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The end

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“Congratulations Mr Iero you have a healthy 6,15 baby boy, have you got a name for him yet?” The midwife who had just delivered my new born son.
“Not yet, I want my partner to have a say too.” I said not looking at the 40 something woman, but at Emiliee who was watching the young nurse like a hawk with the life she’d been protecting for 9 months and 3 days.
“That’s fine you have two weeks until you have to register the birth.” She nodded before opening the door to allow me in.
“Why you doing that?” Emiliee said to the nurse who was pricking at our little boys foot with a needle.
“Babe they’re doing it so they can run checks on his blood and so on, it’s what they have to do.” I said walking over to her and kissing her head softly, “how you feeling?” I asked her sitting on the edge of her bed.
“Shattered and in agony but I want to see him. I want to hold him.” She said softly taking her eyes off him for a split second to look at me. I’m not surprised by her response as she’d decided on not having any pain relief as she didn’t want to be dozy when she was having her first hold of him.
“Well you can have a really good sleep later yeah? I’ll stay here and watch over him whilst you sleep you deserve it mummy.” I said to her holding her hand softly stroking it soothingly.
“Thank you.” She smiled which grew when she saw they was bringing him over, they placed him in her arms softly and although I didn’t cry at the woman I love being in pain when she went into labour, or cry when he was born, I cried at the sight of my new born son lying his head on his mother’s chest listening to her soothing heartbeat.
“What should we call him?” I asked her softly looking down at the little bundle who looked happy and snugged in his mother’s protective embrace.
“Ethan Anthony.” She looked up at me slowly, “he looks like an Ethan and Anthony cause it’s your middle name.” She smiled “Is that ok?” I nodded and leaned down to kiss her softly on her chapped lips.
“It’s perfect.” I smiled and stroked his cheek softly.

After an hour or so, Lily and Gerard had come round to the room to look at our new arrival and they were acting like the doting godparents, then my mum and dad came round and they were the typical grandparents, fighting over who was babysitting first. Finally after everyone had gone Emiliee reluctantly agreed that it would be for the best if she was to go to sleep, so she gently put baby Ethan down in the clear plastic cot at the side of her bed the hospital had provided for us and watched over him until he went to sleep. “Promise you’ll wake me if anything happens ok? And if you feel tired you wake me up and I will watch him. I know we can’t do this forever but it’s his first night and I want to give him what he needs as soon as he needs it.” She said looking worried and panicked.
“I promise I will wake you, but you need to sleep before you make yourself ill and then what use would you be to your two boys then?” She nodded and lay down on the bed but gave me enough room to lie down next to her and the cot, which I did and she instantly cuddled up to my back.
“He’s beautiful.” She whispered. “I normally find babies ugly, but he’s not.” She carried on before kissing the back of my shoulder, “thank you for giving him to me.” She interlocked her fingers with me.
“It’s me who should be thanking you, you’re the one who carried and protected him for 9 months and who went through pain to have him.” I whispered stroking the ring on her left ring finger. “But you really need to sleep, so goodnight Emiliee, I love you so very much.” I kissed the top of her arm before I soon heard her soft even breathing indicating she had given up her fight.

I stayed awake all night and every time he made a noise I had a look over at him making sure he was ok, that the cover wasn’t covering his mouth up, that his head was in the position the nurses had said was best. He woke up at 4am indicating he needed to feed and I got the bottle and followed the instructions before taking him into my arms and feeding him on the edge of the bed. About ten minutes in I felt a warm body behind mine and a shoulder on my chin.
“He’s right greedy.” I laughed a little watching the little boy making sure he wasn’t going to choke by trying to take too much at once. “I was greedy as a baby, mum told me.” I told her smiling.
“I wasn’t, I used to drink a quarter of a bottle and throw most of that up.” She smiled watching him. “My auntie was very house proud and we’d gone visiting her and I threw up all over her brand new conservatories sofa which was a dark colour so it stood out more.” She laughed a little. “Needless to say for the rest of the feed we were sat outside.” She stroked the little boys cheek smiling.

I still to this day remember every bit of that day, like it was yesterday and not 7 years ago. I remember the time Emiliee got her first twinges, I remember which car parking space I was parked up on that day, I remember which room Ethan was born in and we have all bits from that day. 7 years on we’re all happy, me and Emiliee are celebrating our 7th anniversary whilst Ethan is celebrating going up another year in junior school, I teach him to play guitar every day and I have to say he’s soon going to better than me. He is also very excited about the prospects of a little sister he can look after as he keeps telling Emiliee’s rather fat belly. So 7 years on, married, 1 child and another on the way and I can’t help but think that taking the new intern home on a December wintery night was the best thing I’ve ever done.
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