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At the Mall ~

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FRANK: I stuffed a hand into one of Gerard's jacket pockets, noting to myself that I needed some gloves to replace my lost skeleton ones. His warm arm wrapped around me in a way it rarely did in such a busy place and I grinned. The mall was full of Christmas shoppers, filling escalators, clutching bags full of gifts and food. We hadn't bought so much yet and I wasn't aiming to try and be in and out of there too fast. It was fun just being our with Gee, recently he's been quieter but it reassured me he's okay the way he kept cracking jokes and such. I tried to ignore his recent short temper and touchiness and assumed he was just having a rougher time but I couldn't help but wonder if there was anything I could do. I figured being tehre for him was help enough but I can't help being curious.

We passed at least 3 guys dressed as Santa, taking me back to when I kicked one in the balls. Long story short I was 9 and he was a pervert, I was sure. My Mom's face when I kicked him too, I can still remember the shocked gasps and profuse appologies.
I looked up at Gerard's ever permanent sunglasses. All of a sudden, they're the one thing he always wears. They're cool but he doesn't need them inside, in the middle of Winter.
I reached up to them but my hand was slapped away with a scarily quick reaction. I wonder what goes on behind Gee's hazel, deep eyes sometimes. He strikes me as a very deep thinker though he sometimes covers that up. He's really smart, just generally aand can toss the odd mindfucking idea around without meaning to when he goes on intricate rants. I pretned to follow but usually end up hugging him silent. I'm like that, if he bores me I don't tell him I just completely smother him.

"Don't, Frank. I look shit." Gerard said bluntly.
"Shut up, you can't look shit!" I laughed in disbelief. I meant it. Even drunk or something, he's like... Godly. There's just this thing about him, this weird spark that makes him so crazy attractive. Sure there's that occassionally girlish attitude easily countered by that violent passion and those eyes and lips that could kill but they'd mean so much less without Gerard's unexplainable 'spark'.

We stopped suddenly.
"Oh crap..." Gerard whined.
"I promised Mikey I'd go get him new glasses... And I can't break that promise."
"Why's he need new glasses and whats the problem with getting new ones?" Double question - how daring of me.
"Oh, he broke them and they cost a lot to replace."
"But can he see right now?" I probed, half joking.
"Yeah, 2 days. I kept forgetting he couldn't see so good, it was weird..."
I nodded, unsure of what to say. Where did Mikey go and what did Gerard mean? In case my mind conjured up any 'strange' thoughts, I just thought about what I was going to buy.
I waited outside the Opticians, watching passers by. Weird to think thier lives are as crazy as mine but you can't actually see it.

I pondered on that for a while, lost track of time with all the details that can't be told from scars or passing expressions and comapred them to the things you can tell. For example, you could tell I wasn't a likely football captain from my built but you probably couldn't tell I was in love with a guy when I stood on my own. I probably appeared as normal as everyone else. Then I thought about the definition of normal. God that gets confusing so I steered myself away form the subject, whistling some tunes that popped into my head.
Gerard re-appeared with a small carrier bag quite some time later. He strolled up to me, swinging the bag so far he almost took out some lady who was walking past. Best thing was he didn't even see her.

"Got 'em!" He held up the small bag, smiling sweetly. I nodded,
"So should I go buy your stuff and you can go buy whatever you're getting?"
"Yeah, no trying to follow me, okay?" Gerard cautioned, unable to stop a small laugh.
"Oh I won't." I was about to turn the other way to hit the shops but just remembered something,
"So, we'll meet up at Starbucks in an hour?" I confirmed our previous idea of a plan.
"Yeah. Have fun." Gerard waved and turned the other way, tossing his head as he went.

I waved and began wandering on my own. I had a rough idea of what to get. I had to get Gerard, Mom, Dad, Mikey, Shane, Ray and Auntie Steph presents. Nothing too big for most, with the odd exception. I save up all I possibly can for Christmas, often withdrawing money from my bank account. If my parents knew about my savings, they's probably use it for a divorce. If Dad left though, I may well end up begging or busking for cash on the side, and in the area I live in, be killed before dying of starvation. No joke. Thank fuck for the roof over our heads, no matter how shit it can get under there which is often since my Dad is often under it.
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