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worthless womanizer

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Frank and Lily have lunch and surprise happens

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Frank’s P.O.V
“Lily I know you don’t like me but please we have to at least be civil for Emiliee’s sake! And not just for Emiliee but for Gerard as well.” I looked at her slowly “please can we just try?” I was on boarder line of begging now. For three whole hours I’d been trying to get Lily to just look at me, which I’d failed at as she carried on looking round, at her coke or food, everywhere apart from me. I was just about to give up when she finally spoke.
“I’m doing this for Emiliee, the baby and Gerard’s sake, don’t make the mistake of thinking I actually like you Frank because I can tell you now you will be sadly mistaken. I will never like you. You’re nothing but a worthless womanizer who sadly made my best friend fall for you and you have got her into a predicament where she cannot get out with the baby. I will always hate you and that is something I am very sure on.” She looked at me before going back to flicking the lattice that was once part of her spicy chicken wrap.
“Despite the fact you think I’m still like my old self, I thank you that you’re willing to be civil with me in front of them. And trust me it’s more than my life is worth to think you will ever like me. But I want you to know I have changed and I realise now that I love Emiliee and that we have a child together now and I know I need to grow up and start showing Emiliee that I can be her guy and I can be a dad.” I spoke truthfully to her.
“Yeah well that remains to be seen and in all honest I expect you to fail spectacularly and then I’ll pick the pieces up for Emiliee and I will make sure she never wants to see your sorry ass again.” And with that she stood up and walking out of the little café slowly.

“Babe I’m home!” I shouted walking through the door and taking my shoes off, half expecting her to be sat on the sofa watching some rubbish day time programme, but she wasn’t, instead I was greeted my chunk, her dog, running to my feet barking and jumping up and down and running back into the bedroom where I quickly followed. I saw her lay on the floor blood down her face and she looked out cold. I ran over and checked for a pulse and rang for an ambulance whilst shaking her softly. “Emiliee wake up, please.” I said sounding a little bit more panicked. Shit what had happened whilst I was gone. I quickly rang Gerard who said he’s be over with Lily as soon as he could get there and he didn’t lie, 8 minutes later they was running through the door.
“What did you do?!” Lily ran over and kneeled down beside her.
“Don’t move her!” I held my hands out to stop her “the emergency service told me not to move her but to watch her breathing.” I spoke not taking my eyes off her. “I didn’t do anything I came home and she didn’t reply and then chunk came running to me and ran back in here and that’s how I found her. I think she banged her head on there.” I pointed to corner of the night stand where her usually ring was underneath on the floor. I knew where Gerard would be, he was waiting outside to show the paramedics where to go when they got here and that’s sure enough what he did.
“What’s her name?” The paramedic said whilst kneeling down at the side of her and doing the usually checks.
“Emiliee. She’s 23 and she’s pregnant.” I told them watching them intently making sure they wasn’t hurting her.
“Ok thanks, who are you?” They asked whilst one propped her head up on their knee and the other carried on with the checks.
“I’m Frank Iero, she’s living with me. I’m the father of the child.” I told them wiping a stray tear away.
“Ok. Emiliee can you hear me? I’m called Joe, I’m a paramedic, you’ve cut your head.” He spoke softly stroking her hair as she stirred. “Try not to move you’ve got a nasty cut on your head. Can you tell me what happened?” he said again whilst stroking her hair.
“I - ” she paused “I fell. I was trying to pick up my ring and I went dizzy.” She mumbled as they put the oxygen mask on her slowly.
“Ok well we’re going to take you to the hospital just to check everything’s okay, like your blood level and your baby. How many weeks are you?” He asked whilst getting the blood pressure measuring machine out of his bag and fastening it around her arm.
“9” she said from behind the mask as they told her not to take it off.
“Ok well your blood pressures a little low but you have just had a nasty shock so that could be why, can you stand up for me if we help you?” He looked at her as she nodded and they sat her up, one paramedic taking one hand as the other took the other and they walked out with her slowly.
“Frank you go to the hospital, me and Gerard will mind the house. Just ring me when you find out anything yeah?” Lily said surprising me as I nodded and quickly got my shoes on and followed them.

An hour had passed and they were still doing checks on Emiliee but she had been for her scan. “Lily you there?” I said when she answered her phone.
“Yeah, what’s up? What’s happened? What have they said?” she asked not taking a breath as she did.
“The baby is ok, they’ve ran a scan on her and they have said everything is fine that there’s nothing to worry about, they’re doing tests on her now to check why she went dizzy to see if they can give her anything but she should be nearly finished they’ve just told me.” I told her as I paced up and down the corridor. “Thanks for minding the house for us.”
“It’s okay, I’m glad everything is okay with her and the baby. Are you ok?” she asked, surprising me again.
“Yeah I’m fine, just a little shocked you know, didn’t expect to find her on the floor when I got in.” I said truthfully “but I’m okay now that I know everything is okay with her and baby.” I carried on.
“Yeah I understand. Listen I’m sorry I reacted the way I did, it’s just I didn’t expect her to be hurt and I just assume you did something that was wrong of me.” She sounded genuinely sorry. “I’m also sorry that I don’t think you’ve changed and for what I said at dinner, you do really care for her and I saw that just then so I’m sorry.” She said again this time sounding a bit more guilty.
“Oh Lily that’s ok, I understand I really do. I was a jerk before but I’m glad you see that I’ve changed.”
“I have. Just please don’t hurt her.” She said before we both disconnected as the doctor called out my name indicating he had more news.
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