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SHANE: I never truly promised to stop supplying. My plan was to let Mikey be punished before grasping hold of him myself. In fact, I'd let Gerard load up again and tell him of his pitiful brothers' request. Gerard might even hand Mikey over to me entirely; disown the traitor. All I needed to do was make some phone calls, get people over and everything will be better. Better for me, at least. Just to sit back and watch the flies get stuck further in the web and all would work out fine. I've been so fortunate too, nothing would backfire now, I had it all covered.

Gerard was too hooked by now to be of any danger and I put a lot of trust on his promise to Mikey, fomr th way Mikey acted as well it was clear I was pretty safe. It was so hard to watch it play out, really hard to not try and speed it up and it let me down that I wouldn't have Mikey the way I first wanted him. Well, I wanted excitement form the town and I guess I was getting it and reasonably safely too. That's all I can ask, safety.

FRANK: I held both his cool hands. I didn't ask why they shook slightly, or why they seemed older than they were with thier tiny wrinkles. I only embraced the feeling of together-ness I recieved. Ever controlling together-ness. It was a scene with no hitches, no catches involved. Just us, and it made me so happy. So happy but I still stumble over the words to say it.

More clouds were rolling in, as if there weren't enough in the sky already. People must think we're strange. The 'two-guys' part, or the fact we were at a pier in such crappy Winter weather. It started off as a fine day and going out seemed like such a great idea but almost as soon as we got to the pier after having some lunch the weather just get shittier and shittier. Frozen wind lashed at my face so I pulled the long, shared scarf tighter around us.
I felt an urge, deep within me, and it's voice was stuttered.

I'm so bad with true romanticism, I'm so bad at saying things more than 'I love you', either I get embarasssed and get afraid he'll think it's funny or just fail to find something with true meaning. I blurted out before thinking,
"I wish we were like this -"
A strong gust of wind made me huddle in closer to Gerard, concealing my smile becuase of the excuse to get sa near as possible. I changed what I wanted to say as well,
'Forever' changed to "Every day!" A more chirpy ending too, not wanting the lower the mood to match the weather. His steady breath over our hands was both soothing and warm and also ticled me. A few times I reached up to just touch our noses, almost laughing at the 'cuteness' of the gesture.
Gerard let go of a hand to pet my head.

"So do I Frankie." I think he knew what I really meant. Wanting to change the mood further, I said something stupid, like I usually end up doing.
"Come on Mr.RayBans, this river is boring. Lets just find a couch alone and..."
"Hug innocently?" he finished, about to go to the car already, holding out his hand for me and starting very slowly off.

"It's your call on that one." I waited until Gerard looked at me until I gave him as flirty face I could manage while still looking innocent. Not the easiest of expressions as you might imagine.
"We can start by piggybacking..." I mumbled.
"Not today."
"Damn!" I cursed, having braced myself to jump onto his back anyway.

"Hey, who's house we goin' to?" Gerard reeled in his scarf, leaving me open to the cold. Shivering, I caught up with him and grabbed his arm. Sighing, I thought of all the days we spent together, just holding each other in front of the TV when the weather was this shit. It really made me appreciate how close we've got in such time. I mean, knowing me it'd be many months before I spoke to anyone I had a crush on in my old school. I'd end up getting rejected anyway and Gerard and I didn't happen like that. Despite the holes in our relationship, I've never been happier.

"Mine? Mom and Dad are at my auntie's." I suggested, though I did want to see Mikey. I hate to think he's getting quiet again. All the times Gee had said something creepy about him sounded less like a lie everytime he said them, not that I think any shit's going down but I just want to say hi to Mikey again!

"Okay, Mom and Dad's it is." he smirked, though I coudnt see his face. His audible smirks are too obvious and sometimes they're all I need to actually get off.
"I don't know if I should laugh or be a little freaked out that you called them 'Mom and Dad'... As if we're brothers."
"Incest is fine!" Gerard laughed with a sarcastic snort, then quickly added more, "But you're missing another reason why I'd call them Mom and Dad, Frank." He turned round to look at me steadily in the eye, surveying my reaction like it was some sort of test.

I wanted to avoid another awkward silence when we thought of something weird. What Gee had implied was something that I could never think of, for fear of fainting and being dubbed the wife.
"To annoy them?" I climbed into his car.
"Yeah." Gerard pulled me in and kissed me before starting the engine.
An awkward silence, though a short one, turned out to be unavoidable.
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