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Gerard: Frank's parents were indeed out, so I lifted him up and dumped him on one of the sofas. He didn't complain much though and happily let me sit beside him.
Frank turned on the TV with the remote but I grabbed it from his hands and leaned in. I was in the mood for some fun. Teasingly, I stroked the remote down his face. It was hard not to laugh actually, his face was adorably alert. Frankie's eyes were wide as he assessed what was going to happen.

"Frankie, you know what....?" I shuffled up closer, kneeling on the soft fabric.
"What?" I could see the curiosity in his face.
"Seeing as I'm out from 6 -"
"You're always out! I wanna go out ~" He flung his arms up in uncontrolled protest. I silenced him, pushing a finger to his lips.
"Let me finish! How about we just have a little fun now?" His brow knitted together, in a pleased smile. I grinned right back at him.

"How much is 'a little'?" He kissed my finger then I let him lie on top of me. My back was half propped up on the edge of the couch pretty comfily. Each kiss I got from him only reminded me more of how I longed to get out of this life: of paranoia and lies. It made me unspeakably happy. I couldn't help but smile when our lips parted, only to meet again.
"Shouldn't we go to my room?" he protested in a moany voice when I pulled off his top.
"Not yet." I sat him further on top of me, letting him apply some much appreciated pressure on my hips.

"When then?" He held my head to his chest. I waited some while, listening to his raging heartbeat before I answered. It's amazing he sounded as composed as he did. I expected he'd be all juttery instead, judging by how fast his heart was going.
"Just wait." I persisted. Frank was only anxious incase his parents came back to see us screwing on the couch. Sure, they'd chase us out the country, but after a few millenia, it'd wear off. Besides, it sorta depended on the type of screwing this involved... Maybe.

Frank: Though most of my thoughts were very much for quick, im-sorry sex, there was a tiny voice of un-horniness mumbling away in the cobwebbed, rational part of my head. I knew that really, this wasn't for much of a reason but to stop me complaining about Gerard's continuing and mysterious outings. I wished that one night he'd come back to me after, or at least invite me around. I didn't complain though as things were about to get very fun indeed and Gerard knows just how to wipe my mind blank.

Deciding that im-sorry sex is better than nothing, I waited until Ifelt that I could no longer continue getting dirty in the lounge. At last Gerard looked up from my chest, where he was kissing all over, and he nodded. He told me to wait in the room, that he was bringing up a 'surprise' for me. I threw myself on the bed and sighed when my back hit the matress. As I listened to the noises downstairs of opening and closing cupboards, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down as far as I bothered and waited eagerly. When he came back up, I saw he had something in his hoodie pocket, but he threw it on the floor. Gerard began working in a crazy hurry to haul my tighter-than-normal pants off. The panic in him somehow made it all the more fun and urgent. I was panting already, exhilarated at just the concept already, my annoyance shrugged off faster than my pants.

"Let's finsh you off!" I saw Gerard was about to ravage my upper body with his lips again so I made a small interuption, hopefully to steer them to another direction.
"I haven't even started yet! You need to try much harder, Gee!"
"No way, I thought just my mouth got you going!"
"If used the right way!" I let the innuendo do it's work, and admired how he always bit his lip in that irresistable way of his.

I shuddered when he yanked down the last of my defences, being boxers.
"Yes!" I barely breathed the word before Gerard set me straight.
"Oh we aren't going there ju-ust yet Frankie." He snickered darkly to my instant distress.
I thought about asking him to get to it already, but then I'd sound like a freakin' desparate.... whore, basically, so I left it, willing him on while trying to keep noise to a minimum.
He picked up on this quickly.

"Frank....? Why are you so quiet, I mean, we have the house to ourselves here! C'mon," Gee paused to nip at my collarbone, "we can be as loud as we want." His voice was dripping with the anticipation and wore a coaxing tone.
I didn't want to admit that I feel a little embarassed each time he makes me cry out or something. Sure, I love the stuff he does to make me howl, but it makes me seem that little more powerless. It can't really be helped, especially when Gerard does such things so damn well, sometimes you have to give in.

I stared into his deep eyes, analysing what he might do next. I saw the excitement in him as he stared back, pupils darting around wildly. Gerard pulled me in for a quick kiss, then slid slowly down my body and I was quick to react. Kissing down all the way and looking up at me, a couple long, drawn out sighs escaping his warm lips. I let out a pained sort of whine and got ready for the ride.

"This'll make you moan." Gerard whispered and I did not dare look down at what was going to happen, in case i was something actually pretty painful. "In a good way, honey." He soothed, probably having noticed I tensed up a little. I felt myself stiffen at the thought of what he was going to do and also when I felt hot heavy breaths on me. My skin was tingling with ecstacy that quicky eveloped me. If it was going to be as good as last time, then I'd happily moan for the whole time.
I heard him rummage around for something and when I looked up he was holding a familiar bottle. A small bottle of my favourite topping for pancakes and hell, a lot of food: maple syrup. I had no idea how to react without seeming utterly insane for it or shouting, 'gimme, gimme!' or just 'do me! do me!'

"See? I told you it would be fun!" Gee assumed a rather devilish face as he tipped the bottle upside down. All he had to do was to squeeze it ever-so-slightly for it to empty on me. I wasn't sure though if this was an extra-kinky thing for him to do though. And when the thick sweet stuff poured onto my body, all the way form my neck to my dick, I wished it was.
I don't give a shit if there's a hitch: Gerard is good at I'm-sorry sex and he could go out every night if he wanted to, if he'd cover me in syrup and lick it off. And yes, that could be just what he wants but I'm getting a blowjob for it. Me! With syrup!
I hissed inwards at the feel of his mouth enveloping me, taking me in. His mouth was so warm too. I clutched the bedsheets tightly as he began licking at me, starting slow but getting faster or heavier in random patterns.

"Oh, fuck...this is....Shii-iit!" I panted, bucking my hips suddenly. No joke, it was because Gerard's so damn good with his tongue too, he could probably draw with it, that even him lapping the syrup off my throat gave me an orgsam. Gerard's quiet and contented giggle vibrated in my throat, leaving me stunned as he made his way down again, 100 times better than before.
I shuddered in pleasure when he went back to my erection, this time pulling out all the stocks. I felt myself build up and concentrated on trying to last without cumming.

I writhed, sweat soon joining rogue syrup on the bedsheets, my hair thuroughly greased up already. Even the lightest touch from Gerard's tongue sent me into spasms with all the syrup coating me and fuck could he keep me entertained. I wailed like a bitch, bucking my hips so wildly I was suprised Gerard didn't gag any more than he did. I was tossing and turning uncontrollably, muttering words that bypassed any prior thoughts and I was honestly flying.
"Gerard!" I screamed, almost turning over to face the matress in my heavenly struggles. Though I had screamed his name before, that was a warning: I could hold myself back no further. I sighed, swearing as I let go, cumming, and a heavy head-lightening orgasm take hold of me for precious moments.
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