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3's a crowd

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There he was stood there with his arm wrapped around her waist as if to stop her from running away. Like she would. She was the partner of My Chemical Romance’s rhythm guitarist Frank Iero. He was with the rest of the band stood in the corner of the room, drinking and laughing. He kept kissing her but looking over at me. They we’re celebrating the new album being complete and how everything has panned out.

Why did he keep looking over at me? The truth is just an hour before the loved up Frank Iero wasn’t be so loving towards his partner; in fact it was the complete opposite, she wasn’t the only one and he wasn’t being faithful. How do I know this? He was with me.

I’m Emiliee and I’m the other one. The one not on the photo’s, the one not sharing the bed with him at night, well some nights. I’m the one who he comes to when ‘doing the laundry’. Obviously May didn’t know about me I mean come on, the girlfriend knowing about the mistress, believe it or not I’m not into threesomes.
“You know what I’m going home I’m tired.” I lied to my best friend Lily and finished off my drink.
“You need to forget about him and live your life. Whatever hold he has over you is going to remain unless you cut the ties.” She told me truthfully before hugging me. That’s what I love about Lily she’ll tell me what I need to hear but she’ll be so nice about it that you don’t hate her.
“I’ll see you later.” I smiled and walked out not even glancing at him once. Walking down the little passageway you had to go down to get out is where he caught up to me.
“Emiliee!” he called whilst jogging to catch up to me “I’ll be round to night when she’s in bed.” He looked at me smiling and went in to kiss me which I swiftly dodged. “What’s up?” he asked frowning a little and looking down to me.
“Don’t bother coming round.” I surprised myself at how angry I sounded so I quickly tried to get past him.
“Excuse me” he stood in front of me blocking my way. “Your saying no? You never have before.” he smirked.
“I’ve never realised how stupid this is. So go back to your loving girlfriend and stay away from me.” I glared back, the smirk slowly disappearing from his face.
“I can come round if I want to.” He said getting closer. “You want to know why? Because I own your flat remember?” The smirk coming back this time instead of me finding it charming, I actually got kind of scared by it. “I also own that dress” he ran this finger along the side of it “and the earrings and bracelet.” He whispered in my ear. “So I’ll see you when she’s gone to bed.” He started walking away but instantly stopped when he heard my zip going. Turning round his face was priceless when he saw me unzipping my dress.
“You can have the dress back” I said handing it him “you can have the earrings and bracelet” I said taking them off and giving him them too “and you can have the flat” I said giving him the key. He was stood there for a good couple of minutes gob smacked.
“Oh yeah? Where you going to live?” He looked at me so sure of himself, like I hadn’t thought about it.
“I’m staying at my mum and dad’s flat while there away.” I smirked loving my new confidence.
“Woho what’s going on?” Gerard and Lily walked out to mine and Frank’s little showdown. He looked around quickly for May and gave me his coat which was kind of long hiding my dignity.
“Ask him.” I spat before turning away.
“Emiliee you’ll come running back and be down on your knees begging for me to take you back. And lets face it you do a better job on your knee’s and back then you do stood up.” He smirked at me.
“I’m the dearest fuck you’ve ever had Frank. Why do you come back? Come on Frank why don’t you finally admit it, grow some fucking balls and admit it.” I said looking at him waiting for his response after realising I wouldn’t be getting one I just shook my head and walked out getting in my car and to my parents house.

The next morning, I decided on getting ready for work. You see I work for Reprise Records and I take notes in all the long boring meetings that involve the band I look after. My Chemical Romance. This is where I met Frank, when I first started he seemed perfect, all caring and helpful then it happened one fateful night, it had snowed heavily and I was walking home and he saw me and gave me a lift. That night we kissed in the car and instead of stopping there he came in to my flat and that’s when I broke my rule of sex with the boss. From there he found out why I took the job on and it was because I couldn’t really afford my rent and my landlord kept threatening me and making sexual advances towards me so when he came round and told me someone had paid my rent for a year I was in shock. Then when I found out it was Frank I was more confused, so I offered to pay him back with my wages to which he said it was nothing. Then he started getting more flirtier and we’d have our one to one meetings where it’d usually end in him kissing me, then months later it lead to fumbling to we eventually got to the stage of me becoming his mistress. I could of broke it off, but the truth was he wasn’t a dick like he is now, he was sweet and charming and I fell for him. Hard.

I went and sat in the meeting room where they all piled in. I didn’t look up at Frank once deciding that I didn’t want to cause arguments in front of the big bosses. The meeting was long and boring and I could feel his eyes burning holes into me all the way through it.
“So I think we should tour America first. I mean after all we do all come from here.” Frank said glaring at me with the last part. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I’m from England. “Then we should do Europe, but after the album has been realised.” He continued while the rest started discussing this idea.
“What do you think Emiliee?” Roy, the owner, asked me suddenly. “I mean you was a fan beforehand and we need a fan’s perspective.” He said meeting my nervous look.
“Well - I - erm. If it was me I’d tour Europe first.” I said looking around but missing Frank out before I continued “I mean you played the Roxie in America but so far there’s been nothing in Europe. I know what it’s like as a fan when you like these big American bands, you feel like your always second best to their country. So why not change that? You could do a couple of shows around smaller venues in main Europe before album and then do American shows and then do a full tour of the world.” I said looking back down biting my lip. “But that’s just my opinion.”
“Well that’s -” Frank started before being cut off.
“An amazing idea!” Mikey cut in. “I think that could work, we show that we still appreciate them fans just as much as we do our home fans.” Everyone nodded their agreement and all voiced what they thought. Frank just stayed quiet glaring at me through the rest of the meeting. Everyone started to leave but I noticed Frank just sitting there so I quickly packed the notes up, unfortunately I had to walk past him to get out of the door and when I did he grabbed my wrist and stood up pushing me against the wall.
“Think your so good now do you?” he moved closer his face inches from mine and I can see the anger in his eyes. “You pull another fucking stunt like that again and I’ll fire your ass quicker than you can get me off.” He spat before crushing my lips with his roughly giving me no time to respond. Instead of kissing him back I just stood there so when he pushed my wrists against the wall a little harder making me cry out he took this as the golden opportunity. Lily was right, I don’t need a guy like Frank Iero in my life. So I still refused to kiss back, imagine if I had then I would be weak again, instead I decided to bite his lip hard in a bid to get him off me. “Oh playing rough are we?” He whispered against my lips before biting them, not as hard as I bit his but hard enough to cause a slight pain.
“Go to hell.” I spat trying my hardest to hold my tears in.
“Only when I see you there.” He smirked.
“Frank get off her.” A voice sounded serious and stern from the door hole. It was Gerard. Thank god for him and Lily like being in love. She expresses her dislike Frank openly and Gerard has started protecting me a little more at work. Not to much because that would be obvious but enough to control Frank.
“See you later Emiliee” He looked at me smiling. A smile that to any other person would of looked sweet but to me it looked sinister. With that he was out of the door.
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