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Car Journeys

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FRANK: Gerard's new silver car pulled up surprisingly smoothly outside my house despite the piled up snow. It was December 18th and the snow was starting to settle ever thicker. Ignoring all the snow, I bounded over to the car excitedly. He pushed the passenger door open for me and I leapt inside, grabbing his arm.
"Hey honey!" I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He was nice and warm so I nuzzled in more than I usually would have. I shut the door behind me and kept my hands to myself once more.
"Hi Frankie. How much money you got?" he gestured vaguely at me. I had insisted -categorically - that we had to go to the mall and buy Christmas presents together.

"Uh...." I mentally counted up my dollar bills. "Enough!" I concluded. Ture I had enough, not hundreds but exactly the amount I needed plus $10 for a coffee.
When I looked up Gerard was kneeling on the edge of his seat, facing me.
"Frankie, you're so cute when you do that!" he pulled at one of my cheeks, like an old lady does to a young kid. As you can guess I was not best pleased by this gesture sa it made me feel fucking miniature. He lurched forward, probably to use his powers of persuasion on me.
"When I do what?!" I was annoyed he said that and treated me like a pet or something in such an odd place with passers by.
"When you use your fingers to count up stuff!" Gerard grinned, anticipatingly licking his lips like he always does, running that tongue extra slowly across the pale pink bottom lip. I couldn't help but watch, very almost drawn into his trap.

This time I would put up a fight though.
"I don't mean to be cute." I frowned. "I can be just as intimidating and scary as well, Gee. I'm not always the weaker one of us two!"
"Awh, Frankie. I'm sure you're big and tough." Gerard petted my head. "But you know who's on top!" Gerard lurched forward again, this time delicately running a finger along the top of my exposed t-shirt. I was paralyzed as he undid my jacket, the look on his face oe of utter concentration. He was so enjoying it.
"Just give me a chance and I'll show you how mean I can be." I vowed. Gerard sat back, looking suprised.
"Dude! Make your mind up! You can't be both. Besides, you volunteered to be chained and uh... something else, remember?" Gerard linked both hands with mine and held them above us, pushing me back and him into me. He did that little eyebrow arch as well, though I was not to be defeated so quickly.

"Don't bring that into this conversation Gerard! Just because I offered to bring the M to your S doesn't mean I don't want a shot at being the..... Guy." I admitted, though embarassing to say. It seemed he wanted to make up for the other night when I was in a more dominant position. It also reminded me that there was unfinished business from there and perhaps he was trying to set us up for that. There was no way he'd overpower me just yet. If we were gonna be making out in his car it would be from my initiation, not his. Just to discipline him.

Gerard laughed, partly because he was winning our little wrestling match. "'Bring the M to your S'? Am I that sadistic Frank? Oh, and you better not complain about it." he winked, probably
to prove his point that he had me on a string with this sorta stuff.

"Though I can be pretty bad if I want too." I smirked, let go of his hands, having formulated a plan. I didn;t have a particular aim, I jsut wanted to mess around, though on my rules this time.
"Oh? How?" Gerard smiled at me, not expecting my fast moves. I pretty much pounced on him, grabbing hold of his shoulders and jumped forward, planting myself on his perfectly positioned lap as Gerard sat with his legs foldded under himself. I had obviously suprised him but Gee didn't try to shove me off. He was liking where he thought I was going.
"Mmmm..." I pretended to think about my answer while very conciously grinding my hips into his with all the force I could. I had to rest my head on Gerard's shoulder so took the opportunity to play with his hair absentmindedly. A startled moan escaped Gerard's lips as I swivled my hips from side to side on him as if burrowing into his lap.
"I can be a tease?" I suggested, running my hands down Gerard's back, smiling to myself. I had an aim then and I told myself as soon as I achieved it I'd get off him.
"Oh can you?" Gerard asked, running his greedy hands onto my ass, making me hiss an intake of breath and buck forwards suddenly. "Ah... Ah!" He suddenly clutched me tighter and I could feel why, Gerard was getting hard. Fuck yes.

"See?" I whispered, trying to stop myself getting hard too. Gerard stuck his hands under the top of my pants, inching downwards. I tightened up, getting ready to back off. I took to taking slow deep grinds and Gerard only got harder under me.
"But Frank, aren't I the one in control?" Gerard uttered between little moans of, "Fuck, yes!"
"You're the one rock hard." I murmured, leaning back and swiftly removing his hands out of my pants.
"So are you!" Gerard accussed. he was right but I was trying to make a damn point. "Look, just admit it Frank, you play into my hands so badly!"

"No I don't!" I sighed miserably, moving back onto my own seat, "Can we not have fun anymore without debating who's on-fucking-top?"

"Yeah, that's fine!" Gerard laughed, incredulous, "But you seem unable to take that I like my domination and it confuses me, if you want to be more on top then don't let me fuck you around."

Just today (again) I gave in to his words. I sighed, pulling my innocent face.
"I can't help liking what you do Gee. You're good at everything. Sex-related and seducing..... " I mumbled, leaning in to lead him on.
"You're good too you know." Gerard added, leaning in too and alread closing his eyes in anticipation.

I let him think he could overpower me in the car, while countless people could see. A kiss is never simply a short kiss when Gerard plays up to it. And I swear that I'd only fuck him in the car outside my house if I were never going to see my parents again! At the last second, before I let his lips touch mine, I pushed him off and laughed. There's always time for fun, later. We have all the time we'll ever need, into oblivion. That's how I see it. Not forever, but into motherfucking oblivion and I'm sure that's longer than any forever.

"Let's get goin'." I prompted happily, clicking my fingers as well. Getting whatever power over Gerard feels great. To show him who's boss. It always makes him smile too, even if he won;t admit it at first. He smirked and put Subaru into gear, biting his tongue in obvious effort.
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