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A Vicegrip Stalemate

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10 things turn nasty, let the pawns and knights fall into play

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SHANE: "Yes!" I almost shreiked when I recieved the message from Mikey. He was fed up of Gerard and wanted to come to me! A quick assumption but that's what it sounded like! I sent a reply, arranging times for the following day. The best, early Christmas present may well be Mikey this year.
I pictured him showing up at my door, shivering. Maybe Gerard had gone and done what I told him to do to Mikey as well. The small clear tears rolling down Mikey's face as he confessed his sadness. He's in my reach now. I'd won!
No point being modest, I had sucessfully repelled Mikey from Gerard and surely Frank will follow soon. Then I could do whatever I wanted. Gerard would care less of them and allow it all. It works out all too well for me sometimes.

I began tidying my room, pushing most trash under my bed. My all too used bed. It was a complete state. Bottles, boxes, cameras, film: all I used in there, and clothes too.
I couldn't have the tell-tale signs littering my room, especially if they'd remember it afterwards. And by 'it' I mean the same thing that always happens in my room. Over and over, variation on variation, night after night.

The next day, all there was, it was cruel, a trigger. Turned it all upside down. And I tried not to show how badly I shattered. I couldn't help it, I lost my composure and striked before I thought my plan through. Thankfully I had him trapped, dangerous but very much trapped.

I awoke to somebody banging on my door. At first I was scared in case it was the cops or the some moeny-associated collector no doubt weilding a sythe and black cloak. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I crept into the lounge while pulling on some pants, no need for a belt.
Peering through the peep-hole in my door made me jump. It was Mikey, and quite a few hours early. He looked unusually unkempt and stressed out - I needed to be inviting and comforting to him today. I let him in and took a seat on the kitchen counter lazily, swinging my legs. I focussed on him, trying to be imposng, so he'd have to look at me. Hell I was even half unzipped. Fuck I'm a bit of a sleaze.

"Hey Mikey. What's been worrying you?" I asked tentively.
"A lot, actually."
"What do you mean? Family problems...?" I grinned to myself though tried to remain caring on the outside.
"Yes, you hit the nail on the fucking head there." Mikey approached me and I thought through of what I should, or could do. He was within reaching distance, opening up the possibility of me grabbing hold and never letting go. I decided upon waiting to see if I could handle the situation normally.

"Gerard. What have you done to my Gerard?" Before I had the chance to ask an innocent question, he carried straight on. "I'll tell you what you did, you bastard. You've been loading him up on crack!! What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick asshole?!" He spat on me, actually spat a huge glob right on my face. "What do you even gain from it? Do you know how much this has damaged us all?!"

My hands were quick in coiling around him, and I turned Mikey around,pulling him onto me. Using my arm to press down on his neck.
"Let go! Shane!!" I ignored the pleas, making sure to keep a tight hold while I thought of a plan.
Formulating, deciding yet again. What will be my next move in this elaborate game between me and Gerard. The two forces in Frank and Mikey's lives. The kings and the knights, lining up unfavourably again.
If Mikey had somehow found out, but Gerard kept asking me for fixes, then Gerard didn't want Mikey to know... If I could put Mikey in a position where he had to obey my word, then all would be good.

"Shane, I came to make you stop hurting him!!" Mikey wheezed, feebly pushing his legs in all directions on the floor, shaking and struggling. I could have him at my mercy. Trap him if I wanted. I kept us steady with my firm hold.
"We can make a nice little deal, can't we?" I whispered. I can remain very calm on the surface in these situations. There have been many times I've had people like this, even in public where I've made it look perfectly fine and natural.
"I'll do anything, Shane! As long as you stop doing this to Gerard for me, I'd do anything!!" How cute, he's saying that he'll let himself be tied or choked or have his little ass fucked raw. I knew he was serious though. Always a plus.

I thought of the endless possibilities. He could be easily tied up in my closet for god's sake, I know Mikey means he'll do anything! I needed to make sure that I kept the wording flexible on my part - since when have I made a fair deal, or intend to in the first place?
"Well, the main thing that'll keep both you two alive will be you not ever telling the cops. If I ever find out you seek help for Gerard or yourself, I will make his head blow up with all the crap I can get. And you'll be watching, I'll make it so tough that you'll beg to be killed yourself." I whispered, proud with the word choice as I let the poison seep through the air and start to make a nice little startling chokehold on Mikey.

"I don't care, I'm fucked either way! Just stop hurting Gerard, Shane!!" I let out a tiny gasp of realisation. 'Fucked either way' - meaning Gerard had matched my offer, possibly about getting me to stop supplying. Now, Mikey was trapped between me and Gerard. Gerard is going to do something to him if I stop giving him his fixes. It was so perfect, he had listened to me when I told him how much his little borther craves cock.

And I'm going to do something else entirely. Mikey probably wanted me to stop supplying but without mentioning why. Well, Mikey can get punished by Gerard, that'll wear him down. Erode his senses a bit. Eat away at the fine fabric of sanity. Trust me, it gets worn down pretty quick. This is what I mean by 'having him in my grasp' - an impossible situation, where you face two ultimately horrible ends.
Mikey's right. He's fucked either way.
Pretty much literally by the soudns of it.
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