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7 days

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Where are they?

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Emilee’s P.O.V
I got out of the car and looked around. Wow how did he know about this place? I hardly ever spoke about it.
“You ok?” he asked from behind me sounding slightly nervous.
“Yeah it’s perfect” I smiled facing him “but how do you know about this place? I’ve only told Lily about it and she wouldn’t talk to you - she hates you.” I added the last bit with a little giggle trying to lighten the statement.
“Well when we was on tour once we drove past here and I remembered you saying how beautiful it was but you’d always need to pee because its facing the lake.” He smiled. An actual smile! Not the smirk!

He’d brought us to these little cabins in the middle of nowhere overlooking a lake. It was dark when we got here, so the moonlight over the lake only intensified the beauty. We carried our cases to our cabin, which was two stories high with a balcony kind of thing.
“So I have to ask, share a bed or separate beds?” Frank asked as we made our way to the top of the stairs.
“How about separate first and see how we go on?” I looked at him and smiled hoping he’d understand.
“That sounds fair” he said walking to a door of the first room as I walked to mine. “Well at least agree to meet me here in half an hour?” he smiled, to which I nodded before disappearing in my room to unpack the case he had done me. Half way through Lily text me asking where I was.

I’m at Sorters Cabin Lil, it’s beautiful. He’s packed me a case and everything! Right now he’s perfect!

I replied smiling until came to a small envelope in the middle of all the lovely clothes he packed me. It simply read:

Open on day 7

In Frank’s girly handwriting. Now that’s just harsh! It’s going to bug me what is inside. Never the less I put the letter in the suitcase and put the suitcase in the wardrobe, which was a walk in one! Can I add, it was massive! “Out of sight, out of mind” was certainly being tested out right now.

My half an hour was up so I walked out to meet frank who had changed into his batman pyjama’s.
“I was thinking food and a silly nonsense but fun chat?” he smiled walking down the stairs, me following.
“Sounds good, except we’ve not been shopping so there’s no food in?” I said pointing out the obvious.
“No we haven’t been shopping your right, but” he said opening the cupboards which were full of food packaging’s of all different colours. “I rang the people up and gave them a list of what I wanted” he smiled grabbing a margarita pizza and put it in the very posh oven. All the way through preparing the salad we kept poking and prodding each other like nothing had ever happened between us. We sat and watched all the chick flicks, well two of them, then I started getting more tired so decided against watching another film.

We cleared the pots away and put them in the dishwasher.
“So what’s the plan for tomorrow?” I asked him whilst making coffee for myself, you see this helps me sleep not wake up.
“Well I have to wait for a very important text of this girl I’m madly in love with then after that I thought we could pack a picnic, get a row boat and row away..” he looked at me from over his shoulder whilst filling his glass up with water, he was smiling making my heart melt more and more. Feeling my blush creeping up I looked away and occupied myself by stiring the thick black content of the polka dot cup.
“This girl, she only text you once a day?” I asked playfully, smiling to myself at how relaxing and, dare I say, romantic I was finding this.
“well yes, but I’m proving myself to her, see I was with my fiancé but I was with this other girl. And I treated her this other girl nastily and I took her for granted. Anyway she quit her job and I realised that I loved her but my fiancé split up with me cause she’d been cheating so when I came to tell this girl that, well she obviously a) thought it was cause I’d been dumped and b) didn’t think I’d change so she’s giving me a list of tasks to do so I get points which will prove to her I have.” He smiled, whilst he spoke he’d walked over to me and turned me to face him gently “and I have changed, and I do love her.” he smiled before planting soft kisses on my lips.

After a while I decided I needed to control things so grudgingly I pulled myself out of his soft warm grasp and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs.
“Goodnight Frank.” I smiled walking to my bedroom door, him walking to his own.
“Goodnight Emilee.” He smiled about to walk into his.
“Oh frank” I spoke waiting for him to reappear again, which he swiftly did “200 points you’ve earned.” I softly said before disappearing into my room and letting sleep claim me with a huge smile on my face.

Frank’s P.O.V
I really am glad I decided to do this tri. Tonight has been so mindless chit chat but it’s been the best I learnt more about her growing up and why she moved to America. I also, learnt how she misses England although she didn’t tell me that and I just learnt about things she likes and has done. And it’s made me want her more.

When I kissed her before I thought that maybe she would pull away and get really angry with me but didn’t.

I think I love her more so I’m going to make everything special for her.
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