents?!" He barks

"Sir, my mother his home ill. I meant to have gotten her a pie, seeing they're her favorites but They are out. Now, sir, I must go to my mother." I pull away from his grip. I move in a hurry for my mother who does not live.

"Good bye boy. My blessings to your mother." He waves. I just keep walking. The work house is a far walk.

The house is nothing of the sort. Just an old werehouse with beds and a kitchen. It is the worst place on earth. I grew up there. The others there were my family. When my first "brother" was sent away to work when I was 5, it broke my heart. As the others started to leave, My heart broke off part by part. By the time Mr. T shoved Mum into the oven, I didn't have a heart left. Just a fragment of what it was.

I look at the yard. All ages under 10 were playing on the death traps of the play sets. I know some of them. I've only been gone about a year, maybe less. I see Jerry and Liss. And Mana and Jake. Alex and Amy. And who is that? Is that, Angeline?

Angeline. My best friend. She was sent for three years ago, but her brown/blonde and sea green eyes haven't changed.

"Angeline! Angeline!" I yell. Her head turns. A smile plays at her lips. She starts to move my way. Turning her head evey few seconds to check on the other kids. We come together in a tight embrace. I get this warm feeling and a smile. Then I feel, well, her breast that weren't there three years ago, agenst my chest. After all, she is 14 it's not surprise thats shes, hem, grown.

"Oh Tobby! I've missed you! When I came back I was looking forward to seeing you after all these years but you haven't been here. You were sent out. Someone said you were sent to work for Signor Pirelli I went looking. I could find you or him any were. And when Pirelli was found missing I was sure you'd come back. But you didn't. Now it all doesn't matter! Your here now! Thats all that matters!" She hold me tighter, my face burns.

"I haven't heard a word about you! I didn't know where you went or where you were sent to work, nothing. No one botherd. You were gone one morning. Not even a note? That was unlike you." I pick on her. She just holds me tighter.

"Where were you Tobby?" She asks me.

"186 fleet street." I say.

"Oh. What were you doing there? If not working." She parted a bit, about arms length.

"I worked for a lady who took me in as her own. She saved me from Signor Pirelli. I called her Mum. It was a great life." I told her. She started to smile.

"Then why did you leave?"

"The reason is for another time. Where did you go?"

"I went to Kent. A baker needed me. I wasn't treated nicely but I wasn't a slave. He gave me nice dresses to wear and good food. Even thought it wasn't easy." She gave a half smile.

"Then why did you leave?" I ask.

She smiles and laughs. "His daughter came back from France. He didn't need me so I came back. He gave me this to rember him." She reaches, dear god, into the front of her dress. She pulls out a gold chain with a gold coin. It was huge and had an odd inscription. "It says gringgotts. But I don't know what the hell that is." She giggles.

"Oh. I don't have much to remember my days at Signor Pirelli's, except a few scars." I say looking at my hands. "And Mums, well she-" How to put this... "Gave me one of her chokers to remember her by." I, unwillingly, let go of her and dig through my nap sack. I take out the lace chocker. It was simple and light.

"It's beautiful." She said feeling it. "And she just gave it to you? How sweet." She smiles. I nod. "Well then, we musten stay out here too long. Come." She pulled me back into hell. I don't care right now. I'm just thinking of a way out.
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