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I'll be waiting

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Frank's put in his place

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Frank’s P.O.V
I was stood waiting outside Emiliee’s apartment block, I’d been here for an hour now and I know she hadn’t left because her car was still parked outside. Obviously I’d tried her buzzer, roughly about 82 times, to no avail. Just then I saw someone familiar walking up to the door, I’m pretty sure he lived facing Emiliee.
“Hey man, you couldn’t let me in could you? I’ve left my card in my flat and my girlfriend won’t be back until late tonight.” I looked at him flashing him a smile I hoped helped my story believable.
“Oh sure, it’s such a bitch when you do that isn’t it?” He smiled and swiped his card holding the door open for me.
“Yeah, thanks a lot, I must really attach them to my phone or something” I said smiling and going to Emiliee’s flat door and getting the key from above the door frame, where she always kept the spare key and let myself in. Her place seemed dead, all her stuff was piled up in boxes, she was moving from her flat to? “Emiliee?” I called out looking round her flat before finally reaching her bedroom where she was lay on top of the bed covers, fast asleep, in sweats and a hoodie; her hair messily shoved up suggesting she was packing her stuff up all day. I decided on finding any clues as to where she was moving to, while she was asleep, looking on all the boxes not one said where they was going. It was only until I found the papers she was to hand into her landlord which she’d stated the address she could be found at.

26 Green Grove

That was like at least an hours drive away, if not longer. I can’t believe it’s got this bad, I never intended on her to up sticks and leave. I walked into her kitchen where her kettle and two cups we’re still unpacked with her sugar and coffee, I decided on making her a cup of coffee and wait for her to wake up. I didn’t have to wait long the kettle had only just boiled when she walked into the kitchen.
“What are you doing in here?” She asked in a monotone voice.
“I came … I need to talk to you” I turned to face her and handed her the cup of coffee as I stumbled on my words. “Please just give me 5 minutes of your time that’s all I ask.” I said looking at her with pleading eyes.
“You have 5 minutes.” She said sitting on the kitchen counter looking cute as ever in her sweats.
“Me and May have split up” I looked up at her “I was going to break up with her, but she got there first she … she was cheating on me too so I didn’t tell her about us.” I looked at my cup of coffee then back up at her “I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you. You deserved and still deserve much better. But I just want you to know that it was you I’d chosen. Gerard was lecturing me and I never realised how I felt about you until I read your resignation letter. I know this is going to seem like I’m just saying this because of May but I really am not.” I looked up at her and slowly walked over to her holding her hands to in mine and gently stroking them with my thumbs. “I’ll do anything to prove to you how I feel. I mean that, anything.”
She looked thoughtful for a moment before looking me right in the eyes “anything?” she asked in a way I seemed to be drawn to her, not being able to break the eye contact I nodded.
“Anything it takes, anything you want just name it and I’ll do it.” I spoke not realising I was doing.
“Then why don’t we put your theory to the test? Just to see how much you believe you would do for me.” She asked looking me up and down checking for my response to which I only nodded to. I’d never seen her like this, this controlling side of her, it creeped me out, she was like a cat I didn’t know what she’d do next. “It’s called the point system” she pushed me away so she could jump of the counter. “You have a week to earn 1500 points, I’ll set you a task a day, which you will earn a hundred points for if you do it” she looked at me searching for any sort of reaction.
“But that would only equal 700 points?” I questioned her.
“Then you’ll have to be spontaneous and think of the next 800 yourself, you claim to have real feelings for me then you will know what I like, what I love and what I hate.” She walked over to me “one week to prove everything you said was true. You fail then I never want to see you again. So what do you say?” she whispered softly against my ear.
“I’ll do it. I’ll show you I mean every word. Just tell me when we start” I looked at her. I don’t know why but I felt so nervous, maybe because this was my only chance? Or because Emiliee was acting scarily calm.
“No better time to start then soon, tomorrow? I’ll get a new phone especially for you and everything. Once I find out you’ve done what I’ve set you I’ll reward you your hundred points, the rest is up to you.” she looked at me.
“I’ll be waiting for the instructions” I told her as I walked to the door but stopped when I heard her call out.
“Oh and Frank.” she waited for me to turn to face her. “Don’t let me down.” And with that she walked off and back into her bedroom.
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