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So Soon

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Gerard is a quick cleaner as well as good at spontaneous lying to get places.

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FRANK: No sooner had we finished our fun than did Gerard start getting anxious again, itching to clean up. I heard the strain in his voice as he protested to my pleas for him to stay longer.
I lay there, still naked and not bothering to get up. Gerard licked his lips one last time, that grin alomst sending me back into a fearfully good orgasm before he got up, colecting my clothes in one arm, still licking a finger clean intently.
"...Gee?" I asked, sitting up, brushing my heavy slick hair out my eyes.
"Yeah." Gerard stooped down to pick up my jeans.
"What're you doing....?" I asked, uneasily, staring with disbelief.
"Well aren't you gonna get up sometime, Frankie?" Gee offered, tossing my underpants at me.
"No! C'mon, lets have some more fun and maybe get up later!"

"Frank, my jaw is aching as it is thanks to you and I'm pretty tired so maybe later." Gerard couldn't supress a smile as he said that, sending me blushing like hell with him.
"Then lets wait until you're all better." I bargained eagerly.
"Ah, Frank, I have to go home sometimes..."
"Gerard...!" I whined, annoyed he was so stubborn at the most perfect of times.

"It's four-fifty Frankie, I got to get going sometime." Gerard came to my side and snatched my undies off me, practically pulling them around my ankles and letting me resignedly do the rest.
I figured maybe we could just get naked again later on so I did as he was silently asking anyway and getting up to put on my jeans once more.

"Please! Just stay the night! My parents will come home and not even notice you're here! They won't even notice that I am!" I stood up to wiggle into my jeans and pull them up.
Gee sighed and tried looking away from me while he made up his mind.
"No, but... I..." He held out his hands helplessly. I was making this hard on him, but I had to.
"Come on, what are you even doing that's more important than me?" I was surprised myself that this had never come up. I knew Gerard went out some nights but that was it. It crossed my mind he could be going to therapy, as he once told me of the crushing feelings he still had.
Surely he would tell me? Surely he knew that I woldn't see that as a weakness in him? Gerard isn't one to hold his pride above everything else, is he?

"Was going to go someplace with Mikey to eat..." he mumbled.
"You can do that anyday!" I begged, looking up at him with large eyes and trying to look needy.
His brow furrowed and he answered, "Okay! Fine! I'll stay, I'll come 'round a little later after dinner, I'll -"
I wrapped my arms around his waist and spoke into his chest softly and truly,
"Then I'll be alone for dinner and until who-knows-when Gee?" Perhpas using a vulnerablility / sympathy idea a little too much, though it can work a charm.
I smiled when I felt his arms wrap around me.
"Okay." His voice was more gentle and kind again, "I'll get some stuff and then we'll have dinner together."
"Thank you Gerard." I kissed his shirt happily then squeezed tighter.
"Mind if Mikey comes then?"
".... That's fine by me." It's a little hard to understand why they are so tight sometimes. Mikey can take care of himself, and I wanted us to be alone. Mikey is almost a slave to Gerard sometimes and other times, it's completely the opposite.
Still, I like Mikey and if it makes Gerard happy, then I'll do it. It compensates the loss of Gerard's prior plans too. I just can't win with him, it seems.

MIKEY: At first I was suspicious that I was going to Frank's place, just to eat with them. Being the pessimist, I quickly decided that they wanted to give me some talking to. About what, I had no idea. Perhaps it was something positive, but I had my doubts.
Gerard had a small rucksack with him and chucked it at the stairs when we entered Frank's house. He's relaxed about things like that, and Frank is too.
Frank bounded down the stairs, nearly tripping over the bag.
"Hey guys!" He hugged us both and led us to the kitchen, taking Gerard's hand.
I followed a little awkwardly, feeling all on my own already.
Frank rumaged through the fridge and I took in my surroundings. Little food stains on the tablecloth, chips in the bordering: little things like that. The kitchen was in dissarray and I'm not saying that, because it was messy, that they must be a little low on cash but that was the impression it gave off. We don't live like kings and queens either but we don't care. That's just the spirit of our neighbourhood I guess.

