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Run around town naked

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Frank gets his first challenge

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Emilee’s P.O.V
I don’t know what came over me yesterday. I just so hope what he said is true, that he will do whatever it takes. I love him and I want him to prove he feels for me to. I rang Lily to tell her what had happened and she was more into this idea then me. She was currently sat next to me listing all the possible point scorers that we could do. Glancing at the list a few I saw was

Run around town naked
Go on hunger strike for a week
Be a slave for a week

“Your list is shockingly awful Lily. I mean go on hunger strike? He’d die or something.” I told her whilst sucking a piece of lemon. I don’t have any idea why I do this every morning but I do, it’s like some weird ritual I have.
“Maybe that’s what the whole point was” she looked up smirking “anyway what you doing today now that you have no job?” Lily asked ripping the list off the pad and put it under my freshly brewed cup of coffee.
“I have no idea, just going to watch television and think of what Frank can do.” I said before quickly adding “and not anything off of your list.” After awhile of talking Lily decided to go do some work before she was off to meet Gerard. She had given me the pet talk of not to get my hopes up as he was probably only going to let me down anything.

Finally, I thought of his first challenge.

Frank’s P.O.V
It was two o’clock and I still hadn’t heard anything from Emilee. I told Gerard about what had happened and apologised to him for being a dick.

Tell everyone why I quit my job. Don’t leave out any detail and don’t forget to tell May about us. The text read. She honestly wanted me to tell everyone? wouldn’t she get branded as a slut? I decided not to question her but just do it. After all I promised I wouldn’t let her down. I walked out of my office to the main area bit where everyone was, including Lily. “Everyone I need to tell you something. Well when I say tell I mean confess.” I spoke loudly enough fir everyone to hear until they stopped their own conversations. The area fell silent quickly and all eyes were on me. I felt my mouth go dry and my palms go sweaty. Shit I was so nervous. Suddenly a pinging sound appeared and to my horror I saw Lily filming me. I suppose that’s how she will know if I’ve left anything out. “As you all know Emilee has quit her job and up until now you don’t know why well I can tell you why and it’s because of me.” I looked at them before carrying on “when she first started I was really nice to her and we quickly developed a chemistry. Then one night she was walking home when the snow was heavy and I gave her a ride to her house from there we kissed then she worked late when I asked her and things went further from there. She slowly became my mistress more because I kept paying for stuff and she did say no. I also got really nasty and when we was out one night we came to blows because I was being a dick and never gave a thought about what she really wanted and she put me in my place and stopped what we had. Then we had a meeting and I was a dick to her then” I added remembering the day god knows what I’d of done if Gerard hadn’t of walked in when he did, I was so angry at her. “And she came up with a really good idea and I didn’t like the thoughts of her getting praise from anyone else so I waited for everyone else to leave and I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her in a nasty way, my intention was to scare her into not having good idea’s again but truthfully I don’t know what came over me, Gerard came in and told me to get off her. I looked at her and she looked so scared. Then I read her resignation letter on the computer and it hit me that I was being a proper bastard to her and I remembered seeing her scared look. I went home and my fiancé dumped me and I went to Emilee’s as I knew it was her I wanted. So now I’m proving myself to her that I do feel for her and that it is her that I want. She hasn’t done anything wrong she just liked me. So please don’t hate her.” I said looking round and seeing May stood at the door, her mouth wide open staring at me. Shit why was she here? I quickly rushed over to her leaving everyone speechless and Lily to send the recording to Emilee.
“May, I’m sorry you heard it like that, I was on my way around after to tell you” I told her scanning her face for any reaction.
“I felt so guilty for what I did to you and all the while you was fucking your little helper. She’s a slut and I bet that’s why she took the job on Frank. Is that where all that money went? Hey? To her? Your slut bit on the side?” she spat out.
“No no I paid for it out of my own money and I didn’t tell you when you told me because he was stood waiting outside!” I looked at her “I was going to tell you everything that night. Going to tell you it was over and that I’d found someone else who I felt more for. But you just went. What are you doing here now?” I asked her, not liking how we both did the same thing and I was being made out to be the bad guy.
“I came to apologies and to see if you wanted to give it another go.” She looked at me now biting her lip. “And that offer still stands. I’m sorry Frank I was stupid please can we try again?”
I stared at her for what felt like forever. Was she serious? She’d just heard all that as well as admitting she cheated on me and then she wants to get back together?
“No May I don’t. I’m proving myself to the only girl I want to be with. To the one I actually love. So I’m sorry but no.” I said before turning away and walking off.

Emilee’s P.O.V
I watched both video’s Lily sent me, the one where he confessed to everyone then him and May’s little chat. He loves me? He’s never said that, just that he feels more for me. Wow. Maybe he will pass this. It was getting late and today I’d done exactly nothing. So with that I was going to bed at 11:00 to escape the boredom. Just as I turned the bedroom light on my phone buzzed indicating I had a text.

Open your door for me please? Frank x

Deciding I possibly should I ran to the door in a hope that the quicker I got there the quicker I could go to bed. Opening the door I saw him stood there with the biggest bunch of sunflowers and pansy’s ever. “This isn’t the main bit” he smiled at me before handing me an envelope which was red with black flowers printed on it. I opened it to all little foil keys falling out on me and then a big key.
“We’re going away for the rest of the week” He smiled before holding his hand out to me.
“What I don’t have any clothes though at least let me pack first?” I said trying to get back in my house.
“You don’t need any.” He said before quickly realising how that sounded “I’ve got you a case already packed.” he smiled grabbing my phones and chargers and locking my door before leading me to his car, the flowers still in my hand. We set off but he blind folded me so I couldn’t see where we was going. I must admit I kind of liked the whole secrecy. We eventually pulled up and I heard the back door open and he crawled in and kissed me softly on the lips. “We’re here babe.” he whispered softly.
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