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Cheshire cat

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Frank recieves a bump to the head

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Frank’s P.O.V
I went and made breakfast for Emilee making sure it was light and she had a wedge of lemon. I remembered that she doesn’t usually eat breakfast back when she worked with us and the band was going for breakfast and Gerard asked her if she would be joining us which she declined without explanation. We thought it was just because she was new and it would be uncomfortable, it was the morning after I slept with her for the first time I discovered she doesn’t usually eat until about four o’clock, surviving off caffeine and sugar - and her lemon.

I made blueberry pancakes, with extra sugar and a coffee. I had only just put the daffodil in the glass water bottle when my phone beeped. Lily means the world to me. I want you to show you actually care for her and not hate her. Sort it. The text read. While in person Emilee was nice, soft and caring her texts had a stern serious tone about them. How the fuck was I supposed to do that though from a cabin? I decided on ringing Lily later to explain and arrange to meet her when we got home.

“Come in!” I heard her Emilee’s soft voice call out to my gentle knock. I walked in struggling with opening the door and not spilling anything on the tray. She was sat at her rooms vanity table, “morning” she smiled brushing her hair. “Beautiful morning it is as well.” She watched me through the mirror. I sat the tray on the table carefully before walking over, with the lemon and sat behing her looking into her soft blue eyes through the oval mirror.
“There’s something even more beautiful thought.” I placed the lemon down whilst kissing her weak point - her neck. She moved her head to the left giving me better access implying she was ok with this. I slide my arms around her waist slowly pulling her closer slowly.
“Wait wait” she suddenly said moving away a little. Shit shit shit! Is what was going through my head, I’ve gone to far. She picked up her piece of lemon and sucked it not even flinching at the tanginess of it. Mind you she was probably used to it by now, she’d been doing this superstition thing for as long as I have known her. She turned and looked at me in the mirror again, before smiling “sorry” she blushed a little as I resumed my kissing of her neck slowly getting to her shoulder, relief washing over me that I had not pole vaulted over the acceptable line. I gently pulled her pyjama vest top strap away slowly. “We should stop” she whispered fidgeting a little “we’re going to miss the breakfast you slaved over” she tried rationalising between what was right and what was bad.
“I know we should” I whispered in her ear kissing her jaw “doesn’t mean we have to though” I smiled into her neck when she gasped at the hicky I’d just given her. She turned her head to face me as best as she could and slammed her lips to mine with urgent need. Needless to say breakfast was quickly cancelled.

“Lily?” I questioned into the phone stroking Emilee’s soft messy hair.
“What do you want Iero?” She always addresses me like this. Coldly.
“I want to apologies.” I told her truthfully “I know I treated Emilee wrong and I know you care about her and I know I haven’t been that pleasant to yourself either. But I promise you I’m changing for your best friend and I’m going to be a better person not only to her but to your as well. I know it would mean a lot to her and Gerard.” I added him in hoping this would help my case, “if we was at least civilised and could stand in the same room as each other.” I spoke nervously. “So I was wondering if I could take you out to lunch when I am back so we can sort it out?” I finished before she could talk and shoot me down.
“That sounds reasonable I guess.” she replied shocking me to the bone. I expected a fight at least. We arranged a time and date and disconnected quickly.
“Thank you.” Emilee looked up at me slowly and with a genuine look on her beautiful face. “You both mean so much to me that I don’t want you both at loggerheads.” She smiled tracing my ’hope’ tattoo above my nipple.
“I told you I’d do what I can to make it up and prove to you.” I said hugging her to me.

We decided to stay in and bake a cake in our underwear. Something Emilee had seen in the films and wanted to do. I currently had the gooey mixture in two small hand shapes over my ’moobs’ and Emilee had the same on her hips, cheeks and thighs.
“I’m licking the spoon!” She squealed diving off the worktop. I held the spoon just above her reach giggling at her attempts to reach for it. Suddenly she jumped up and wrapped her legs firmly around my waist causing me to lose my balance and stumble backwards and fall on the floor with her landing on top of me.
“Shit!” She screamed helping me sit up. Fuck I was bleeding. She quickly was at the back of me checking where I was bleeding, “I am so sorry,” she kept saying over and over as she cleaned the gash up softly with a water and a sponge then continued to clean the now red gooey mixture off the floor. “I really am sorry.” She looked up from over her shoulder looking like she was going to burst into tears at anytime.
“It’s fine” I smiled reassuringly “you can be my nurse though.” I winked.

The cake came out perfectly and we was cuddled up watching a really old film, that we could be bothered turning over, with the log fire going. I had the biggest headache ever but kept silent about it as I knew Emilee was feeling really guilty about the mishap in the kitchen.

Emilee’s P.O.V
I can’t believe I nearly killed him. Way to go Emilee! I kept mentally slapping myself. We was cuddled up on the really comfortable sofa, his head on my chest and I stroked his hair, missing out where the massive bump was. I felt his head getting heavier and heavier indicating him asleep . I gently moved his head on to the pillow and picked up my phone.
“300 points awarded for today. Thank you.” I texted him before turning the television off and grabbing a blanket and cuddling up to my guy before going to sleep with a smile even the Cheshire cat would be proud of.
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