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Bad books

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Frank has an interesting take on his task of the day

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Frank’s P.O.V
I woke up to Emilee’s hand half way in my hair. She must have been messing with it when she fell asleep. The furry wool blanket was placed around us and tucked in under my back trapping in the heat. I looked up at her perfect sleeping face, where her lips are curled up into a small smile, good dreams she was having apparent in that smile. I picked her up gently and walked upstairs with her in my arms and placed her in my bed softly. She’s a light sleep so she stirred a little before settling down and hugging my pillow closer to her. I was a little gutted we would be leaving tomorrow and the daunting thought of Emilee living an hour drive away from me loomed. Not that I couldn’t be bothered to drive for two hours to see her, it’s just I could spend longer with her if she lived closer. I got into bed with her and hugged her to me tightly, never wanting to let go. I let my thoughts lead to what I could do today to gain my points since I’d earned 500 in two days, with Emilee’s task today that would leave me with only 900 to get and I still had four days left. Suddenly it came to me, I let go of her slowly and headed for my laptop, sitting the walk in wardrobe so I didn‘t wake her. I was in there for about an hour when I heard her soft voice asking for me laced in confusion. “I’ll be out in a sec babe!” I called out, clicking continue before closing my laptop and walking out to see her texting. “Sorry I thought I’d not packed enough socks.” I lied with possibly the worse excuse in the world. She looked at me for a moment with a ‘do you think I’m stupid look’ before shaking her head and smiling.
“Why am I in your room?” She quizzed a small smile showing she wasn’t angry.
“Well it’s the only way I can get you in my bed.” I laughed sitting on the edge of the bed. “I have a surprise for you tonight.” I whispered against her lips smiling before brushing them against her.
“I hate surprises.” She frowned cutely kissing me.
“You’ll like this one.” I laughed standing up on the bed with her, “we leave tomorrow.” I told her holding her hips “come live with me for the remaining of the week.” I looked at her biting my lip softly. Nerves getting the better of me.
“Is that a question or a command?” She asked kissing under my chin softly with her hands on my chest.
“I’d say command but that might put me in your bad books.” I told her truthfully.
“No funny business?” she questioned my motives.
“Of course.” I nodded, smiling she was considering it.
“Go on then.” She laughed and before I knew what she was I felt the soft pillow against my back.
“Oh that’s how we’re playing is it.” I giggled grabbing the other pillow and hitting her carefully with it. After the half an hour of pillow fighting and jumping on the bed we both fell down holding each other just as my phone beeped.
“I best go have my lemon.” She smiled kissing me and walked out leaving me to review my task.
Tell me what you like about me and why. it simply read, I pondered for a moment before deciding a fun way to do this, I walked downstairs hugging her to me, her back pressed firmly against my clothed chest.
“I need to pop out a moment to go get something, will you be ok?” I whispered into her ear nibbling the lobe softly causing her to gasp and nod. “I wont be long, but if you could wait in one of the bedrooms I’d be thrilled.” I smiled walking out, jumping into the car and driving off into the local town.

I returned back about an hour and half and ran upstairs immediately, seeing her lay on my bed in her underwear and silk dressing gown smiling. I climbed up her, kissing her smooth skin every so often putting the bag down at the side of her and kissed her lips softly smiling at her quick looks at the bag.
“You’ll see.” I answered taking her dressing gown off slowly and reaching for the bag an emptying the contents onto the bed where chocolate body paint of various colours tumbled down. “Don’t worry, it’s no funny business.” I answered her questioning glance as I picked up the red coloured chocolate undoing it. “You said you wanted to know what I liked about you and I thought I’d show you instead of just telling you.” I smiled as I placed my finger into the cold mixture and draw a love heart on her left leg. “I love your legs because there always so smooth and so strong.” I smiled looking into her smiling face. I wrote down the reason on her leg before kissing them and going up to her belly. I wrote why I liked each part of her body in the different coloured body chocolate and looked at her smiling. “I like your lips because when I touch them I get electric jolts from them and their just so soft and sensitive to touch.” I traced the outline of her lips with the red chocolate paint. She then did the same to me, stripping me to my boxers - which I am so glad I actually wore today, her delicate fingers writing short paragraphs all over my body, little arrows pointing to my eyes as we deemed it unsafe to write on our eyes. We stood in front of the full length mirror holding hands smiling so big it didn’t match our small faces. “Smile” I said taking a photo of our graffiti bodies. “Ok so you know what I like about you and why, but how about how I feel about you?” I smiled holding both of her hands. “I love everything about you; your compassion, your caring nature and your determination to achieve.” I smiled “but most importantly I love how you make me feel around you, you make me want you every single second” I kissed her softly “You’ve made me fall in love with you.” We spent the rest of the day using the rest of the body paint up.

I waited until she was in the shower until I got the disc out of my laptop, which was still in the wardrobe, and went and sorted downstairs out. I dimmed the lights, put the fishbowl with the fish in the middle of the table and set the CD player up and waited for her to come down. I saw her legs first on the open staircase, she was wearing her short dressing gown again and when she got to the bottom she looked at me and smiled. I led her to the sofa and started playing the CD explaining why I choose each track and why they reminded me of her, she seemed pleased with my choice of songs.
“What’s with the fish?” She said looking into the tank and putting her finger to the tank watching as the fish swam over to it bobbing.
“It’s saying out of all the fish I’d still pick you.” I smiled and she giggled at the cheesyness of the whole thing.
“I love you.” She said through her giggling.
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