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Dirty Work

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Frank and Gerard come to blows

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"Emiliee I need a favour" Gerard walked in my office without warning, catching me off guard not giving me enough time to hide my tears. You see I'd just heard Frank and Gerard arguing over me. Maybe I should just leave, I mean all of their lives would be better and I could finally be free of Frank. Yeah I'm going to leave, I'm going to write my resignation letter when Gerard has left.
"Why are you crying? Is everything ok? I mean other than what happened in the meeting room, don't let him make you feel like that, he's being a dick and your stronger then this, I'm going to try not to leave you alone with him again. I promise." Gerard said looking at me, it was weird when I first started the girl who had the job before me emailed me and she said that they was all lovely except for Gerard, apparently he was diva. But yet Gerard's the only one who knows about me and Frank, he's the only one who I feel I can truly tell him anything and he wouldn't judge me he'd just try and help. I mean don't get me wrong mikey, ray and bob are all wonderful and charming to work with but I don't know what it is with Gerard. "It's not because of that. I heard you both arguing before, I'm going to resign I think it's for the best for everyone."
"But you can't, where will you go for work? I know you need this job and to be honest your really good at it, don't quit because we had an argument, it's been on the cards for awhile now. Someone needed to tell him straight and its not just me who's noticed the rest have. So don't leave please." he smiled before adding "who's going to help me find stuff for lily if you leave?" he said lighting the mood. "Anyway this favour, could you take her to the new Italian in town, I'll be there but I want it to be a surprise for her, make sure she dresses up though?" he smiled. He really did care about her and making sure she's happy. It was very cute.
"Of course I will" I smiled at him "7 o'clock like normal?" he nodded and thanked me before walking out smiling.

Frank’s P.O.V
“Why was you in there?” I asked him just as Gerard stepped outside Emiliee’s office. He obviously must of realised I wanted to go in but continued to stand in the way.
“I was asking her to do something tonight for me, for the girl I love. You know the one I'm honest to cause that’s what loves all about Frank.” He looked at me but made no effort to move.
“Get of my case Gerard. You don’t like it why don’t you tell May yourself?” I said getting in his face “Emiliee knew what she was getting into the day she dropped her knickers for me.” I spat, getting more pissed off with how he was getting involved in nothing to do with him.
“You sure she did? Cause your quite the charmer when you need to be Frank. And maybe I just will tell May.” He spat back before shoving me out of his way and walked off. He wouldn’t tell May. I walked into Emiliee’s office to see her packing up a box full of her stuff off her desk.
“What you doing?” I asked so quietly I'm surprised she heard me.
“Leaving.” she replied simply without turning to face me.
“You can’t. You have to work 2 weeks notice and we have to approve you leaving.” I said walking over to her “and we wont.” I turned her to face me.
“I'm not in the mood for your games Frank.” She tried pulling away but I tightened my grip, but made sure I wasn’t hurting her. “I'm leaving, you can’t stop me. You try and I'll get myself fired and I mean that.” She looked me in the eye. “I'll arrange for a replacement before I leave, but as from now, I don’t work for My Chemical Romance. I don’t work for Reprise Records.” She walked past me with her box and when she got to the door she turned to face me. “Before I forget” she handed me an envelope “that’s everything.” She walked out leaving me to open the envelope which inside was a cheque for the same amount as what I’d paid for her over the year, her rent, her clothes and other bits. How did she afford to do to that? Gerard suddenly rushed in.
“What did you do to her?” he said looking at me, anger flashing in his eyes. “I saw her leaving with a box, she was perfectly fine when I left her, you come in and she’s leaving.” He walked over to her desk to see she’d left the email up she sent us all just as I received a text.

We need to talk. May.

“You’ve told May about Emiliee haven’t you?” I looked up at him suddenly. “You twat. We was over. Now I'm going to be over with May as well.” I glared at him.
“You seriously think I’d do your dirty work for you? I like May, so no I wouldn’t hurt her like you would. And over or not you need to tell her. You were still unfaithful at the end of the day.” He told me before walking out.
Driving home I thought of all the possible reasons May needed to talk to me, but they all came back to me and Emiliee. I don’t think Gerard would of told her truthfully, like he said he wouldn’t want to hurt her. The only other possibility is that Emiliee’s told her but what would she gain from that? Nothing she’d just make herself out to be a slut. Maybe I'm worrying to much. Lets hope I am. I walked to our apartment door and turned the key in the lock with shaking sweaty hands. I walked in to see several suitcases near the door. Shit she knows.
“Frank is that you?” She called out from the kitchen and walked out to the living room.
“What’s with the suit cases?” I asked holding my breath waiting for her screaming. But it never came, in fact she calmly placed her hand on my shoulder.
“Sit down please and don’t talk until I’ve finished. It will make it so much easier for me.” She said pushing me to the sofa where I sat on the arm of the chair. “You see the truth is, I'm leaving you Frank.” She paused pacing the “I never meant for this to happen, I tried to ignore it but it’s harder then it seems.” She looked at the floor but then looked up “I just can’t believe it got this far.” She said sounding more like she was talking to herself then me. I have to say I'm absolutely petrified that any minute now she was going to pick up the vase and throw it me. “Frank, I’ve been seeing a guy from work. About 6 months ago at the works party we kissed, nothing else but we just seemed to click. I swear I kept trying to fight it but I couldn’t know longer, he asked me on a date and told me to tell you I was working late. I did and that night we … well you know … made love” she stumbled on her words. “It was perfect and I realised I’d fell for him and I couldn’t hide it no more. But I didn’t have the heart to tell you.” She looked at me “I'm really sorry, I really am. But we’re moving in together and he’s asked me to marry him.” She said placing my ring that I gave her down on the table and putting on his ring. “I'm sorry Frank” she whispered and kissed my forehead before opening the door, to where he was stood waiting, and walked out, him helping her with her cases. Now I must say I have never been so relieved in my whole entire life. How many people can say that they are relieved that their fiancé was cheating on them, in a bid to hide there own affair?
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