Gerard sat on the table and took a can even before Frank had put the beer down.
"Uh, so Mikey, where were you two gonna go tonight?" Frank asked. Neither of them wanted to sit at the table so I floated around the room. The question confused me. Gerard didn't mention going out tonight whatsoever. I stared at Frank.
"I'm sorry if you're pissed off. It's just that, Gerard said you were going out at 6 and he hasn't stayed over in ages...."
"I changed my mind." Gerard laguhed strangley. "We can go to the drive-in another night." he stared at me intensely. "Instead, we can just eat here."
I nodded, supressing my questions concerning 'what drive-in?'. Again, Gerard was up to something. Frank had persuaded him to stay over instead of Gerard going out. I cringed, thinking of where he was originally planning to go. I guesse this saved me in a way. One day more of Gerard not knowing of what went on at Shane's place.
I wished that bastard would disappear. I can't stand it, his face, the way he looks at people. It makes me feel disgusted with myself, the way I let him advance on me in his car. He's messing all our lived up. And now I let him become lodged between me and Gerard, possibly for the rest of out lives.

"So, who wants what?" Frank offered after a moments silence.
"What've you got?" I ask, checking out the fridge.
"I don't know, bread, tofu, microwave stuff." Frank shurgged.
Taking matters into my own hands as I often ending up doing, I pull out some pre-packaged burgers and a bag of lettuce and dressing. It was obvious that the other two didn't want to make anything.

'Lazy bitches' I thought to myself.
"Oh, you don't have to make me a salad! I'm only occasionaly being a vegetarian!"
Gerard stared at him incredulously.
"I need the protein to stop me getting infections." he stated. This wasn't the answer Gerard was looking for.
"I'm a growing boy!" Frank finished, giggling at how stupid he sounded.
"You don't need to grow anymore, you're as big as you're gonna get, why, any bigger..." He stopped just to that that smile stretch across his face "And my jaw would've been broken..." Gee caught hold of Frank and started whispering into his ear, making them both giggle. One thing was for certain, Gerard wasn't referring to Frank's height and it didn't take any thought to figure out what they were on about.

I ignored the 'sweet' but embarassing scene and found something else to make. I didn't want to look too long - there was a suspicious smell in there.
Frank looked up at me when I slammed the microwave door.
"I'll set the table." Frank muttered, breaking away from Gerard, who was smirking darkly. I knew that smirk all to well.

Eating with Frank and Gerard was strange, simply because we were all alone. I feared they might revert to age 5 and have a mustard fight or something, but I must've somewhat misjudged thier maturity, this one time. We all sat at a different side of the table too, spacing us up oddly. I gazed at a wall calendar before me. Today was the 22nd, and the 25th was circled in thick green pen enthusiastically. Someone had written "Christmas service" in the small white square, but it was struck through. I began thinking of who might or may not be religious in the house. I look at things too close, and at times it does me no good.

I finished in a hurry without meaning to. I had calmed down, remembering that Gerard is very unpredictable and I just have to put up with some of his complicated lies and schemes.

"That was good. Thanks Mikey." said Frank, licking his lips clean.
"It's fine, I only shoved it in the microwave."
"Well, I almost blew it up once. Put a bowl of cereal with the spoon in and was about to turn it on!" I burst out laughing, only Frank would forget that. He's very sweet when he says things like that, and also because it's easy to forget his age since he's short.
"Well, should I get going now?"
"Oh! If you want to, I suppose."
I got up, thinking of something to say to them.
"Uh, have a good time guys." I went for the dodgy sounding option by accident.
"Bye Mike, see you tommorrow!" Gerard called after me, no doubt waving as I turned my back, already forgetting any thoughts of me and turning to Frank, as he pretty well should I guess....
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