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Play nice

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A testy meal for Frank and Emiliee

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Emiliee’s P.O.V
“Can I unpack anywhere?” I asked looking round. Of course Frank has been in my house plenty of times, but I’d only ever been in his and May’s house once – even then I waited at the door whilst he got the paperwork I needed. I didn’t feel right taking her man and in her house, so I made it clear to Frank we would never go there and he begrudgingly agreed.
“Of course you can!” he shouted from the kitchen where he was making tea for us both. His task for the today was to invite Gerard and Lily over to make amends, mainly with Gerard as his lunch with Lily was tomorrow where it would be just them two, alone. Since our relationship went bitter it caused a lot of friction between the two boys, and I hated that. “What time are they coming?” He asked breaking my chain of thought.
“Oh 8 I think” I replied hanging my clothes up smiling.
“Plenty of time then.” He walked in behind me, his arms almost instantly circling my waist, “our clothes look good together. Don’t you think?” he asked resting his chin on my shoulder.
“They do” I laughed when he wiggled his jaw causing his chin to move. “It’s only temporary remember” part of me regretting that I said that when I caught a glimpse of his reaction in the mirror.
“Not if I hold you hostage here” he recovered quickly kissing my weak point, my neck, “then you’ll have to live with me for ever and ever.” I giggled as he nudged my neck with his nose.
“You wish Iero, I’d just kill you and you know it.” I stroked his arm softly “how is tea going?” I turned to look at him as best as I could.
“It’s cooking away in the oven, meaning I don’t have to do anything for the next hour and half, meaning I could spend some quality time with the beautiful girl stood in my room, next to my bed.” He kissed down my neck to my shoulder. “Who should be on my bed.” He whispered in my ear and that’s exactly what we did until we heard the harsh buzz of the intercom indicating Gerard and Lily were waiting for us to let them in. We quickly freshened up and got our kit back on before I ran to let them in as Frank ran to set the table.
“You weren’t busy were you?” Gerard questioned handing me the bottle of adult sparkling water.
“Only preparing the food.” I bit my lip smiling and took their coats off them.
“As long as you’ve both washed your hands.” Gerard laughed, Lily looking unimpressed whilst sitting down.
“So how are you both?” I smiled pouring them both a glass of the water.
“We’re okay; it’s been peaceful without you both.” Lily spoke for the first time “well him at least.” She said bitterly.
“Lil we agreed to play nice today.” Gerard took her hand in his softly looking at her.
“No you said play nice; I didn’t accept nor decline the idea. Personally I would have declined.” She looked at him before sipping her wine. “How was your get away break?” She asked a moment later, ignoring the look and sentence Gerard was about to say.
“It was really good, we didn’t really leave the cabin stayed in and watched films and stuff, I’m telling you we’ll have to go someday me and you.” I looked at her smiling and she just nodded.
“Gerard!” Frank walked out of the kitchen smiling and hugged the older man, “Lily!” he went to walk over to her before she stopped him in his tracks.
“Don’t even think about touching me Iero.” She looked up at him with a look I swear was sinister.
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He looked at her and smiled, as if to say ‘I didn’t mean that in an offensive way’. After that we all was sat talking, Lily remaining quiet only speaking when she could add a little dig at Frank.
“Lily what’s wrong seriously?” I looked up at her with a confused look. “Is it something I’ve done? Because you’re being really off and cold with us.” I bit my lip unsure whether I should of said that or not.
“You want to know what’s wrong?” She looked at me “you’re falling for this idiot, who is just going to hurt you, and the more I think about it, the more I realise it and I’ve tried, I really have to ignore it and wait until after tomorrow to make my decision but I just can’t.” She stood up “You’ve moved in with him, granted for a short period but still. Have you forget how much of an ass he was to you? How many times you’ve rang me up crying because of him? Or how many decent blokes you’ve turned down because you thought he was your guy? You need to wake up and smell the coffee, because you’re always going to be paranoid because of the way you met, you’re always going to suspect he’s cheating, you’re always going to be paranoid and he won’t help that because he will probably be cheating anyway. Why you here Emiliee why? You’re setting yourself up for the heart break and the pain and I don’t think I can be here to help you out when that happens because I’ve warned you. I just need one reason why you think I should change my mind or I’m through with listening to you about him.” She looked at me, anger visible in her eyes. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth, I get why, but she was so angry – I’ve never seen her like this. She was even ignoring Gerard’s little interceptions.
It took me forever to respond and when I did I instantly regretted it. “Because I’m pregnant.” I whispered looking down at my plate to hide the tears welling up. I heard their gasps and I couldn’t stop from getting up and running into the bedroom closing the door and crying into the pillow so they couldn’t really hear. I heard their mumbling before I felt the bed at the side of me go down with the weight of the person at the side of me stroking my hair.
“Come on, we’re going out.” It surprised me to hear Gerard’s voice. “They can argue as much as they want but you shouldn’t be here to listen to it and I don’t particular care to hear it either.” I nodded as I got up slowly grabbing a tissue from the night stand and wiping my eyes softly. Gerard walked out in front of me to a silent Frank and Lily. “We’re going out, you two sort it either way because this cannot wait until tomorrow. I’m going to take Emiliee out for something to eat and we will be back in an hour, by then I expect for you to come to some common ground for all of our sakes.” He looked at them both with stern eyes before grabbing my coat and escorting me out of the apartment leaving them two to fight their battles alone.
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