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It's the middle of the night. Maybe 1:00 or 2:00. I have been talking to Angeline the whole night wile thinking of a way out for the both of us. I think I should go back to the pie shope. For now. We'll make a run for it. No one was sent there so they wouldn't think to go there. We could hid there before I can think of another place to go to. I am a quick thinker. I may not be book smart but I can think of ways to live pretty quickly.

Shes a sleep. I place my hand on her back and shake her softly. She turns slowly, rubbing her eyes, and smiling. "Yes Tobby?" I love her just saying my name...

"Come away with me tonight. Escape this place. Be able to sleep well without Gin. be able to live a free life. Never worried about lashings or beng yelled at. PLease, come away with me." I plead to her. I can't do this without her.

"Tobby? What is this? Why must you leave? Where are we going?" She looks worried.

"I'll explain when we're safe. Please, you have to. Either you come with me or I go by my self. It'll be less work to go by myself but it will be more alone. Angie, please." I beg her.

"Tobby, wha-?"

"Alright, I guess I'm going alone. Good bye Angeline, till we meet again, if we do." I get up off then spare bed in the room and start twords the door.

"No! Tobby! I'll come! I've wanted out of this prison since I came back." She smiles and throws her blanket off. "What do I need?"

I smile brightly. "Get a nap sack and fill it with every thing you need. But you should take some of my clothes. We don't need a dress getting in the way. I have extra shoes too." I dig through my nap sack. I only have four pairs of paints and four shirts. The ones I'm wearing and three in my bag.

"Okay! I have a hair bow to put my hair up!" She takes the clothes. "I've always wounderd what it was like to wear theses.."

She goes off into a corner where I can't see her change. That's a bit of a downer but I'll get over it.

"Okay, I'm ready." She says. She had a pink nap sack and her long hair was up.

"Come on, we have to go before sun raise. We'll surely get lashings if we get cought." She nods in agreement. "Grabe some candlles and matches." She nods again. "Great, no follow me and don't fall behind." Another nod. It feels good being incharge.

I open the volt like door just enough for me and Angie to slip out. My eyes adjust to the dark, which enables me to see soild masses. There aren't many. About two tables on each floor. We only have the stairs in the middle of the floor after that.

I feel around for the steps since theres no bar or wall keeping kids from falling. I shake when I start to move down the metal stairs. I feel Angie grasp my back so she wont fall. I smile to the darkness.

Not a sound came from our feet. You would have thought we've done this many time before. Truth be told, this is the first and last time we will be doing this. Well, at least in the work house.

It was a relief to the both of us when our feet hit the floor. We made it down without a thought. We smoothily glide across the floor, being sure to move around the toys and drunken kids.

Now we can make as much sound as we want. We'll be out before they can wake up. I get my hand on the lock. I turn to Angie. She smiling and so am I. With the aprovel of her, I slam the lock, threw the door open wide, and started to run.

I grabed Angies hand when a heard tthe doors up stairs slam. The moon lit the coble stone. It was almost full. And it made our escape easier.

I look back and see the heads of the leaders. I duck into an allie, into the shadows. They run past the allie without seeing us. "Come, it's a few blocks away."

"Hurry! Someone might see us!" I tell Angie. We run up the steps to the only room up here.

"Wow Tobby, your mum new how to decorate." She looks around.

"Yeah, she did." I say remembering Mum.

"This is 186 Fleet street, where is your Mum?"
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